All Times Pacific: Astrology Report June 6–13

Friends, we have before us a quiet week with a seesaw effect. It begins with Saturn’s dense gravity but ends with the electricity of Venus conjunct Uranus. Get extra rest as the week begins. You might be surprised at the pleasant experiences available later in the week.

Saturn stationary retrograde yesterday afternoon continues to indicate the gravity of endings, exhaustion, limitations, learning the hard way for another few weeks, but lightening a little every day.

We have few planetary aspects this week but we do have 18 lunar inconjunctions. Inconjunctions can indicate health issues. Every once in a while we get one of these weeks of many inconjunctions, when neglect and ignorance are a little more likely to face consequences, especially with Saturn stationary. Pay attention to subtle messages from your body. Be devoted to doing what helps and avoiding what harms. By heeding these signs we can establish a greater rapport with our bodies that can help us avoid unnecessary suffering. The idea is to find what works and be dedicated. Meditation is always helpful when Saturn is heavy. Ficino’s advice was when Saturn is too strong counter it with a hymn to Jupiter, and with whatever belongs to Jupiter, such as an image of an eagle, or of lightning, symbols of wealth and good fortune, and with jovial actions, bringing good cheer to others who are under the spell of Saturn’s dismal side.

We are headed for the last of the Saturn-Uranus squares later this summer, you may remember that aspect from last year. Future versus past, old versus young, generational turning points, mandates, institutional and supply chain problems, and an extremely divisive political and economic climate. The decision to get on with it at the institutional level is a bet against the pandemic. It may be that what they used to call “animal spirits” is what society needs to truly get past it, or we may be tempting a Spanish Flu level resurgence. As always our individual and collective decisions will decide whether we are rewarded or forced to experience the less desirable consequences. No aspect is entirely good, and no aspect is entirely bad, but they are all opportunities to learn.

What to avoid with a Saturn station: morbid preoccupations, melancholy pessimism, ignoring exhaustion to the point of causing illness, non-constructive criticism of self and others, wielding facts like weapons, or refusing to change, feelings of futility, wallowing in self pity, surrender to inertia. As Keats wrote: “Deep in the shady sadness of a vale far sunken from the healthy breath of morn, far from the fiery noon and eve’s one star, sat gray-haired Saturn, quiet as a stone, still as the silence round about his lair.” Saturn stations are good for grounding, resting, contemplation, learning, discipline, teaching, simplifying, practicing, isolating, clarity, mindfulness, and remembering that drudgery is actually prevention of harm, a sacred task.

As for all those inconjunctions, the pandemic is quieting in most areas, but not California. We know the new variant is very contagious, and we know that another variant is always possible. This week should provide more hints about what is next. As individuals this is the time to make adjustments. Is there something we eat that inevitably makes us feel uncomfortable? What habits are depressing well being? Do we need to unplug so our bodies can begin to recover from the tension of years of unusually stressful news? Perhaps it sounds glib to say we chose to be here. But how are the current conditions right to teach us, or to allow us to practice patience, discipline, mindfulness, and clarity.

Today only lunar aspects are exact.

Monday June 6 sun sextile Chiron is exact a healing aspect but Chiron can indicate healing by crisis. Look for opportunities to find healing. Don’t ignore those subtle serendipitous hints. As Rumi wrote: “What you seek is seeking you.”

Tue June 7, Wed June 8, and Thu June 9 only lunar aspects are exact, Saturn remains the theme but two positive aspects are approaching. We could miss them if we are too much under Saturn’s sway.

Friday June 10, Mercury trine Pluto is exact. Have that deep conversation. Do some serious research about healing body and soul. Listen to what your unconscious tells you in dreams, misspoken words, strange coincidences, unusual attractions, and the like. An excellent time for writing and all creativity that involves dexterity and attention to detail. Now’s the time to tackle that unwieldy mess of a manuscript or other project. Catharsis can be liberating. Pluto can also indicate tranquility. With Saturn so strong it’s an ideal time for zen.

Saturday June 11, Venus conjunct Uranus is exact, usually fun in a disruptive way, romantic preoccupations with the shocking or unusual, surprising attractions, discovering new art and music, celebrations of freedom, perfect for the Pride Parade in L.A. this year. But Saturn’s looming presence reminds us that the pandemic, and the atmosphere of violence, require caution. Can we find a balance between having to let go our pent up need to have a good time in celebration of love, art and the beauty of life, and the need to be mindful of the harm that we might cause or the harm that might be caused to us. Practice precautions. This is a good aspect for updating your creative equipment with the latest tech. They used to say that affairs that begin with this aspect would be brief but liberating.

Sunday, June 12 only lunar aspects are exact.

Monday, June 13 Mercury reenters Gemini enhancing the desire for short trips, socializing, gossip, window shopping. A good placement for writing and for gathering information.

What could be a more appropriate illustration for this week’s aspects than this quote from D.H. Lawrence, “The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are still parts. The sun is a great heart whose tremors run through our smallest veins. The moon is a great nerve center from which we quiver forever. Who knows the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus? But it is a vital power, rippling exquisitely through us all the time.”



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