All Times Pacific: Astrology Report March 20-March 28

Friends, the sun entered Aries this morning, merry Ostara, happy Spring Equinox, and today is International Astrology Day. As Ukrainian poet and feminist Lesya Ukrainka wrote: “Yes, I will laugh despite my tears, I’ll sing out songs amidst my misfortunes; I’ll have hope despite all odds, I will live! Away, you sorrowful thoughts!” Another stanza from this wonderful poet: “I shall sow flowers of flowing colors; I shall sow flowers even amidst the frost.”

Tonight’s Mercury conjunct Jupiter can be an excuse to over-indulge, over-spend, and talk too much, but it can also be a golden opportunity for fun, optimistic conversations, and creative work, especially writing and other forms of communication that depend on words and dexterity. Read something uplifting perhaps. This aspect will give us a better look at April’s Jupiter conjunct Neptune, which on the negative side could indicate another significant pandemic surge but also on the positive side great acts of charity and creativity, and cosmic consciousness type experiences. Ukrainian poet, screenwriter and activist Ivan Drach wrote: “Poetry, my orange sun! Every minute some boy finds you for himself and changes to a sunflower forever.”

Monday March 21 Mars sextile Chiron might not be as positive as most sextiles since Chiron can indicate crisis related to health. We may see evidence that the war is worsening the pandemic, for example. In our own lives it’s a good time to take action gently toward establishing habits that support greater well being. Put some will power into getting better. Examine how renewed ideas about ambition and sexuality, and dealing with submerged anger issues, might help the process of healing.

Tuesday March 22 Mars square Uranus will be exact. This can be an irritable aspect, causing impulsive, even rash actions, car accidents are more likely, and be careful with sharp edges, electricity, and do not drive angry. With this aspect people tend to try to take what they want by force. Anger and even violence are more likely throughout this week so take it easy. The war is likely to get uglier and there may be events more shocking than we’ve already seen. Hypersonic rockets, for example, fit this aspect well, and were deployed by Russia as it became stronger. Sometimes we can find ourselves victimized by erratic people during this aspect. Take a strong stance. As Ivan Drach wrote, in words now more appropriate than ever: “So then, what do you have to say, devil? What do you have to say about my country?”

Wednesday March 23 Mercury conjunct Neptune is exact. This can lead to epic escapism, intoxication, and confusion. Misinformation and misunderstandings may increase. On the other hand, this is a great aspect for meditation and for creative inspiration. Also auspicious for exploring the psychic, the religious and the mystical. Take this opportunity to make sure you are drinking good water. Those with health sensitivities, for example, might require spring water from glass bottles. Of course, more robust metabolisms can get by on tap water. Find the compassion and mystical unity in life. As Ukrainian poet Liudmyla Skryda wrote in her book Solo of the Sunny Soul: “The longer I live the more I am confirmed that beauty is the truth, kindness, spirituality…and the way out.”

Thursday March 24 the dark of the moon begins at 10:37 PM commencing a week of quiescence, for finishing rather than beginning. Some people feel a lag in energy, and the mood may turn retrospective and introspective. Go with it. Ponder where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Only lunar aspects are exact on March 25.

Saturday March 26 Mercury sextile Pluto is exact. An excellent aspect for editing writing and film and for in depth communication, research, and conversations about healing and transformation. Sometimes the mind can turn to obsessions or morbid preoccupations with this sextile. By paying attention to what you are shown next weekend you may be able to make adjustments in your life that help you shed the past and its predicaments. The past is over. Know when to stop.

Sun March 27 Mercury enters Aries, adding to the feeling of Spring. A new cycle begins. Sweep the cobwebs from your mind and body. Get a fresh start. Look at the new day in all its glorious potential. As Lesia Ukrainka wrote: “Have you forgotten last year’s summertime? Of last year’s summer I no memory keep. What was sung then died out in winter’s sleep.” Don’t act impulsively, or aggressively, the shadow side of Aries.

Monday March 28 Venus conjunct Saturn can bring a low point in art and relationships, but not necessarily. There tends to be a feeling of loneliness, endings, isolation. It’s common to become insecure about art or love. But discipline, loyalty, practical expressions of affection can increase the strength of emotional bonds and improve the quality of art. A great time to seek mentorship and to learn and practice creative skills. Or perhaps it’s time to take a rest so that you can return refreshed to romantic and artistic activities.



A place for my writing about spiritual mysteries, American Metaphysical Religion, astrology, and related subjects. As a kid I was mentored by Manly P. Hall.

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Ronnie Pontiac

Ronnie Pontiac

A place for my writing about spiritual mysteries, American Metaphysical Religion, astrology, and related subjects. As a kid I was mentored by Manly P. Hall.