All Times Pacific: Astrology Report Oct 2-Oct 10

Friends, this week provides a quiet entry to October’s numerous challenges which are also opportunities. The major themes for the month are Saturn and Pluto. Also Saturn square Uranus is now within one degree of exact so this might be considered the last of the series of squares that dominated 2021. They will dwell in the same degree for most of October. We could see more supply chain issues, more fractures between right and left, and we will find out what’s going on in pandemic world. Are we truly past the worst of it? October will tell.

Saturday’s Venus opposition Jupiter for some may mark the high point of optimism this month, although Saturn and Pluto are not exclusively malevolent. Saturn rewards good works. Pluto closes doors but also opens them. But when these two planets were conjunct at the beginning of 2020 we first began hearing of the pandemic. With Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn is all the stronger and feelings of futility, of fatality, and finality have been a characteristic of Pluto in Capricorn since the world economy collapsed in 2008, as Pluto began the journey through Capricorn. It’s easy to ignore, or to over do, the pleasures of Venus opposition Jupiter, given such a context. But Ficino recommended Jupiter as a cure for difficult Saturn aspects. It means learning how to find your moments. In fact, with grace and generosity, this can be a time when realignments can begin that make for a better world. Listen well to those who oppose you. Understand their position, whether that leads to negotiation or separation.

Today Mercury went stationary direct just after 2 AM. Opportunities to move forward may resume. It might be a good time to clarify communications, and to reach out to straighten out misunderstandings. But be careful, Saturn and Pluto are about endings. Both can cause us to cling for too long. They can inspire heavy handed moves. With Saturn currently opposing his natal Pluto this is a key time for Putin. The good qualities represented by these planets can help us make better lives for ourselves and others. Saturn represents dedication, simplification, patience, forbearance, caution, thoroughness, education, mentorship, meditation, fasting, and practice. Pluto indicates rebirth, healing, tranquility, social evolution, and transcendence. As Manly Hall said, “Moderation is the secret of survival.”

Mon Oct 3, Tue Oct 4, Wed Oct 5 only lunar aspects are exact. Wed Oct 5, I will be giving a lecture for the European School of Theosophy’s Historical Conference 2022 at 11 AM Pacific. The conference will be on zoom and I believe it will be live-streamed on YouTube, both free.

Thu Oct 6 Mercury trine Pluto is exact, a great aspect for research, negotiation, really getting into the depths of things, and a great time for creative work that requires precision. Talk it out. Write or sing. Find some words for the transformations you’ve been experiencing. Envision a better future for yourself and for the world. Perhaps find a place where you can lend a hand. As Virginia Woolf wrote in her diary, “These are the soul’s changes. I don’t believe in ageing. I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun. Hence my optimism.”

Fri Oct 7 sun opposition Chiron exact at about a quarter to 4 AM could make this week an important moment in the collective sense of public health. We could see a step in the wrong direction. The impact of floods not only in Florida but in Pakistan can amplify problems with pandemics and mosquitos. The trends will become clearer now. In our own lives this is a time to prioritize good health. Don’t get wound up by the simple frustrations of life. Signs of trouble should not be ignored with so many challenging aspects. Sometimes we can make adjustments that help us avoid further difficulties. The Chiron aspect indicates this is a good time for that.

Sat Oct 8 Pluto is stationary direct just before 3 PM, intensifying the Plutonic influence. Usually Pluto does not surprise us. We can see areas requiring reform, repair or release. If we ignore them for too long a crisis can occur. Pluto can make people cruel and destructive. It’s a tricky time with Russia’s nuclear threats. Ongoing protests that could become revolution may be crushed with this aspect, or they may evolve into more intense resistance. As Hemingway wrote, “Forget your personal tragedy.”

Sun Oct 9 just before 2 PM the full moon in Aries is exact and potentially a boost to warlike actions. We can be spontaneous, but with Pluto stationary rash actions and risk taking are probably not a good idea. Enjoy the feeling of a fresh start instead.

The following week has some strong inconjunctions, the nearest to exact days of Saturn square Uranus, followed by Saturn stationary direct Oct 22. Ways forward clarify. With these astrological events ongoing taking extra care of ourselves and our loved ones is a good idea. Experts in the UK have warned that new variants and less testing may lead to another fall surge. Caution is advisable while we wait to see what happens next. Each of us decides what we’re comfortable with but our individual choices do lead to collective fates. If we get through October without signs of a surge it may be that enough individuals have made good choices and our collective fate is about to improve in the area of the pandemic. Right on time for Pluto’s brief entry into Aquarius in Spring 2023. We may be breathing a sigh of relief then, or at least of anticipation of better days ahead.



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Ronnie Pontiac

Ronnie Pontiac

A place for my writing about spiritual mysteries, American Metaphysical Religion, astrology, and related subjects. As a kid I was mentored by Manly P. Hall.