A quick astrological sketch of the next few weeks

January 13 the new moon arrives in late Capricorn on the same day that Mars squares Saturn and Venus trines Uranus with Uranus exactly stationary direct the next day The Venus side of the equation is much stronger. Mars is blunted by Saturn while Venus is liberated by an especially powerful Uranus. Ladies, artists, all servants of Venus, time to shine. New tech is the key. With Mars square Saturn best not to take risks. Any kind of aggression or willful action could meet a reproach from Saturn.

Politically, Uranus stationary direct is full of surprises. It’s an anything can happen moment. Sudden moves from both sides. Rampant speculation. Millions if not billions glued to their screens absorbing and arguing. Both sides reflect Uranus. Q-anon’s revolutionary fervor and shocking beliefs fit the bill. But so does the empowerment of women by the administration of Biden, and Stacey Abram’s demonstration of the right way to protest a stolen election. In our own lives there may be shocks, surprises, breakdowns, detours, but also liberation. Take each day as its own. There may be opportunities to revolutionize your life. Be in the moment and it could be a fun and productive ride. Resist change, or otherwise refuse Uranus, and you may find yourself staring at the ruin of something you took for granted.

On Jan 17 Jupiter square Uranus is exact. Historically, as Tarnas has pointed out, this aspect indicates liberation movements, protests for equality and justice, radical art, breakthroughs in technology. Wealth pours into the most cutting edge sectors. Change is embraced for success. Old systems of government and wealth management are modernized, though not too much or too quickly with Saturn approaching an exact square to Uranus, applying brakes wherever possible. But this square is different because Saturn is in Aquarius, which it co-rules with Uranus. We will see more speeches and actions from a percentage of the GOP reacting against extremist elements in their own party. There will be a sense of partnership, one that Biden is especially good at fostering.

While Saturn will continue to hold back the progressive agenda of unalloyed Uranus, there will be cooperation in areas that make sense to the majority. However, fringe elements will remain active and vocal. All of this is part of the US Pluto return which has not yet been exact. We have the 2022 election and the 2024 presidential election during which these themes of division fomented by extreme elements of both parties will return with a vengeance. Ultimately, Jupiter square Uranus is not supportive of dictatorships or tyranny of any kind. Of course, both sides are certain they are fighting tyrants.

On Inauguration Day Jan 20 Mars conjunct Uranus is exact with Mars square Jupiter exact two days later, on the same day that the sun conjuncts Saturn while Venus sextiles Neptune. Once again the female gender, artists, and other denizens of Venus are favored with inspiration, while the egotistical and self centered receive lessons by way of Saturn. It’s possible that the inauguration is made private and secure, far away from the danger of riots. Undoubtedly the authorities understand how real the danger of assassination is. Sun conjunct Saturn has on rare occasions indicated such. That is why pro-Trump security were removed from Biden’s detail and replaced with officers who protected him when he was Vice President.

But Mars conjunct Uranus square Jupiter is very volatile and potentially violent. It is possible we will see street battles between protesters disrupting the inauguration, or an attempt to do so. Men in particular, and all those who support the patriarchal reformation, are especially likely to act out, as always. But progressive and radical elements are energized as well. Everyone thinks they are defending the republic. They are all heroes in their own eyes, as they reflect each other, in battle, yet mirror images of each other. The government is in the unfortunate situation of choosing between coming down hard thus appearing to confirm the threat of a dictatorship and inflaming the militias, or not coming down hard enough, and giving the impression of weakness or support to people who are deluded by the delusions of Q.

Mercury retrograde begins Jan 30 to further complicate matters, but perhaps provoking a little introspection. With the Uranus station behind us it might seem we could get a break from shocking news, but the aspect that dominates this year gets closer to exact every day, because on Ash Wednesday Feb 17 Saturn square Uranus is exact, and will be again two more times in 2021. Saturn square Uranus perfectly describes the battle between yesterday and today, the 20th century and the 21st, old and new. We’ve been watching it all play out since 2015, by way of 1865. The drama unfolds. A new level is achieved as we head for the US Pluto return, but the conflict continues as America confronts its shadow.



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Ronnie Pontiac

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