All Times Pacific: Astrology Report Sun May 29-June 5

Ronnie Pontiac
6 min readMay 29, 2022
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Friends, we have a relatively quiet week of astrological aspects ahead but we do have two key events as Mercury goes direct and Saturn goes retrograde. So let’s begin by talking a little about Saturn, an especially important planet with Pluto in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. You may have been feeling an increasing sense of pressure, of limitations, of exhaustion, perhaps, pessimism, fears of scarcity, fear of time, fear of the future, and even loss of friends, and especially of mentors. Fear of death, the ultimate Saturn Pluto combo plate, afflicts even children, who have lived in fear of COVID and now suffer anxiety attacks for fear that they will be shot in school. Even this tragedy only amplifies the division in America, failing to unite us for even a moment.

Pluto in Capricorn began in 2008. The bull market that had flourished during Pluto in Sagittarius’s endless optimism and irrational belief in unlimited growth quickly came crashing down. A new generation was born that year, the oldest are turning 14 this year. Consider the madness of the world they have experienced all their lives. The constant fear, always going a step further before people can catch their breath. They will be well equipped to deal with the emergencies we are leaving them, and they may not have a strong sense of loyalty to preceding generations who wasted six decades at least on everything except avoiding these problems. That is not to say that there has been no progress. Or that boomers, for example, who had to practice getting under their desks while air raid sirens whined outside weren’t psychologically scarred.

As I’ve been pointing out we are now in the last year of Pluto in Capricorn. We have checked all the boxes of that placement and we will probably continue to see accelerating challenges as Saturn often saves the biggest kick in the pants for last. So far we have seen a worldwide financial collapse, constant mass murders and school shootings, hostile political division, old men attempting to impose the order they have always served, manipulation by bots, overt fascism, authoritarian movements, great institutions weakened or ended, huge debt, scarcity, supply chain problems, a war of mass destruction, a pandemic or two or three, a backsliding of government into old habits many thought we had got beyond, forcing limitations and bans on the citizenry, lethal force and racism problems in police departments, food, shelter and energy dearly expensive, and a general atmosphere of anxious judgemental criticism, pessimism, frozen apprehension, and the sense of endings, exasperated by Neptune in Pisces, bringing the melancholic urge to look back regretfully.

In our lives we can work hard to get the best out of Saturn. Discipline, patience, practice, quiet, solitude, simplicity, rest, solid good habits, learning, mentorship, knowing when to stop, letting go in this world of impermanence, are some of the ways we can help heal ourselves and others. Pluto in Capricorn on the individual level can indicate illnesses caused by long standing self-neglect or toxic criticism of self and others. It can indicate problems with the back, and other similar muscle and skeleton issues, which seem to be in the feed more than usual. They say such problems relate to feeling that we lack support, and certainly in the isolation the pandemic created, and in the flood of horrifying and exasperating events, unable to offer honest reassurance to children, people are suffering all sorts of ailments. Be sure to feel your feelings. And do what you can where you are with what you have. Be that island of stability, that source of light, in the lives of your loved ones, and your neighbors. Don’t give in to despair or anger. Seek the beautiful. Praise the good. Uplift the true.

Today Mars conjunct Jupiter is exact. An exuberant but potentially arrogant aspect, it indicates the kind of optimism that can take action in the face of danger. But it can also indicate violence as men in particular, but all of us, are more likely to lash out with this aspect. It’s been in play since May 20 and will be with us until June 8. With Saturn almost stationary this is not a good time to take risks. The key is to act mindfully. Can we find reasons for optimism despite the news? Can we take actions that bring good news to others? The danger here is talking ourselves or others into impossible scenarios which Saturn is all too happy to level. Here is yet another opportunity to practice balance.

Monday, May 30 the new moon in Gemini arrives before dawn, a talkative, social placement, favoring neighbors, gossip, and short trips. As has been the story for over two years the majority of those who play the odds will avoid worst case scenarios, but this is a chance to practice patience and mindfulness. Knowing our own transits can help us choose an appropriate level of risk. For example, if Saturn is on your sun and Pluto is squaring your chart ruler or in your first house you will want to be very cautious indeed. However taking precautions, thinking situations through, viewing ourselves and our world with greater clarity, we can improve the odds and develop useful skills that will serve us well.

Tue May 31, Wed Jun 1, Thu June 2 only lunar aspects are exact. Good days for rest, reflection, and finishing up. Things are only going to get more exasperating as we approach the midterm election in fall. Find a rhythm that will help you make steady progress. We’re entering a time when idols will fall and many comforting and familiar realities will fade into memory. We’ve been experiencing this for some time now.

Fri Jun 3 Mercury is stationary direct at 1 AM. Take your time getting back to normal, but the astrological weather has changed, and if we can adjust for Saturn, we can take first steps toward getting started on new projects. A good time for deep conversations, for setting boundaries, for practicing, learning, and simplifying. Take it easy. Try not to get caught up in the news. If you do is there something you can do to help? For example, the tragic story of the family that lost their mother in the Texas shooting and then their broken hearted father inspired people to donate as of now 2.6 million dollars to the family. Is there something you can do to help someone? Even a kind word is especially important these days.

Sat Jun 4 Saturn is stationary retrograde at 2:47 AM. Saturn brings endings. Saturn retrograde means going back over ground already covered. There could be more areas that will see the return of restrictions related to rising COVID numbers. Saturn can be pessimistic. Exhaustion, feelings of futility, can make us feel weaker than we really are. The first thing to do is stop. Learn. Find a mentor. Meditate. Instead of fretting take practical action. What can we learn from our difficulties? If we’re working on something requiring detailed attention Saturn can be our friend. But pace yourself.

Sun Jun 5 only lunar aspects are exact. To demonstrate that humanity has been here before here is a quote from Nostradamus that describes the kind of recurring crisis history has seen many times. “The inflated imitations of gold and silver, which after the rapture are thrown into the fire, all is exhausted and dissipated by the debt. All scrips and bonds are wiped out. At the fourth pillar dedicated to Saturn, split by earthquake and flood: vexing everyone, an urn of gold is found and then restored.” Long before Nostradamus when Rome was suffering its first Pluto return there was plague, financial disaster, broken down supply chains, wars, social chaos, a weather change that ruined crops causing famine, and that sense of imminent doom. But Rome lived on until it’s second Pluto return.

One year to go. March 23, 2023 as Spring begins Pluto will enter Aquarius. It will tiptoe back into Capricorn. Then back into Aquarius. Then back into Capricorn until Nov 19, 2024 when it will spend over a decade in Aquarius. Of course, the problems that afflict us will not magically disappear, but we will begin to get glimpses of better times ahead, of a world that has come to grips with its problems in significant ways, of an America that has integrated parts of its shadow, liberating new vision and energy.



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