All Times Pacific: Astrology Report June 25-July 2

Ronnie Pontiac
4 min readJun 24, 2023


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Friends, we have a mixed bag of aspects ahead of us this week. Always remember, aspects do not cause things to happen, they merely indicate that they could happen. As Plotinus said, “We all breathe together.” Think of this week’s astrology aspects as something like a weather forecast. The same snowstorm that frustrates the truck drivers delights the skiers. Aspects are that way, too.

Sun Jun 25 Mercury square Neptune is exact, with Neptune very nearly stationary, which can indicate mental exhaustion, confusion, unclear communication, delays, and sometimes deception. For those who write about spiritual matters, with Saturn still in the degree of its recent station, the sublime that usually evades words might be captured by them. A good time for reading about the mystical, psychic and related pursuits but not favorable for contracts and other matters requiring clarity. Ask questions, don’t make assumptions. Avoid over-intoxication all this week but especially today. As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote: “First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.”

Mon Jun 26 Mars square Uranus is exact followed by Mercury inconjunct Pluto. Mercury enters Cancer in the late afternoon. The square can be irritable and even violent. Suppressed ambition, libido or anger could cause erratic actions, even accidents. Be careful in traffic. Unexpected acts of violence will continue to fill the local news in places like Los Angeles and New York City. In our own lives this aspect gives us the energy to make changes, to bring in the new, and to explore the unexpected. If we worry too much about what we can’t change, we can instead try to make changes that may not be as grand, but that can help us live better lives. The inconjunction can indicate frustrating misunderstandings about areas where reform or repair are needed. Health issues may be caused by repressed anxiety or pessimism. But healing can be found by facing memories and other parts of ourselves that we have neglected. Mercury in Cancer: moonlight, beaches, home, family, holiday, but also emotional and territorial. The lunar influence of Cancer brings imagination to the forefront, helping creativity.

Tue Jun 27 only lunar aspects are exact. A quote from the beautiful poetry of Cuban poet Dulce María Loynaz: “ — only love reveals, in a rapid flash of light, the beauty of a soul.”

Wed Jun 28 sun trine Saturn is exact. A lunar grand trine involving the sun, Mercury and Saturn gives this day extra luster. An excellent day for editing, for communication, for organizing creative work and also our home environments. Respecting our feelings, will, reason and pragmatism we can find a better rhythm for creativity and for living.

Thu Jun 29 very early in the morning Venus trine Chiron is exact with Mercury trine Saturn exact late that night. The Venus trine can bring healing to romantic relationships, but also to our creativity. It indicates that the beauty ofthe arts, and of love can have a profoundly healing effect, even more than usual. Find beauty and harmony you can appreciate and soak up the healing. Expressing love sincerely can be especially powerful with this trine. As Pablo Neruda wrote: “Do not do with love what a child does with his balloon; when he has it, he ignores it, and when he loses it, he cries.” The Mercury Saturn trine amplifies yesterday’s sun trine Saturn making this a time for practice, learning, mentorship, simplification, meditation, and organization. But for some the priority might be extra rest.

Fri Jun 30 Neptune is stationary retrograde at 2:07 PM with sun conjunct Mercury in the evening. Confusing, mystifying, dreamlike, intoxicated, mystical, charitable, but also deceptive, dishonest and distracted, Neptune stations can indicate a need for rest and for the replenishment of spiritual contact. However Neptune also indicates inspiration and with Mercury conjunct makes a great day for writing, film making, music making, or for enjoying or conversing about these art forms. Meditation is highly favored and mystical epiphanies seem to be more possible with this kind of astrological weather. Focus on love and harmony.

Sat July 1 Mercury sextile Jupiter is exact followed about three hours later by sun sextile Jupiter. Sextiles are easy to miss. They are positive aspects, though all positive aspects have potential negative sides, just as all negative aspects can have positive outcomes when we know how to navigate them. Both are optimistic, potentially joyous, and can indicate real opportunities. Take a moment in the midst of Neptune’s fog to look around calmly for communications that may have been forgotten, and missed invitations to fun, optimism, and success.

Sun July 2 Venus square Uranus is exact. It can cause restlessness in relationships and a fascination with the new or strange. The goal is to liberate romance and creativity. To free ourselves with the help of the inspiration of love and art. As Dulce Maria Loynez wrote: “If you love me, love me all of me, not by zones of light or shadow…if you love me, love me black and white and gray and green and blond, and mixed…love me day, love me night…, and in the morning with the open window! If you love me, don’t break me in pieces: love all of me… Or do not love me at all.” This holds true for both romance and creativity.



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