All Times Pacific: Astrology Report July 24 — Aug 1

Friends, the roller coaster of summer 2022 continues this week as the Saturn square Uranus aspect slowly inches toward an almost exact conjunction in October; the dominant aspect of 2021 will get goosed this week by a challenging Mars transit. The grind of war, male aggression, ruthless ambition, and the demands of libido will be revealed more clearly in the news. In our personal lives it will be important to keep the balance between reserve, practice, and patience on the one hand while allowing for the new, the unexpected, and the urgent demands of changing times. As Patti Smith wrote, “In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.”

Venus square Jupiter is exact today in the hour before midnight, with Mercury trine Jupiter still strong but fading as the week continues. These are good aspects for having fun, for romance, and for creativity. If pessimism has overwhelmed you deliberately practice some optimism. But don’t wear rose colored glasses about relationships, finances or opportunities. Unnecessary risk taking becomes a little riskier as Saturn square Uranus gains strength. We will probably see new indoor mask mandates, perhaps more than once between now and October. Also, as mentioned in earlier reports, we have issues around variants, and other pandemics, with Monkey Pox spreading rapidly, and even a case or two of polio. Do expect Pluto in Capricorn’s final autumn and winter to be a grand finale of Saturn and Pluto challenges: political division, economic problems, the end of an institution or several, the loss of icons, all the symptoms of the generational gear shifting. For every door that closes another will open if we are calm enough to pay attention.

Mon July 25 only lunar aspects are exact. But now in orb, Mars conjunct Uranus will be gaining strength all week. This is a restless, irritable aspect, prone to outbursts of aggression and even violence, especially when ambition, libido, or anger have been suppressed, which can also cause people to be a little more accident prone. Caution while driving, using sharp edges, or dealing with fiery or explosive things is a good idea. New tech, new insights can help us be more effective in all areas. As William James wrote, “Our errors are surely not such awfully solemn things. In a world where we are so certain to incur them in spite of all our caution, a certain lightness of heart seems healthier than this excessive nervousness on their behalf.”

Tue July 26 Mercury square Mars is exact and is perhaps less disruptive than Mars conjunct Uranus, a more nervous aspect, but Mercury square Mars is impatient, irritable, and quick to anger. We may express ourselves too forcefully creating unnecessary problems. This too can be an accident prone aspect requiring careful driving, and use of cutting, electrical or otherwise potentially destructive tools and devices. Give some thought to how to get more out of your ambition, how to apply anger constructively, and how to give libido the attention it requires.

Wed July 27 Mercury trine Chiron could indicate good news about the pandemic (which one?), as Chiron rules health crises. We do have many new vaccines and treatments for Covid being developed, some promise to stop transmission, or to stop the virus where it enters. When Pluto enters Aquarius, we begin a decade when science revolutionizes daily life, there may be surprising announcements that liberate us from this cloud. In our own lives by paying attention to where we see subtle signs of trouble we can make adjustments to diet or habit that will allow us to regain health and to avoid more significant problems down the line. Pay attention to sources of stress and the impact they can have on your well being.

Thu July 28 new moon in Leo at 10:55 AM indicates the start of a new lunar cycle. It’s a sunny mood and new projects would be favored except that Jupiter is stationary retrograde at 1:37 PM. Add this to Saturn square Uranus and we can expect more trouble with the economy, but a possible beginning of a reversal of inflation. Political backsliding and economic recession become more likely until Jupiter goes direct Nov 28. Also Mercury square Uranus in the mid-afternoon makes people a little extra nervous and accident prone. Not a good time for editing, but a good time for getting flashes of inspiration. This can be a bit like Mercury retrograde for a few days so don’t be put off by delays or unexpected interruptions.

Fri July 29 only lunar aspects are exact. Here’s a quote by Paul Valery to consider this week, written not only decades before the internet but years before almost every home had a television: “Interruption, incoherence, surprise are the ordinary conditions of our life. They have even become real needs for many people, whose minds are no longer fed by anything but sudden changes and constantly renewed stimuli. We can no longer bear anything that lasts. We no longer know how to make boredom bear fruit. So the whole question comes down to this: can the human mind master what the human mind has made?”

Sat July 30 Mercury opposition Saturn is exact in the hour before midnight, giving us a better look at the Saturn side of the Saturn square Uranus aspect. This can be a time of dour pessimism, feelings of futility, or long term regrets, especially for those attached to worn out ways of living. But this is a good aspect for organizing, for studying, for simplifying, for practicing, for teaching or learning, for meditation, for editing and for getting extra rest. What from the past still works? What does not? What have you learned in the pandemic years? What else would you like to learn? Can you trust life enough to collaborate with it?

Sun July 31 Venus square Chiron is exact in the early morning. This could indicate trouble in the area of pandemics, especially due to socializing too closely, romance, and other pleasures involving Venus. On the other hand Venus can heal. Making or enjoying music, art, romance, beauty can help us regain well being. Sun trine Jupiter is exact in the mid-afternoon, making this a weekend when people will be feeling optimistic and sociable. Unfortunately the following day Mercury inconjunct Neptune is exact, and Mercury inconjunct Pluto the next day suggests bad news around the pandemic, possibly a time of greater spread. That combination of Neptune and Pluto aspects can indicate mutations of new variants. So take care out there. As Ben Franklin wrote, “Distrust and caution are the parents of security.”

Mon Aug 1 Mercury inconjunct Neptune is exact before dawn with Mercury inconjunct Pluto the next day. As discussed above this is a not a good time to take risks. Be careful in communication as miscommunication is common with these aspects and with so much Mars arguments can appear out of virtual thin air. Mars conjunct Uranus conjunct the North Node is exact, and will remain with us all the following week, but Mars square Saturn is becoming stronger, to become exact on August 7, fading until August 14. The common storyline for this combo is Mars Uranus drives people to act out in reckless way then Saturn arrives to reveal the consequences. Mars square Saturn is highly critical of self and others. Many people feel exhausted, so we have the urgent need for change and freedom followed by pessimism and perhaps regret. Again, finding and keeping balance is key. As Euripides wrote, “The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man.”



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