All Times Pacific: Astrology Report Sep 11–19

Friends, we have before us another week of challenges for Venus, but Uranus helps lighten things up at the beginning and end of the week, although with Uranus lightening can be lightning. Today sun trine Uranus was exact around dawn. Perhaps you have had a glimpse of the future when Pluto enters Aquarius, a hopeful sign of better days? Recognize that you may need a little more freedom, choose wisely where you seek it.

Monday Sep 12 sun inconjunct Saturn is exact just after 9 AM. Exhaustion and pessimism can lead to sickness with this aspect. Be sure to get some rest. Eat well even if you don’t feel like it. The restrictions and hardships of the last fourteen years or so of Pluto in Capricorn grind on and can grind us down. Patience and practice, solitude and simplicity continue to be helpful themes in these last 7 1/2 months before Pluto enters Aquarius on the first day of Spring in 2023.

Tue, Wed and Thu, Sep 13–15, only lunar aspects are exact

Fri Sep 16 Venus square Mars is exact just before noon. Also sun opposition Neptune is exact. The first can be fun, creating the kind of friction between sexes that can lead to romance, but it can also lead to conflict. Can we bring the harmony of Venus to the aggression of Mars? This can be a productive aspect for creative people. In relationships keep in mind Robert Heinlein’s quote from Stranger in a Strange Land: “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” Sun opposing Neptune can indicate over-intoxication, exhaustion, confusion, delusion, but there is the potential for inspiration and natural acts of charity, perhaps anonymous. What you don’t want to do is get in a fight with your partner about a conspiracy theory. Decide to have fun or be creative instead.

Sat Sep 17 Venus inconjunct Chiron is exact. Also Mars sextile Chiron is exact. With the Chiron inconjunction Venus has the greater challenge, health is emphasized and do not ignore messages from your body. Females of all kinds in particular may feel that their efforts to achieve well being have been constantly thwarted, and for the most part they have been. Males will be more likely to find healing through exercise, libido, or ambition. With Venus still squaring Mars it’s a potentially volatile bit of weather for relationships but healing can happen if we are attentive.

Love can hurt most during times like these when everyone learns to fear loss. Cherishing is sharpened by knowledge of impermanence. Those who pretend they do not feel this go to extremes to avoid it. This awareness of the fleeting and therefore even more profound beauty of the moment we occupy while time streams by us is called mono no aware in Japanese. It is a profound source of art and enlightenment, of compassion, of tranquility, and of elegance.

Next Sunday Sep 18 Venus opposition Jupiter is exact mid-afternoon. Also Sun trine Pluto is exact just before 9 PM. Venus opposition Jupiter can be fun but there are pitfalls including over-indulgence, false optimism, mistaken love, delusions that are too good to be true, and impulsive pleasures that wind up costing much more than they’re worth. Have fun, be a little optimistic, do something enjoyable, but be mindful. Sun trine Pluto can indicate opportunities for deep insights, research, and even healing in physical and emotional areas. These two aspects together could provide a transformative moment in relationships where a higher level of harmony is ready to be achieved.

Mon Sep 19 Venus trine Uranus is exact in the late evening, but with Venus inconjunct Saturn the next day, this usually fun and even liberating aspect can run into trouble. Oscar Wilde’s advice may be appropriate: “Never love anyone who treats you like you’re ordinary.” Venus may give us a look at both sides of Saturn square Uranus which is gaining strength as it becomes almost exact in October. Saturn square Uranus dominated 2021 with mandate reversals, supply chain disruptions, energy shortages, and the cage fight between left and right with the extremists in both parties grabbing headlines. Let’s see how we do this time, at least it won’t last as long.

We’ve also got Pluto and Saturn stationing in October. It does seem that Pluto in Capricorn will have a grand finale before surrendering the Pluto scepter to Aquarius. They will do a little dance as Pluto heads back into Capricorn but the unbroken domination of this Saturn and Pluto combo, which arrived in 2008 with a worldwide economic crash, and which featured Saturn conjunct Pluto as the pandemic began, will end in Spring of 2023. Caution is advisable at least until then. Despite all this, can we still love life? As Paulo Coelho wrote in The Alchemist, “So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”

We are sensitive to the overwhelming emotions of collectives. The current weather is for most of us the worst emotional climate we have seen in our lifetimes. If you’re reading this you probably have tools and knowledge for managing your psychic space. Most people don’t. Apocalyptic dreams, free floating anxiety, insistent depression are sane reactions to unprecedented challenges. But look at how much of who and what we love is still with us. The smiles, the voices of those close to our hearts. The world of nature just outside the door where birds sing as they did thousands of years ago, and the roses continue to bloom. Be the hero of your own game and choose to live your own life instead of wasting it in reaction to bad news. Find your cause and pitch in. As Coelho wrote: “When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”



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Ronnie Pontiac

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