All Times Pacific: Astrology Report Mar 27 to April 4

Ronnie Pontiac
4 min readMar 27, 2022
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Friends, we have a relatively quiet week of aspects ahead of us. Jupiter conjunct Neptune is stronger every day as the exact conjunction nears on April 12. On the negative side it could indicate a significant pandemic surge. A massive refugee crisis has happened before with this aspect. We will continue to see propaganda at levels never seen before, but also epic acts of compassion, and somewhere masterpieces are being created. Spirituality can bring ecstasy and epiphany a bit more easily when Jupiter and Neptune conjunct. As Ukrainian screenwriter Alexander Dovzhenko wrote: “Two look down. One sees a puddle, another sees stars.”

Saturday’s Mercury sextile Pluto is still strong. A good time for research, especially into healing, but also good for shadow work, for deep edits of writing and film, and for transformative reading, viewing, and conversations. Big changes are in motion, let Pluto help you get a better sense of what is going on, and what really matters in your own life. Consider this Ukrainian proverb: “You don’t really see the world if you only look through your own window.”

Very early this morning Mercury enters Aries. With moon conjunct Mars later that night Sunday night could be fun or it could be full of conflict. Mercury in Aries wants a fresh start, and may say hurtful things to get it. Moon conjunct Mars can cause physical restlessness, especially when libido, anger or ambition have been suppressed. As Ukrainian novelist Lubko Deresh wrote: “Illusion is the truth that was passed through the filter of self-righteousness”.

Mon Mar 28 Venus conjunct Saturn is exact adding a certain chill to relationships, the arts, and finances. There may be the need to show loyalty, persistence, dedication, self restraint and boundaries. A great week for editing any kind of creative work. If someone you love needs some time alone, perhaps you might as well. But also a good time for learning and practicing music and the other arts. Mentors can work wonders but consider the Ukrainian proverb: “An obliging fool is worse than an enemy.”

Tue Mar 29, Wed Mar 30 and Thu Mar 31 only lunar aspects are exact. This is a good place to mention that the aspects we talk about are not necessarily strongest on the day they are exact. Orbs of influence differ. Big slow moving planetary transits such as those of Saturn and Pluto can take a year or years to move on. Mercury aspects only last a few days. Lunar aspects a few hours.

Fri April 1, April Fool’s Day, a day sacred to Aphrodite, brings the new moon in Aries. Also, sun conjunct Chiron is exact. Since we’ve had the dark of the moon until today, this may feel like another beginning to Spring. With sun conjunct Chiron exact the focus is on health. Most likely the new variant will be takiing up a little more space in the news cycle. Also, it’s possible a new variant could be the result of a refugee crisis during a war during a pandemic.

Sat April 2 Mercury conjunct Chiron is exact and then sun conjunct Mercury is exact. Chiron can indicate healing through crisis, with Mercury and the sun conjunct this would seem to indicate pandemic news. Whether it’s good news or bad, and the severity of bad news, depends on all the choices that have been made, and that are being made, individually and collectively. In our own lives this a good time to listen to the messages our bodies send us. Adjustments in routine can help prevent problems down the line.

Sunday April 3 the only exact aspect is moon conjunct Uranus which can bring detours, disruptions, surprises of various sorts, and sometimes emotional upsets. Be open to experiencing the unexpected rather than being perfectionist about expectations, which may not be easy with Mars conjunct Saturn tomorrow wanting everything to go exactly as planned. For some this may be an exhausted, depressed time, when past actions and future plans seem futile. But remember what the Ukrainian poet and philosopher Gregory Skovoroda wrote: “Only the mindless ones cry sorry for what was lost, leaving unnoticed everything that remains.”

Monday April 4 Mars conjunct Saturn is exact to begin a week that includes Mercury square Pluto. The first could indicate some sort of limitation of war, although this aspect can inspire actions that have the gravity of finality. Hopefully Putin will not slam his chemical or nuclear fist on the table, instead reigning in his aggression. This aspect requires that we all take a detailed look at our desires, whether professional, romantic, or protective. It’s a time when limits become clear. In our own lives it makes sense to learn lessons from our obstacles. Don’t rush past them. Sit with them and gain insight into yourself and the world. As Skovoroda wrote: “Inside yourself, dig the well which would bring water to both your house and your neighbour’s.”



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