All Times Pacific: Astrology Report Mar 12 -Mar 19

Ronnie Pontiac
5 min readMar 11, 2023
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Friends, we have before us a busy week of astrological events dominated by Mercury and Neptune aspects. How was your first week of Saturn in Pisces? The question of faith will be explored over the next roughly three years as Saturn ends its cycle around the zodiac. Gurdjieff captures the nature of the challenge in this quote: “Conscious faith is freedom. Emotional faith is slavery. Mechanical faith is foolishness.”

Saturday’s Venus sextile Mars and Mercury sextile Uranus are with us for the first part of the week while Jupiter conjunct Chiron is with us through April 12. The first sextile can indicate harmony in romantic and creative situations, grace and camaraderie in sports, and cooperation toward achieving goals. The second can indicate clarity and abrupt realizations in conversations and other forms of communication.

Jupiter conjunct Chiron indicates an opportunity for healing, sometimes provoked by crisis. Optimism, long journeys, feelings of good fortune, of prosperity, and of abundance, are not quite the same in the not quite post pandemic world. We can consciously choose to exercise these areas of our lives, looking for reasons to be optimistic, feeling appreciation for all that we love. Sagittarius in particular can find a better way forward by giving up the wounds of the past. Aries also, especially around 15 degrees give or take five on either side, have a rare opportunity for healing at the deepest levels. But all three of these positive aspects may be lost in the shadow of nearly exact Mars square Neptune.

Sunday Mar 12 and Mon Mar 13 only lunar aspects are exact. As poet Mary Oliver wrote, “Wasn’t it Emerson who said, ‘My life is for itself and not for a spectacle’? I have a happy, full, good life because I hold it private.”

Tue Mar 14 Mars square Neptune is exact in the afternoon. On the negative side themes can include conflict caused by misunderstandings or manipulation, exhaustion caused by frustration, over intoxication that can easily spill over into anger, a malaise that seems to sap energy. But we can find inspiration to help us become more effective. Intuition and imagination can help us adapt so that our actions are better aligned with necessity and opportunity. The dark of the moon begins at 7:08 PM. Better for introspection than extroversion, and for finishing, rather than for beginning. This may exasperate the low energy of Mars square Neptune, and of tomorrow’s sun conjunct Neptune.

Wed Mar 15 sun conjunct Neptune is exact. This can be a time when inspiration and imagination burn bright, but it can also be a time of confusion and exhaustion, of nostalgic melancholy, over intoxication and misunderstandings. Meditation, cultivating quiet, compassion, and sensitivity can help us gain a better understanding of why we’re here and what we intend to do.

Thu Mar 16 is a very busy day astrologically speaking. Mercury conjunct Neptune is exact in the late morning, amplifying the themes of yesterday’s sun conjunct Neptune, and of Mars square Neptune. Imagination, inspiration, and intuition can be our friends. Meditation is probably better than intoxication, and getting rest better than chasing phantoms. For creative people, especially writers, artists, musicians, and filmmakers this is a week that promises progress and possibly breakthroughs. Sun square Mars before noon can indicate irritation and frustration. Avoid angry people. Don’t try to force your way. Take it easy. With Neptune prominent misunderstandings may abound. Venus square Pluto is exact just before 1 PM. This too can be an aspect indicating frustration and anger, especially regarding women, romance, pleasures, and the arts. This aspect can help us to breakdown our patterns at work and play so as to allow for greater harmony and enjoyment of life. Cathartic preoccupations could help along the healing process. Venus enters Taurus at 3:34 PM, one of the signs of its rulership. The focus shifts toward comfort, food, stability, and the beauty of nature. Enjoy them all but not to the point of excess. Mercury square Mars is exact in the late evening, another irritable aspect that can be quick to anger. Put all this energy to work. Improve surroundings. Spring clean. Gather, sort and edit creative projects. Avoiding lashing out impulsively.

Fri Mar 17 sun conjunct Mercury is exact several hours before dawn. Still fuzzy with Neptune this usually bright and eager aspect may be more confusing than usual. Imagination and inspiration are very strong this week. Creative people, set aside as much time as you can. With Venus sextile Saturn exact mid-afternoon bringing structure to your creations can be a productive venture. Capture symbols and messages from inspiring dreams. Or perhaps study and practice to improve your skills.

Sat Mar 18 Mercury sextile Pluto is exact in the evening, followed by Mercury entering Aries at 9:24 PM. The sextile can help us to a deeper understanding of how to heal, how to reform and repair, and to utilize catharsis and tranquility to liberate ourselves from trauma. A good aspect for meditation and research. With Mercury beginning a new cycle around the zodiac we may feel refreshed and ready to get going but we’re still in the fourth quarter of the moon.

Sunday Mar 19 only lunar aspects are exact. As Mary Oliver wrote, “To live in this world, you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go.”

Spring begins Monday Mar 20 as the sun enters Aries at 2:24 PM. Spring begins and in three days Pluto will leave Capricorn where it’s been since 2008 to enter Aquarius until June 12 then it returns to Pisces for the rest of 2023. In early 2024 it enters Aquarius for two decades. Pluto’s entry into Aquarius is especially noteworthy because it activates and amplifies the Great Conjunction point of 2020, a 20 year cultural cycle, which will be in Aquarius for the first time in centuries. The last time was 1405, roughly coinciding with the beginning of the Renaissance.

Unfortunately Mars will be inconjunct Pluto over the weekend perhaps making Pluto’s entry into Aquarius a little rough. With Mars square Neptune and Mars inconjunct Pluto it’s wise to take a little extra care over the next weeks when it comes to exposure to risk. Big changes in the astrological picture demand respect and patience, best to listen and observe, to get a better idea of the new terrain.



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