All Times Pacific: Astrology Report May 14 -22

Ronnie Pontiac
6 min readMay 13, 2023
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Friends, a whole lot of Mars this week bodes well for getting things done. By achieving balance, by using Mars for a greater good, something wonderful could be accomplished. To do so requires patience, willingness to compromise, and respect for paradox. As Voltaire wrote: “Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.” However, if we insist on having our way without regard for the good of others, this aspect can indicate battles, the exercise of power in a controversial way, problems with courts, anger especially ideologically driven can turn aggressive and easily become violent. So stay cool and aware out there.

We have Mars trine Neptune exact on Mon, Jupiter square Pluto exact on Wed, Mars entering Leo and opposing Pluto on Saturday, sun sextile Mars on Sun, and Mars square Jupiter the following Mon. That’s a Mars, Jupiter, Pluto T-square a very powerful alignment indicating struggle and transformation in the areas of the judiciary, the economy, politics, and with Pluto now retrograde we may see more cultural backsliding. As Blaise Pascal wrote: “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”

The ugliness of war, whether in politics or Ukraine, will be reminiscent of Pluto in Capricorn, which is where we are headed again June 11. The bitter divides politicians manipulate will be front and center as the courts (Jupiter) and male aggressiveness (Mars) amplify and energize the challenges of Pluto. Pluto is slow inevitable change. Only when we resist that change, only when we fight its current, do we invite the Pluto crisis, or rather the kind of crisis Pluto can indicate. Note that the US Pluto return is ongoing this year and most of 2024. Read about it here. As Bell Hooks wrote: “These days I wonder more and more why people are pessimistic when American history actually supports optimism.”

This week’s surge of Mars energy is opposed to Pluto, meaning the more Mars tries to force a way the more likely the opposite effect will be achieved. It promises to be a wild few weeks on our way to June 11. Take time to do things that help you feel tranquil, even if only for a moment or two. Lavish more time on loved ones two or four legged, winged or finned. Look for ways to express Mars energy that are constructive. As Walt Whitman wrote: “Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.”

Stay away from road rage, fights over trifles, anger that turns violent, irritability provoked by the news. There’s a lot of pent up male energy due to the pandemic and it’s likely that some of it will be expressed in unhealthy and harmful ways. On the other hand, this T-square can indicate tremendous opportunities and the power to make them work, actions taken that lead to new levels of success, truly effective efforts toward a greater good. That greater good can begin in our own households. As Carlos Andrés Gómez wrote: “I am tired of men hurting women and each other and themselves.”

Consider this a great opportunity to examine Mars in your life. Should you be angry? Are you angry about the wrong things? Are you angry over violated boundaries, betrayal or lies, or is your anger esoteric, political, or otherwise abstract and possibly repressed? If so dig down into what you are really angry about it. The same holds true for libido and ambition.

Sun May 14 Mother’s Day brings us all the gift of Mercury stationary direct and some nice supportive lunar aspects from morning to evening. All this Mars could rain on mom’s parade. With Jupiter square Pluto it’s best to avoid political discussion at the dinner table, though Mars may not be able to resist.

Mon May 15 Mars trine Neptune is exact. Mars indicates our powers of libido, anger and ambition. As history proves these three drives can cause a world of trouble when they are allowed to run amok. With this trine Neptune offers compassion, imagination and inspiration to the Mars areas of life. Charitable actions are favored. Selfless actions are favored in sports. But it can also indicate propaganda working up the males, another reason to avoid political discussion on Mother’s Day. Men are feeling inspired, some for the wrong reasons.

Tue May 16 Jupiter leaves Aries for Taurus at 10:20 AM which at least brings the Mars energy down a notch since Mars rules Aries. Jupiter in Taurus is usually good for the economy, and could be once it clears this square to Pluto. But at the moment we are in the equivalent of fire danger weather when it comes to the economy, politics, the courts, and war. Nevertheless Taureans should be seeing opportunities for success, though other factors ongoing may minimize the sense of accomplishment.

Wed May 17 Jupiter square Pluto is exact, an aspect that can indicate arrogance in people and institutions, the tendency to overdo it, but also the necessity of examining our ideas about success, especially in the light of the greater good of our loved ones and community. These may not be easy decisions, there may be no wrong choice, but they require a willingness to let go of old definitions.

Thu May 18 sun sextile Neptune is exact followed by Mercury sextile Saturn indicating a good day for inspiration in the morning and editing in the afternoon. Be sensitive to what’s going on around you and communicate cautiously for best results.

Fri May 19 the new moon in late Taurus arrives at 11:53 AM. MLK Jr.’s quote is appropriate for this week’s aspects: “Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”

Sat May 20 Mars enters Leo in the morning then exactly opposes Pluto in the evening. The opposition has gained strength daily since May 13 and will linger until June 1. It can indicate breakdowns, the need to reform, repair or replace. Something overwhelming in your life my suggest you pay attention and take action to make some changes. Pluto indicates a long slow process that can become acute, especially with a Mars, Jupiter, Pluto T-square. There can be a tendency to get fed up with the demands of time and necessity, and militant about the need for freedom and joy. The key is to find time for both.

Sun May 21 the sun leaves Taurus and enters Gemini at 12:09 AM. Communications, short trips, information gathering, gossip, collecting delightful trifles, comparing ideas are among the favored activities. Sun trine Pluto is exact in the morning and sun sextile Mars in the late evening. With the sun in harmonious aspect to the Mars Pluto opposition this weekend, especially today, but also the next few days, could bring an important opportunity for finding constructive balance. Be optimistic about finding solutions.

Mon May 22 Mars square Jupiter is exact, another aspect that can indicate over-doing it, over-optimism, propaganda, the kind of people who get their way by force with a smile on their faces. It’s likely there will be more events that leave mamy us feeling angry at the courts and at politicians. But optimism is better, if we support it with willpower and the kind of challenging step by step progress T-squares generally require. Take a look at the Mars areas of your life. Optimism, sensitivity to a greater good, imagination and inspiration, and courage can improve your well being. Give encouragement to someone you care about. Give energy to the good and to good people.



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