All Times Pacific: Astrology Report Aug 7 — Aug 14

Friends, we have before us a challenging week, yet not as hectic as last week. Venus trine Neptune late this morning competes with Mars square Saturn in the early afternoon. The first is dreamy, harmonious, pleasure loving, even inspired and rapturous. The second however is irritable, mean, pessimistic, frustrated, and can lead to actions that undermine well being and to conflict with authority figures. Mars conjunct Uranus is still with us, though fading, and so Mars helps us to understand Saturn square Uranus which is slowly approaching near exact in October, echoes of 2021, which was dominated by that aspect. Political division. The past vs. the future. Restrictions versus demands for unlimited freedom. That feeling of a generational gear changing as traditional institutions and icons fade out of relevance or even existence.

By learning and adapting, allowing both Saturn and Uranus to have a chance in our lives, we can prepare ourselves for the big shift of Pluto from Capricorn, where it has been rampaging since 2008, into Aquarius. That’s a big shift. The reign of old men, limits on freedom, even the limits of science will all be challenged. The momentum will ultimately shift to the young and progressive. Scientific breakthroughs will further change expectations about life for those who can afford them. Eccentric and radical new approaches will be favored, rather than crushed by Pluto in Capricorn’s insistence on conformity.

In our own lives Venus trine Neptune is excellent for romance, artistic imagination, making music, film, or writing with the intent to create beauty and epiphanies. As James Joyce wrote: “A writer is a priest of eternal imagination, transmuting the daily bread of experience into the radiant body of everliving life.” Family or romantic love by water is especially favored. But Venus opposition Pluto is already stronger than the trine, and unpleasant consequences are more likely than usual. Encounters with the shadow, catching something while you’re enjoying the intoxicating social currents, remains a possibility, so be conscientious about protecting yourself and others.

Mars square Saturn is a good time to organize our efforts. To get rid of what hasn’t been working. To take a rest and assess how effective we have or haven’t been. It’s no good criticizing others in an attempt to ignore our own faults. What can we learn? What can we practice? Who could mentor us? Who could we mentor? Ideally we can find time for both the Venus trine and the Mars square. Do some work to simplify and make life function better, but also have time for pleasure and reverie.

Monday Aug 8 Venus opposition Pluto is exact in the late evening. For Taurus and Libra suns and ascendants this is an intense time. Take it easy. The opportunity to heal, to find tranquility, even in the midst of so many troubles, is where effort should be made. Art, music, film, loving relationships, romance can help us balance out the intensity of the worldly predicament. Cathartic art and sexuality can channel stress into liberating creativity.

Tue Aug 9 Mercury inconjunct Jupiter is exact in the early morning. Inconjunctions can indicate issues around health and with Jupiter involved eating too much, spending too much, or talking too much, can lead to trouble. Don’t be over-optimistic. Don’t ignore reason in the heat of enthusiasm. Do take some time to think about how your definition of success might be influencing your well-being.

Wed Aug 10 only lunar aspects are exact.

Thu Aug 11, here’s a busy day, with sun square Uranus exact just after dawn. Venus enters Leo 30 minutes before noon. Mars sextile Neptune is exact mid-afternoon. The full moon in Aquarius arrives at 6:36 PM. The first is a bit like a Mercury retrograde. Delays, interruptions, sudden actions, unexpected updates. Venus in Cancer cherishes home and family above all but Venus in Leo wants to shine in and like the sun. The urge to not miss summer will spur social activity. Mars sextile Neptune wants to party. Men and the masculine will be especially prone to flights of fancy, delusions and intoxication. This can be enjoyable if we avoid politics. The full moon in Aquarius might give us a glimpse of the Spring of next year when Pluto enters Aquarius.

Fri Aug 12 and Sat Aug 13 only lunar aspects are exact.

Next Sunday Aug 14 is eventful with sun opposition Saturn exact in the late morning. Mercury inconjunct Chiron a little later in the morning. And Mars trine Pluto mid-afternoon. The first is a pessimistic aspect, often exhausted, but valuable for learning about our limits, for organizing ourselves so that we can have established good habits that help us avoid unnecessary suffering. Pay attention to what Saturn has to say this weekend in your own life. Mercury inconjunct Chiron is sort of a transmissible health problem of an aspect, as the saga of the pandemics continues, typical of Pluto in Capricorn that crisis should multiply in a grand finale of the sort of human humiliation we are currently undergoing. Mars trine Pluto is the right time to be effective. To make necessary repairs and reforms. More energy is available for ambition, anger, and libido. If frustrated any or all these drives can more easily lead to rage and even violence. Use this energy in fun, constructive ways, don’t let it use you, at least to the detriment of others.

Uranus stationary retrograde on Aug 24 will be square Saturn giving this month an extra dose of the Uranian side of the square. To those who cling to the Saturn side it may seem that the world is changing too fast, or that technology is destroying integrity, many feel as if they are being forced into a future about which they feel apprehension. However for those embracing change whole-heartedly, riding the crest of new technology, eager to meet the future, Saturn should not be ignored. Otherwise balloons are popped with Saturnian pins. These two actually work well together, Saturn and Uranus, when they cooperate change happens in an atmosphere of attention to detail. With a foot on the brakes, the worst possibilities of unleashed Uranian lust for change can be avoided, while still gaining the benefits in this pre-dawn of the new Pluto cycle beginning next Spring.

A quote for Saturn square Uranus: “Coolness, then, is a part of character… To the degree that we live generously and discreetly, exhibiting grace under pressure, our appearance and our acts gradually assume virtual royal power. As we become noble, fully realizing the spark of creative goodness God endowed us with… we find the confidence to cope with all kinds of situations.” Robert Farris Thompson, writing about Yoruba culture in Flash of the Spirit: African and Afro-American Art and Philososphy.



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