All Times Pacific: Astrology Report May 1-May 8

Friends, Friday’s Pluto Stationary retrograde indicates continued destructive and creative intensity over the next several weeks, especially with Saturday’s solar eclipse in Taurus. As mentioned in a previous report, financial markets, political conflicts, war and pandemic all contribute to the current turmoil and malaise. With three exact U.S. Pluto returns this year this Pluto station has special importance for America. The lessons of Pluto, and how we learn them, determine how we experience Pluto. Those who have healed and transformed, who have done the shadow work, and learned tranquility, may experience Pluto aspects as times of great success, healing and renewal. Those who have avoided facing themselves, who have not made the necessary adjustments to address obvious problems, may experience challenges that force these lessons to be learned.

On the subject of Pluto, in this the last year of Pluto in Capricorn, let’s reflect on that placement for a moment. It began with the financial crash of 2008 but also with the election of America’s first president of color. Consider what has happened in your life and in the world since 2008. As many astrologers predicted, the institutions the world has depended on for generations have been shaken. Established businesses disappeared. Disasters multiplied. Old men have taken the wheel of the state and stubborn skepticism inflamed by fanaticism rules politics and social media. Here at the first US Pluto return we are embroiled in a war, increasing already historically exceptional debt, and fear of the breakdown of society is widespread. All Pluto in Capricorn themes.

As individuals we can do things to address some of these problems to the best of our abilities but most of them are out of our range of influence. But there is one aspect of Pluto in Capricorn we can address in our lives. Bitter judgementalism. A perfectionist dismissal of ourselves and others. Steely intolerance and demonization of those we don’t agree with. Such mental downward spirals border on catastrophizing. Following this panicky logic all democrats are perverts, all republicans are fascists. In truth, there are good examples of perverts and fascists in both parties.

This smug appraisal of others as unworthy is more comfortable being projected on others than turned on ourselves. Many become caught in a cycle of criticizing others to avoid criticizing themselves. As we can see in the war, and in our current politics, nations are as likely as people to fall into this delusion of infallibility. Instead of letting these issues occupy our minds, falling into chronic suspense, we can work on developing and stabilizing our tranquility. Our prejudices close us off from learning and enjoyment as our myopic estimations of others keep us from understanding unexpected depths. “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Jung

Yesterday’s Venus conjunct Jupiter indicates the possibility of joy and of success, as well as excess. With these planets in Pisces there is nevertheless the sense of endings before a new beginning. Pisces tends to look back over the course of the entire circuit, but very soon both planets will begin new cycles in Aries. Enjoy some time by the pool, sea, lake, river. A great time to make music and art, for romance, and for having fun. But Pluto is stationary. The pandemic is not over. New variations keep showing up. Take care.

Today, May 1, Venus sextile Pluto is exact, a potentially transformative aspect, especially in the areas of art, romance, fashion and finance. Confront the shadow in those places and you may find new depths in your most important relationships, and sources of pleasure. Love and art can offer profound healing.

Monday, May 2, Venus leaves Pisces to begin a new cycle in Aries and the urge to get out and begin life anew is amplified. For some there may be attractions to new horizons. Look for ways to refresh love, art, fashion, and finance. Get a fresh start. Taureans and Librans, because they are ruled by Venus, may feel energized as the old cycle is left behind, especially when Jupiter soon follows Venus into Aries.

Tue May 3 Jupiter sextile Pluto is exact. Sextiles are not as dynamic as the other major aspects. This one suggests that the worst case scenarios associated with war, pandemic, and turmoil in the financial markets will not materialize. In some way these painful adjustments may prove to have been ultimately healthy. That’s hard to believe in a world of so many threats and so much chaos. But this aspects reminds us there will be a renewal after the destruction, this with the other major sextile tomorrow, offers a bit of optimism at least over the next month or so. In our own lives it’s a good time to take the long view on success, to take the steps needed to achieve goals, to liberate ourselves from cobwebs.

Wed May 4 Mars sextile Uranus is exact, perhaps the most powerful of the many planetary influences demanding socializing, freedom, pushing ahead as quickly as possible into tomorrow, as any combination of Mars and Uranus is urgent, and irritated by obstacles. New tech, new ideas, new communities can help us become more effective, but this can be a reckless aspect, and with Pluto stationary it’s best to avoid risks, or to take them intelligently.

Thu May 5 sun conjunct Uranus is exact, perhaps the most impulsive of aspects, demanding immediate freedom. Where in our lives can we find a way to liberate ourselves by approaching problems differently? Can we make changes that prevent harm? Can we take advantage of spontaneous opportunities? If we don’t make way for freedom this can be an accident prone aspect, sudden actions or statements can lead to shocking experiences and other unexpected problems. What does freedom mean to you? Kahlil Gibran wrote: “Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.”

Also Thu Mercury sextile Venus is exact, an affable aspect, good for negotiations romantic and otherwise. Also good for creating and enjoying music, writing, film, and natural beauty. If you are in love this is a week when you may want to spend as much time as possible together.

Fri May 6 only lunar aspects are exact today, but of course the aspects listed above and below apply.

Sat May 7 sun sextile Mars is exact. Extra energy can lead to actions driven by ambition, libido, or anger, when the other two are frustrated. Exercise is better than argument.With Mars, Uranus and the sun together it’s easier to get irritated when we feel we are being blocked and arguments can occur. Put that energy into something useful, fun, or both.

Sun May 8, Mother’s Day, only lunar aspects are exact. Watch out for moon square Uranus in the morning, mom may not be in the mood for surprises, including erratic words or behavior. In the afternoon, moon inconjunct Mars may cause irritation and bickering, not to mention bad digestion. The temptation to tell someone off might be strong, and a male is most likely involved in the ruckus.

Next week is much quieter astrologically speaking but Tue May 10 Mercury retrograde begins and Jupiter leaves Pisces for Aries. This commences a new cycle for Aries, and for Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. In all the areas ruled by Jupiter there may be the possibility of making fresh starts. On the negative side the urge for good times may lead to over-indulgence, and to aggression, including in war. Jupiter in Aries will most likely signify a new page in the story of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. But it is also a new beginning, look back to 2010 and 2011 the last time Jupiter was in Aries. How was your definition of success changed since then, or has it?



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