All Times Pacific: Astrological Report April 17-April 24

Friends, we have before us a relatively quiet week of aspects but, with Pluto stationary retrograde in the following week, things may get intense. Stationary Pluto tests our reforms and our repairs. Areas we’ve neglected may require more attention. On the negative side Pluto can indicate breakdowns, violence, terror, power struggles, obsessions, criminality, perversion, but on the positive side tranquility, healing, rebirth, and evolution. A tranquil approach to events will serve us well. We can’t always walk softly with Pluto, sometimes catharsis or a vigorous defense is necessary.

The theme of shadow work continues, and especially for the United States in the midst of its Pluto return. The pandemic, political and economic disruption, the war, are Plutonian themes we are all watching unfold. The end of April, with both the Pluto station and a solar eclipse intensifying these transformations, will be another key moment in the long process of changing our world from 20th century traditions and institutions to their reinvention in the 21st

On the subject of the US Pluto return, among all the shadow issues the nation must face the political and social distortions caused by our addiction to social media will become more an issue as we approach the next election. As Jean Baudrillard wrote: “One of America’s specific problems is fame and glory, partly on account of its extreme rarity these days, but also because of its extreme vulgarization…In this country, it is not the highest virtue, nor the heroic act, that achieves fame, but the uncommon nature of the least significant destiny. There is plenty for everyone, then, since the more conformist the system as a whole becomes, the more millions of individuals there are who are set apart by some tiny peculiarity. The slightest vibration in a statistical model, the tiniest whim of a computer are enough to bathe some piece of abnormal behavior, however banal, in a fleeting glow of fame.”

Today April 17 Mercury sextile Venus is exact in the early evening with Mercury conjunct Uranus later that night. With Venus sextile Uranus tomorrow we may find rare opportunities. New ideas, conversations about harmony, love, beauty, can be especially inspired and inspiring. This may be a good opportunity for negotiations, but sun square Pluto, with Pluto almost stationary retrograde, means challenges may be lurking. Breakdowns, power struggles, even criminality are possible problems so we must seek the balance between optimism and caution. For example, these very social aspects of Venus and Mercury will lead to more socializing, but for a few the consequences may be severe, not only due to Covid but for example, the continuing increase of STIs. With Pluto in the air caution can prevent harm. Have fun but pay attention to details. Excellent aspect for writing and other forms of creativity as long as you stay calm and don’t allow Pluto to magnify frustrations.

Mon April 18 Venus sextile Uranus is exact a quarter after midnight, commencing a series of four positive Venus aspects that could make this a special couple of weeks, but it will be easy to miss the Venus vibes with sun square Pluto exact about a quarter after 8 AM. Pluto almost stationary retrograde makes this square especially powerful. Tranquility, healing, repair, reform can help transform situations that are holding you back or bringing you down.

Tue April 19 the sun enters Taurus, the more sensual side of Spring. Comfort, food, luxuries, and the pleasures of Venus from singing to lounging are accentuated. But since Uranus is in Taurus and the sun is headed for a conjunction with Uranus that feeling of change is in the air. Can we find a way to enjoy it? To trust the process? Or must we feel anxious that things are changing too quickly? Find ways to enjoy innovations. As Paulo Coelho wrote: “Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”

Wed April 20, 21, and 22 only lunar aspects are exact.

Thu April 23 the dark of the moon begins just before 5 AM. Many feel less energetic and traditionally this is a time for finishing and reflecting rather than starting new things.

Sun April 24 in the early morning Mercury square Saturn is exact. Also, in the afternoon, Mercury sextile Neptune. The first can indicate pessimism and exhaustion, struggles against authority, or problems with scarcity and worn out structures, physical or mental. Mercury sextile Neptune can bring inspiration. Together this could make for inspired editing, or a serious conversation about compassion, or gaining needed help from someone in authority. Persevere politely. Consider Einstein’s wise advice:
“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

The following week has some lovely aspects. Mercury sextile Jupiter, Mercury trine Pluto, and Venus makes three positive aspects to first Neptune, then Jupiter, then Pluto. Making art, making love, epic outbursts of harmony and optimism are possible as Venus smiles on the still very powerful Jupiter Neptune conjunction discussed in last week’s report. Women, art, love, fashion may inspire genius. But Pluto is stationary retrograde on April 29 followed by a solar eclipse in Taurus. Things could be getting ugly very soon in the war and/or the pandemic. Financial issues, and problems with food and its distribution may arise. As Maslow wrote: “One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” Get the best out of Pluto by facing your shadow, and the shadows of our culture. Choose your reactions wisely. Repair what has worn out. Believe in your own ability to regenerate and evolve yourself and your surroundings. Find tranquil moments amid the chaos.

Friends, here is some news about my interview with Thoth Hermes Podcast about my seven years as Manly Palmer Hall’s assistant and Tamra Lucid’s book about our experiences.



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