All Times Pacific: Astrology Report Aug 14-Aug 22

Friends, the roller coaster of 2022 continues this week yet again. Today sun opposition Saturn is exact in the late morning, with Mercury inconjunct Chiron shortly after. Mars trine Pluto is exact in the mid-afternoon. This is a difficult collection of aspects to navigate. The opposition usually indicates limits, exhaustion, insecurity, feeling that reality is too much to take, and that the prospects for the future are poor. But it can also indicate the rewards of hard work and good ethics. For example, congratulations to the Water Protectors, the female director, and the mostly female crew of the documentary End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock, which won the Hollywood Critics Association Award for Best Broadcast Network or Cable Documentary TV Movie last night. Six years to the day after the project of capturing the historical protest on film began, six years of struggle and determination were rewarded with recognition.

Today’s inconjunction can indicate health problems caused by the areas ruled by Mercury. Pay attention to messages your body may send you and consider the impact that dwelling in pessimism can have on well-being. The trine is energized, ambitious and libidinous, but it can be ruthless and violent. It really works up the hot-headed action-must-be-taken-now types, especially with Uranus so nearly stationary. For many people there is a sense of urgency and a tendency to overreact. Apply the excess energy wisely to transform quality of life. To be more effective keep an eye on a greater good.

Monday Aug 15 only lunar aspects are exact. As Heraclitus wrote: “Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day. Long lasting and patient effort is needed to develop good character.”

Tue Aug 16 Mercury trine Uranus is exact. Liberating surprises, shocking conversations, flashes of genius, news that brings a sense of relief. Reach out to new contacts. Learn about new tech. Contemplate the future. Creative people may find fresh perspectives on their work. There are many cross currents but this aspect may help you get results quickly by communicating clearly and fairly. As Philo wrote: “Households, cities, countries, and nations have enjoyed great happiness when a single individual has taken heed of the Good and Beautiful. Such people not only liberate themselves; they fill those they meet with a free mind.”

Wed Aug 17 sun inconjunct Neptune is exact indicating confusion, delusion, and potentially health issues caused by over-intoxication, or depletion due to chronic negative speculation. Egocentric actions may dissipate, but then efforts to be charitable may not go smoothly. A good time for meditation in working to find balance between the ego and the imagination.

Thu Aug 18 Venus trine Jupiter is exact about an hour after midnight. Perhaps the most positive of all aspects, but as is always the case even positive aspects can have negative implications. With this aspect avoid over-indulging in good times. This can be a romantic week of joy, art and music, if you can get past the crosscurrents. For some this might be a time of luck with money or contacts. But that can’t be forced. Also Thu Mercury inconjunct Saturn is exact around noon. This aspect compromises the potential of Venus and Jupiter, suggesting exhaustion or even sickness, exasperated by nervous criticism of self and others, and chronic worry. Give your body a break and find a way to enjoy Venus and Jupiter moderately, respecting Saturn, and avoiding saying something that ruins the party. Also the dark of the moon arrives at 9:36 PM commencing seven days that are better for finishing than starting, a good time for introspection and getting some rest.

Fri Aug 19 sun inconjunct Pluto is exact. Inconjunctions can indicate disconnected areas of our lives. The sun in late Leo wants to have fun and indulge in summer but Pluto in the last eight months of twelve years of unalloyed Pluto in Capricorn keeps raising mortal dangers and spectacles of crisis that demand we all face facts. Recognizing issues that trouble the body and making adjustments now can help avoid trouble down the line.

Sat Aug 20 Mars enters Gemini about an hour after midnight. It’s natural to get bored during this placement, but frustration can result from taking on too much, or from being unable to decide which side of an issue to support. Motivation for writers, but a propensity for snippy and sharp communications. Writing or saying something in anger could come back to haunt you in this digital age.

Sun Aug 21 Mercury opposition Neptune is exact about an hour after midnight. A great time for inspiration and imagination, but you may find yourself drawn in directions contrary to your intentions. Not a good time for editing your work. Try not to fall down the rabbit holes of conspiracies and nostalgia. A good aspect for meditation, but inner chatter or outer distractions may intrude. Don’t worry about it. Just flow.

Mon Aug 22 Mercury trine Pluto is exact in the mid-afternoon. Also the sun enters Virgo at 8:16 PM. The first is a good aspect for deep research, deep conversations, and finding constructive ways to face fears and other shadow factors. Pluto can provide healing, and with the trine repairs and reforms are easier now than they might be further down the line when Mercury squares or opposes Pluto. With Mercury still opposing Pluto delusion and deception are possible but so are deep inspiration and understanding. Psychic hunches may help you resolve issues by arriving at an empathetic awareness of opposite points of view. Sun in Virgo could make this easier if we can apply its critical and analytic qualities without getting tangled up in doubt, over analysis or nitpicking details.

Wed Aug 24 Uranus is stationary retrograde just before 7 AM. The CDC having relaxed Covid guidelines as Uranus approached its station will be interesting to watch, as Uranus retrograde may indicate that a reversal will be required some time between now and mid-January when Uranus goes direct. Of course, that is how the pandemic has behaved so far. Hopefully by now you have your own comfortable protocol that is appropriate to the environments you meet. Uranus retrograde means we will all be going back to look at our tech, our perspectives on the future, and the areas where we need to liberate ourselves from the grip of Saturn, but not too quickly, as Saturn will be almost exactly square Uranus in October, and we can greatly benefit by taking a step by step approach to change and evolutionin our world and in our own lives. As Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.”



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