All Times Pacific: Astrology Report June 12–19

Ronnie Pontiac
6 min readJun 12, 2022
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Friends, we have a week before us with some challenges but also some positive aspects. Last Friday’s Mercury trine Pluto and Saturday’s Venus conjunct Uranus are with us especially today and the beginning of the week. The first reveals secrets, and is good for researching and applying new approaches to healing, for digging into the depths in search of transformation. Make the small repairs and reforms that can prevent problems before they become serious. Venus conjunct Uranus can liberate relationships, creativity, and appreciation of beauty. Make time for these experiences. Try new things. New tech can help you bring more ease and harmony into your life.

Saturn and Neptune aspects are strong this week. With Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces we find ourselves immersed in what makes this particular zeitgeist what it is. Ruthless use of force, nostalgia for how it used to be, on display in the war, in the new disrupted scarcity economy, and even in the pandemic and our collective response to it. With one shocking news event after another those who are compulsively tuned in may find themselves exhausted and depressed this week. Saturn and Neptune, however, are great for yoga, meditation, prayer, and ritual. Extra rest would be helpful this week.

Only lunar aspects are exact today.

Monday June 13 Mercury enters Gemini in the morning. Mercury in Taurus was about comfort, food, security, or lack thereof, while Mercury in Gemini usually includes gossip, window shopping, gathering lots of information for and against, it will probably contribute to the trend of resumed “normal” socializing that most of us have committed to, for better or worse.

Tue June 14 full moon in late Sagittarius is optimistic and gregarious but stay safe. Even if the virus is truly endemic rather than pandemic, in other words slowly becoming weaker, and most who take unnecessary risks suffer no consequences, for that percentage who do, a more mindful path may have prevented harm. Weird looks and smirking comments may be the reward for wearing your mask or avoiding contact but what does that matter when the safety of loved ones and self is on the line, even if the risk is comparatively small. Again, this is especially true if Saturn, Neptune and/or Pluto are conjunct, square or oppose planetary placements in your chart. Harm is more likely for those with several such aspects. If you don’t know, then why not err on the side of caution?

Wed June 15 Mars conjunct Chiron is exact. Chiron can indicate crisis in health and Mars traditionally rules diseases. On the positive side could be opportunities for healing and for making peace, but they may be caused by violent reactions. Men, and all matters masculine, are especially in need of care.

Thu June 16 sun trine Saturn is exact, a good time for organizing, limiting, simplifying, taking care of chores, but with Neptune square there may be errors, spacing out, unexpected detours. Can you find balance between Saturn’s commitment to the facts and Neptune’s constant nudge that there are no facts, only the play of opposites. This is why extremism of any sort can be dangerous and is only rarely productive.

Revolution is necessary when all others means have been exhausted. But it easily invokes the opposite of what it intends. We can see how in reaction to conservative excess during the last presidency, accompanied with bullying rhetoric, a reaction was triggered that allowed for progressive social experimentation, for example, in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In an effort to address crime humanely havens for criminality have been created. And so in the recent elections both cities moved away from the progressive agenda. The point is not political, but in the dynamic of how when one side is pushed too far the reaction is inevitable. That is why sincere debate and compromise are so important to the health of a republic.

Also Thu sun square Neptune is exact, indicating confusion, sensitivity to feelings, sometimes dreams can leave us with emotional hangovers when this aspect is strong, acts of compassion can backfire. Let Saturn help you find a good rhythm and pace. Keep it simple. For the creative this is a good time to capture inspiration and give structure to what you imagine.

Fri June 17 only lunar aspects are exact

Sat June 18 Venus square Saturn is exact which can indicate depression and responsibilities, worry and scarcity blocking art, romance and pleasure. But with Venus sextile Neptune later the same day inspiration can be found in dreams, intuition, compassion, mysticism, psychic moments, meditation, and intoxication, although Saturn demands we respect limits. A lovely aspect for pleasure by the water, romance, and for enjoying music and art that inspires. For creative people this is a good time to let your imagination run free. Make something beautiful.

Sun June 19 sun inconjunct Pluto is likely to show us places where breakdowns in well being or plumbing, for example, derail our intentions and our routines. But by making necessary changes we can rid ourselves of problems before they become chronic. For some this can be a time of power struggles, or underhanded actions motivated by jealousy, hate, or the use of force to attain ends. With the inconjunction the results usually backfire in some way.

Mercury sextile Jupiter Mon Jun 20 and Venus trine Pluto in the very early morning on the day of the Summer Solstice, when the sun enters Cancer, indicates a hopeful start to summer. The first is not so strong as the second. The first is optimistic, fun, joyful, a good time to contemplate what success means to you now, after all that we’ve experienced, and with so much chaos around us. Can you say or do something kind to spread a little happiness? Why be constantly focused on the bleak? Venus trine Pluto allows us to transform art, romance and all matters Venusian, especially by facing our shadows in those areas of life. Make some powerful changes to improve relationships and your creativity.

In human history we see a repeated pattern. A culture flourishes. Freedoms are granted to those who didn’t have them before: women, queer people, racial minorities, even animals. But the culture over consumes. Sometimes conquest helps keep the expansion going. But sometimes the weather itself changes. Diseases of agriculture, animal pandemics, over-population, whatever the cause, the fertile beautiful land begins to dry out. Water becomes scarce. Crops fail. Traditionally this is when the patriarchy reasserts the authority it never fully relinquished and begins to withdraw freedoms. Militarism, weapons, law and order, and patriotism become fetishized. Pessimism leads to suppression and violence, even seizure of property, and some times civil war. We can see these elements at play today in America and in Russia, but all over the world to varying degrees.

Will we allow history to take the low road yet again? Can we revitalize our culture? Can we help the younger generations face these dire challenges by sharing wisdom, encouragement and all the support we can provide? How can a humble citizen contribute? First, let us become expert at seeking balance. Let us not merely choose one side and heap vitriol on the other. We have access to the wisdom and creativity of centuries. Let us inspire each other. Bring the big picture to all that you do. Lift others. Do it for the ones you love. Your family. Your friends. Your animal friends. Your planet. Do what you can where you are with what you have. Be a force for sanity and for appreciation of the small miracles of life. Humanity may be a constant debacle more often than not but the beauties of nature are always profound. As Henri Matisse said, “There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”



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