All Times Pacific: Astrology Report July 3-July 10

Friends, we have a somewhat challenging week ahead in which health issues may come to the forefront. By making small adjustments we can prevent bigger problems down the road. Before we look at the aspects two insights to consider. First, be careful what you tune into. If what you tune into on a daily basis is causing depression, chronic irritation, anxiety then relax away from your routine. Look around and find something else to tune into. Something that inspires you and enriches your life. Cherish the simple pleasures. Whenever we are dominated by the oppressive force of Saturn with Pluto it’s important that we learn how to refresh ourselves. Finding a rhythm can keep us out of trouble.

In this world extremes invite extreme responses. Pluto in Capricorn amplifies this, not exactly instant karma, but it all becomes more vivid. When individuals or political parties, or for that matter courts, overstep their boundaries and attempt to force what they consider the right way, without ethics or compromise, they only evoke the opposite reaction. Putin wanted to weaken NATO. He united, militarized and expanded it. The court furthered red state agendas and awakened the sleeping giants that are young voters and female voters. Even the most successful extremes ultimately leave their consequences painfully clear. The Kabbala and Buddhism agree, take the middle path. We can see this at work in our own lives.

We are here to learn. We are here to evolve. Difficult times are a great opportunity. Practicing patience, learning how to balance our attention to what is disintegrating by recognizing what is flourishing and helping what is just starting out. We can do things that remind us why we love life. We can become invigorated by the call to action, or the creative impulse, or by helping out where we can. Now let us look at the weather of the upcoming week.

Friday’s Mars square Pluto remains a factor through July 10. This irritable aspect easily spills over into anger, violence, the use of force, sabotage, over reaction, also crisis in health caused by suppressed or extreme libido, rage, or ambition. Such actions tend to have bad consequences but especially with this square. Still, Pluto also offers tranquility, and this energy can be used to get work done, to fix things, to lift our routines to a higher level and make our actions more effective. It can be an accident prone. Don’t take unnecessary risks especially with Neptune still more or less stationary retrograde.

Yesterday’s Mercury trine Saturn and Mercury square Neptune remain strong today, fading as the week progresses. The first is organized and practical but the second is confused and often misdirected. It can be a good time for writing about mystical subjects, or organizing charitable efforts. By making room for both Neptune’s limitless imagination, and Saturn’s obsession with material reality, insights can be captured that might help not only self but others.

Today Mercury inconjunct Pluto is exact in the evening, together with Mars square Pluto, this could indicate a pandemic surge in certain areas, even perhaps a new mutation, or some other similar scare. The statistical number of tragedies may make the odds seem good, but why take unnecessary risks with your life and the lives of others? The mania to pretend everything is normal, a very Neptune response, may suffer setbacks as this year progresses. This aspect combination can also lead to destructive arguments, and the expression of deliberately hurtful criticism, of others but also of self. We can use these aspects to analyze areas where we can improve, or to help others who ask for insight. Pluto is ultimately about healing, serenity, deep wisdom, if we can calm down enough to understand.

Mon July 4 Mars leaves Aries for Taurus. Also Mercury enters Cancer sextile Mars around midnight. Mars in Taurus is less aggressive but much more stubborn than Mars in Aries. Energy is put into gaining security, preserving stability, enjoying comforts, especially food and nature, including pets. Mercury in Cancer is less sociable than Mercury in Gemini, which favored gossip and short trips. Now life at home is in focus. There is a danger that a short sighted loyalty to family or nation can lead to power struggles. After all, the so called greatest generation, who had Pluto in Cancer, fought a world war in which competing patriotisms devastated millions of lives.

Tue July 5 only lunar aspects are exact.

Wed July 6 Venus sextile Chiron is exact. Chiron can indicate problems around health and Venus rules romance, restaurants, and socializing for pleasure. Sextiles are not especially strong but given the powerful Pluto and Neptune presences this week it’s another reason to take care. In our own lives we can find healing in the arts, in romance, and by consulting with women and others ruled by Venus who have wisdom to share.

Thu July 7 only lunar aspects are exact

Fri July 8 sun square Chiron is exact. Another Chiron aspect but this one a square to the sun indicates the possibility of some form of public health crisis. It may not be immediately announced. Since Mercury square Jupiter is exact later the same day there is a likelihood of false optimism, of over-doing good times in a way that has unfortunate collective consequences. So have fun, but have fun mindfully rather than viewing life through the rose-colored glasses of misinformation

Sat July 9 only lunar aspects are exact

Next Sunday July 10 sun sextile Uranus brings a little relief but also the risk that the urge to freedom leads to disruptions that could have been avoided. Can we liberate ourselves from compulsive speculation and fear? Can we find something constructive to do instead? Can we help someone get out from under their cloud of gloom by providing an unexpected perspective?

Summer looks to be a bumpy ride with negative and positive aspects somewhat balancing each other out. Uranus turning retrograde in late August means we will have Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto retrograde until October when Saturn and Pluto go direct. This could mean that between the election, climate problems, the war in Ukraine, and the pandemic, things will not be running as smoothly as we might like, and reasons for irritation, conflict and apprehension may be abundant. We’ll be collectively evaluating work that has been done, while fighting for the power to decide what happens next.

But this is all part of the process of learning and evolving. Focus on what is working. Fix what can be fixed. Unplug when you are overwhelmed. We are already feeling the return of the Saturn square Uranus aspect that dominated last year. Supply chain disruptions will likely become worse. The peak of the problem will probably be in October when the square is very nearly exact again. The aspects fades out in December early January, only months away from the first entry of Pluto into Aquarius, which hopefully will mark the beginning of the end of the dark cloud that Pluto in Capricorn has placed over our world since 2008.



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