Astrologically Speaking Dec 12–20

Photo by Tamra Lucid.

Friends, we have before us a week of astrology dominated by an unusually long Venus Pluto conjunction and the approaching exact Saturn square Uranus. Venus Pluto could indicate further spread or mutation where the pandemic is concerned, with this aspect it’s wise to practice mindful precautions. Venus conjunct Pluto with Saturn square Uranus could indicate more restrictions and supply disruptions as the pandemic continues to cause damage all over the world.

Today and the beginning of this week are energized by yesterday’s aspects which included Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury sextile Jupiter, and sun square Neptune. The first can lead to intense and even transformative encounters in art, romance, and all matters related to Venus. The second can indicate opportunities for success, but over-optimism and over-indulgence can be a problem, especially with the third, a confusing square that at best can indicate a time of inspiration and strong imagination, of charity and compassion, but also of delusion, escapism and exhaustion. As you can see it’s a strange astrological cocktail. Some will be drawn to over-emphasizing one aspect above the others. Some will bounce between them reacting to circumstances. The key is giving each its appropriate space. It’s an especially good time for writing and other creative work.

Monday Dec 13, almost two hours after midnight (all times Pacific), Mars leaves the murky intensity of Scorpio for the often arrogant optimism of Sagittarius. Introverted libidos may become more sociable but don’t push too hard, that Sagittarian false optimism could lead to trouble with the exact Saturn Uranus square so close. Playwright Arthur Miller could have been describing Saturn square Uranus when he wrote: “An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted.”

Also Monday about ten minutes before 10 AM Mercury leaves the cheerful exaggeration of Sagittarius for the hard facts of Capricorn. Like a herald preceding a king, Mercury crosses the point where the sun will indicate the arrival of winter in eighteen days. On the negative side this can lead to pessimism and encounters with hard facts, especially for those who have been neglecting responsibilities. On the positive side Mercury in Capricorn is great for editing, and for writers and others with mercurial callings. Discipline and hard work will be rewarded. Good for mentorship, for organizing, and for simplifying. Practice, dedication, and the other Saturnine virtues can help you climb whichever ladder leads to your better life.

Tuesday Dec 14-Dec 17 the only exact aspects are lunar. Lunar aspects can be quite powerful but they pass quickly. Congratulations to our photographer Tamra Lucid whose paperback will become available today, although I heard about a copy being bought at Skylights bookstore in Los Angeles yesterday. You can hear Tamra talking about how we met and our friendship with Manly Hall on End of the Road Podcast 206.

Saturday Dec 18 Mercury square Chiron suggests news about the pandemic, we’re due for more information about the Omicron variant. An early report from research in Israel is that Pfizer vaccine is 4x less effective against Omicron. That’s hardly good news, but so far it looks like worst case scenarios have not played out, and we can hope that the most fearful times are behind us. But with Saturn square Uranus almost exact, and still a strong presence next year, the likely future involves a seesaw of good and bad news. When does real liberation arrive? When Pluto dips its toe into the waters of Aquarius in late spring and early summer 2023? Possibly when Neptune enters Aries in 2025? In the big picture we are nearing the end of the two longest planetary placements. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. By the way, the kids born between then and 2023 are not going to be sentimental or particularly gentle about what needs to be done, whatever that might be. I’m just suggesting that we all look out for the kids more, help them, give them wisdom, and above all love them. No one more loyal than a Capricorn, but no one colder when the contract has been broken. Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011. The last time Neptune was in Aries a little something called the Civil War happened. You can see how important the presidential election of 2024 will be. Take a look at your 2008 and your 2011. That is when the cycles began that will close in the next few years.

Also Saturday the full moon in Gemini arrives, a talkative and sociable placement but continue to take precautions. With Saturn square Uranus the pattern of routine interrupted by unexpected and dire consequences continues to blight many lives. Let’s learn about how Saturn, that is habit and privacy, can protect us, but also how new technology and liberating realizations can lift us out of ruts. We are only days away from 2022. What year does your mind dwell in?

Next Sunday Dec 19 Venus is stationary retrograde at 2:36 AM. creating an unusually long lasting Venus conjunct Pluto aspect. For Taureans and Librans in particular, and anyone with strong placements in those signs, this is a transformative time. Don’t shrink from challenges. Face those fears. Dive deep into sexuality and romance. Liberate yourself from the doldrums. There is a strange attraction repulsion dynamic with Venus Pluto aspects. Consider experimenting with a practice described by the Shao’lin saying “Something that you desire, push it away. Something that you do not desire, draw it towards you.”

Also Sunday Sun sextile Jupiter is exact, an optimistic aspect that can indicate opportunities for success, or simply for joy. Can you find joy in the small things? The sound of a loved one peeling carrots in the kitchen can be sweeter than any music if you are really paying attention. It’s important to cherish these moments. They are refreshing to body and soul.

Monday Dec 20 Mercury trine Uranus is exact, a great time for creative work, especially writing, programming, and film making. On Tuesday the sun enters Capricorn and winter begins. We are almost at the moment of the exact Saturn Uranus square, the third of three this year, a good time to ask are you trying too hard or not trying hard enough? On the wrong end of this square we find people who can see things can’t continue as they are but they are so afraid of change that the change is forced on them by crisis. But as with all squares if we take the time to climb the steps, if we put in effort, and we’re willing to learn, we can create more solid foundations for ourselves. Good habits of thought and action that we can rely on as we face the challenges of life. We can embrace change, eager to understand what has now been made possible. In this pandemic world, the ruin of the world we knew, the world we will know soon begins to reveal itself. The hopes and fears will be greater than we know. But a millennium lasts a thousand years. Think of the difference between 1000 AD and 2000. In 1000 AD all the biggest cities in the world were in the east, from Arabia to China. The Chinese are said to have invented toothpaste that year. The longbow was invented in Wales. In 1051 the invention of movable type would eventually lead to unimaginable changes in the world. But printing ink, and water pipes, were four hundred years away. That was the beginning of the millennium we have just exited. So by all means let us savor the accomplishments of that wondrous age that was the second millennium, but less also eagerly seek out the earliest wonders of the newly born era. Contemplate the Buddhist saying: “Do not dwell in the past, do not anticipate the future, concentrate the mind on the present. If anything is worth doing, do it with all your heart. On life’s journey faith nourishes us, virtuous deeds shelter us, wisdom is our light during the day, and right mindfulness our protection at night.”



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