All Times Pacific: Astrology Report May 22-May 30

Friends, we have before us a busy week of astrological aspects, and then two quiet weeks with mostly lunar aspects. Yesterday’s sun conjunct Mercury indicates the first part of this week is good for writing, editing, communication, and all mercurial activities.

Today May 22 the dark of the moon began late this morning, better for finishing than starting. Get some rest, stop and assess, clear the way for the new moon cycle beginning in seven days. Also today, mid-afternoon, Mars sextile Pluto is exact. Energy is available in the areas of ambition, libido, but also anger. Perhaps these areas need reflection or reform in some way? With Saturn stationary retrograde June 4 this is not a great time for trying to force your way forward. Be aware of the needs of others and adjust where you can for the greater good. Anger can easily become violent with this aspect. But Pluto can also indicate healing and tranquility. Cultivate the positive side of Pluto for best results. Also today, in the early evening, Mercury enters Taurus, a less outgoing placement than Gemini, more interested in comfort and security, but capable of great stubbornness. Try to see both sides of any issue. As Aesop understood so many centuries ago, but most of us have still not learned: “Every truth has two sides; it is good to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.”

Mon May 23 sun sextile Jupiter is exact before dawn. An optimistic aspect, but not especially strong. Beware of over-optimism, but a good opportunity to let go of pessimism. Also Monday, Mercury sextile Mars is exact. These sociable aspects are intensified by how cooped up we’ve all been, and how chaotic the world is. Avoid being in a rush to have a good time. Don’t jump fully into the struggle to realize your ambitions. Sharp words, sarcasm, criticism can make this aspect unnecessarily combative. A good time for writing and communicating. Avoid unnecessary risks. What Husserl said of philosophers is true of so many people today in the world of Social Media: “Philosophers, as things now stand, are all too fond of offering criticism from on high instead of studying and understanding things from within.”

Tue May 24 Venus sextile Saturn is exact before dawn. In relationships a good time to demonstrate loyalty, to allow for space, and to enjoy the humbler pleasures of love. Great for editing music, writing, art, and film. Saturn will be emphasized with the upcoming station so attention to detail, practice, study, mentors, can help improve the Venusian areas of our lives. Also Tue moon enters Aries mid-afternoon. Also Tue Mars enters Aries, beginning a new cycle around the zodiac. These fresh starts are not only energizing but can be aggressive, and irritable when frustrated. This quote by William James captures the predicament of navigating these energizing aspects while Saturn is getting stronger: “A little cooling down of animal excitability and instinct, a little loss of animal toughness, a little irritable weakness and descent of the pain-threshold, will bring the worm at the core of all our usual springs of delight into full view, and turn us into melancholy metaphysicians.”

Wed May 25 Mercury trine Pluto is a powerful aspect that can help us heal, reform, and transcend. Writers and other communicators can dig especially deep now. Research, intense conversations, cathartic art or romance can help us achieve greater well-being. A good time to clear out the cobwebs of living in a pandemic. But we are not over this yet. New variants have appeared as predicted. By continuing to be conscientious we can avoid harming self and others. Patience much better than recklessness, especially with Mercury retrograde and Saturn slowing down to turn stationary retrograde June 4.

Thu May 26 Venus square Pluto is exact, with moon square Pluto also exact in the evening, this can be a tough time for romance and for art. Power plays, abandoned creative projects, and other breakdowns in the area of Venus can occur. There can be a strong urge for transgressive experiences in love and creativity. Irritability can easily turn to damaging arguments so take care. Also, Venus is the planet of social pleasures, but Pluto is the pandemic. This aspect may indicate another surge. As you pursue your spiritual path consider these wise words written by Bell Hooks: “I am often struck by the dangerous narcissism fostered by spiritual rhetoric that pays so much attention to individual self-improvement and so little to the practice of love within the context of community.”

Fri May 27 only lunar aspects are exact.

Sat May 28 Venus enters Taurus in the early morning, the sign of its rulership, and a more comfortable placement than sometimes aggressive and fickle Aries. Comfort, luxury, gardens, music, romance, delicious foods are some of the themes Venus in Taurus is associated with. The urge to overdo may be strong with Mars conjunct Jupiter tomorrow. Try not to overdo spending, eating, intoxication, and don’t ignore risks in the name of having a good time, or from fear of missing out.

Sun May 29 Mars conjunct Jupiter is exact, this can be a fun aspect, but it can easily turn dangerous. Energized over-optimism can lead to aggression, fighting, and since Mars rules virulent diseases and Jupiter indicates expansion, if groups gather without attention to risk mitigation there will most likely be a further pandemic surge. The war in Ukraine may become more violent around this aspect. However, a good time to begin a gentle exercise program, or to carefully turn up your present routine. We do need to shake the doldrums of the pandemic off, but we must do so while remaining mindful of the fact that we are still in the pandemic.

Mon May 30, Memorial Day, the new moon in Gemini arrives before dawn. The urge to get out there and party will be very strong. Take care. With Saturn slowing down you may find that you have less energy and more pessimism. Our decisions individually and collectively will decide whether Saturn retrograde means a return to mandates and restrictions, or a demonstration of how self-discipline can help us avoid harm. Consider this wise insight by Aldous Huxley: “Man has an almost infinite capacity for taking things and people for granted and thereby missing out on the pleasure of being grateful that things aren’t worse and of praising and thereby lifting the spirits of others.”



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Ronnie Pontiac

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