A Note on the Mars Squares of 2020 and 2021

We’ve had an extraordinary series of Mars squares in 2020, that lasted much longer than Mars squares usually do. These squares seemed to have encouraged reckless beliefs and actions, as well as violence, while increasing the belligerence in politics. We’re now seeing them for the third and last time.

Mars square Pluto indicates a time when anger, despair, fury and conflict stalk the streets, this time around, in the form of a pandemic, and the political chaos surrounding it. Los Angeles is facing not a surge but a tidal wave of new cases. An average of one death every ten minutes. But unlike NYC in the early days of the pandemic, here the sirens are almost silent. The sky is blue. The sun is shining on a warm day.

Most people who get sick have no symptoms or it’s not so bad. And yes, young people are winding up in the hospital more. But maybe the collateral damage is worth it, some people openly wonder. Maybe everybody should get it and let fate decide.

We’re living in fatalistic times, the age of irony. For every man without a mask on a balcony. laughing at a woman in a mask walking by. there are ten who wear their masks. Sports statistics. Casualty statistics. Keeping up with them daily. Shortages. Disappearances of what he held dear. That’s the world that Saturn conjunct Pluto indicated for 2020. Bad, but not as bad as the Saturn Pluto conjunction that indicated WWI.

The current conjunction ended recently. But Mars is now performing a function it often does, it is triggering the areas where the damage was done, as indicated by Saturn and Pluto, astrology’s other notorious damagers and destroyers.

The chasm that is politics today, a dangerous seismic fissure, is on clear display in the hostility that has prevented the American government from cooperating for the good of the people during a major public emergency.

We see the pandemic surging while the exhausted, the careless, and the reckless number in the millions, guaranteeing further tidal waves of infection. It’s an ugly and embarrassing moment to be an American, and a human being in general. Humans, filthy, disease ridden mammals, our inner perfectionists say.

Mars square Pluto indicates a time when anger easily spills over into violence. A time when frustrated libido and ambition can turn cruel and aggressive. A time when forcing or rushing can run into harsh consequences.

Mars square Pluto will be with us through January 7. January 6, the day that Trump and the militia underground have been tweeting about will have Mars square Pluto, suggesting violence is likely, though we don’t need astrology to see that.

On Jan 7, Mars leaves aggressive Aries for stubborn and belligerent Taurus. But the desire to be comfortable may win out over aggression in some cases. On that day Mars will be squaring Saturn and Jupiter. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have been the dancers of the pandemic choreography. Mars is triggering the grand finale. There’s little doubt that Xmas and NYE socializing will cause further increases in hospitalizations.

Be very cautious during this time. Don’t take unnecessary risks. We’re almost through the worst of this extraordinarily difficult series of astrological aspects, so don’t get reckless now, and these days reckless can mean a simple oversight, or an instinctive reaction.

Mars square Saturn will be exact January 14 and 15. We may expect this will be when grim statistics will confirm what most are predicting. This will be a bleak moment in the pandemic experience. People will feel exhausted. Futility, depression, and hard nosed realism like dark clouds will throw shadows on the collective psyche.

Mars square Saturn, which will begin December 29 and end January 17, is a good time to lay low, conserve energy, organize, learn and practice. There will be a feeling of regret in the air. Consequences will end some controversies. With Mars in Taurus there may be the feeling that we’re not quite safe at home. Instead of speculating, or arguing with people we can’t convince, we can chill and prepare, so we’ll be ready when the world eventually but inevitably starts up again.

The grand finale will be Mars square Jupiter which begins Jan 1, is exact Jan 22–25, and ends Feb 11. The negative on the spectrum of this aspect could indicate a major swell. the biggest yet in the pandemic. But one might expect good news with Jupiter. This could be a scenario where as things seem dangerously out of control we start to find a measurable impact made by the introduction of more vaccines, for example.

Mars square Jupiter inclines toward arrogance and vengeful pride. Just what we need, right folks? There’s also the over optimism and the false certainty. It would seem likely that political chaos will continue all the way to the next swearing in and perhaps a few weeks beyond. Of course, politics QAnon style and its supporters will continue to battle more traditional progressive forces with Saturn square Uranus dominating 2021.

With Mars square Jupiter it is good to be optimistic, and to aim for success. But don’t forget the many lessons learned in 2020. How often success is lost in the last moment because we let our guard down. Certainly while Mars is triggering the 2020 aspects of doom we can benefit from patience. By helping others where we can, and by updating our goals and our skills, we can choose a way into the future, instead of having it chosen for us.

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