Astrology Report Aug 1- Aug 9

Ronnie Pontiac
6 min readAug 1, 2021


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Friends, Saturn dominates the beginning of this week with Friday’s Venus inconjunct Saturn still in effect, and Mercury and sun oppositions to Saturn today. The middle of the week is relatively quiet, astrologically speaking. We continue summer’s celestial roller coaster of challenging aspects balanced by the supportive.

Today Aug 1 sun conjunct Mercury was exact. With this and strong Saturn for writers and creative people this is a good weekend for editing, learning, practicing, consulting with mentors. Communications can contain a little more ego than usual.

Also today mid-morning Venus inconjunct Chiron was exact. Chiron and inconjunctions in general both can indicate difficulties in the area of health, with Venus involved the cause could be socializing, partying, music, art, etc. This aspect suggests that the pandemic gains traction this weekend. In our own lives taking precautions and avoiding over-indulgence can help us avoid harm.

Also today Mercury opposition Saturn is exact this afternoon. Sun opposition Saturn is exact just after 11 PM tonight. Restrictions and mandates are popping up all over, but not as quickly as the cases they’re reacting to. Society turned to the Uranus side of the ongoing Saturn Uranus square, embracing liberation from restrictions with gusto. But here we are swinging back toward Saturn. In our own lives it’s a good time to get extra rest. To get organized. To strengthen well-being with intelligent application of patience, simplicity, and limitations. Depression, feelings of futility, dwelling on the past are not uncommon with these aspects, not to mention worry about the future. Focus on the present. Remember what founding father John Quincy Adams wrote, “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”

Monday Aug 2 Mercury conjunct Chiron is exact in the evening, which bodes well for all this Saturn influence. It may be that enough self-restraint and caution has been shown that worse case scenarios may be avoided. Perhaps there’s a bit of good news. In our own lives we can focus on understanding how to sustain health. We can do research, meditate, have an enlightening conversation about healing.

Also Monday just before midnight Venus trine Uranus is exact, usually a fun aspect, involving sudden romances, and brilliant moments in art, music and all forms of creativity. It’s a time when enjoying art or making it can bring liberating insights. Given our current predicament its propensity for wanderlust may not be the best thing. But wanderlust may be given into with the proper precautions. Just don’t pretend like everything’s okay out there. Most people who do so may get away with it without drastic consequences, but why take unnecessary risks?

Tuesday Aug 3 Mercury square Uranus is exact just before 9 PM. This can be a nervous time, sometimes accident prone, so stay alert as you commute. Watch out for sudden moves. In conversations disruptive revelations may appear. But it can also be a time when we realize something that helps us update how we do things. Be patient, as its easy to get frustrated, and to get into arguments, with this urgent feeling aspect.

Wed Aug 4 sun trine Chiron is exact suggesting there may be some good news this week. This may sound glib, but the more people who get vaccinated, and the more people who get sick, the closer humanity comes to herd immunity. The situation is far from optimal, and the danger of mutations, which are not limited to our continent, remains a suspense we would all like to be without. But we can use this opportunity to learn from suspense. We can learn to appreciate and cherish the simple things. Perhaps we are in a quiet moment. In our immediate world, for now, all is well. It’s important to dwell on these wholesome moments, instead of enervating ourselves with concerns about the future.

Friday Aug 6 sun square Uranus is exact, another sometimes accident prone aspect that requires caution. Haste brings out the worst of it. Perhaps you will have a chance to do something different today. There may be a surprise that is disruptive yet liberating. Bring new tech or an ingenious perspective to your daily life.

Saturday Aug 7 Mercury inconjunct Neptune is exact. This inconjunction could indicate spread, especially involving people who are intoxicated. Beaches could be a bad place to be, especially in states where the pandemic is surging. If you go out take precautions. In our own lives this aspect can indicate nostalgia, intoxication, fantasy intruding on the mind. Explore art. Read something mystical. Write down an interesting dream.

Next Sunday morning July 8 just before 7 AM the new moon in Leo arrives bringing the fresh energy of summer and a sunnier atmosphere to the following week.

Monday Aug 9 Mercury inconjunct Pluto is exact, with Mercury inconjunct Neptune, and Venus opposing Neptune later the same day, this is a worrying moment when it comes to the pandemic. This could indicate bad news. For example, a worse than expected surge that causes Venus related businesses such as bars, restaurants and beauty parlors to close in hot spots, or at least discussion of such. All these aspects make this a weekend when it’s wise to avoid over-intoxication.

Monday evening Venus opposition Neptune is exact, perhaps indicating a longing for good times, and for intoxication, but again not a good time for taking risks. Many may not suffer for their impatience but if too many embrace chaos we may see a further return to lock downs and perhaps even shortages. But this is a wonderful aspect for making art or music, and creativity of any kind. Romance can be quite dreamy but be careful not too allow over-intoxication to ruin the joy.

As the difficult dance of Saturn square Uranus continues, Uranus is about to take center stage, slowing down to stationary retrograde Aug 19. Uranus retrograde may indicate that the trend toward freedom and arriving at the future may now reverse. Again, it depends on how we handle this challenge, collectively and individually.

2022 will see a continuation of this Saturn Uranus square though it won’t be exact again, but almost in October just before the midterm election. The great American divide will be raging as politics takes center stage. But there is also a Jupiter conjunct Neptune next year. This can indicate one of those new age style eruptions of interest in spirituality. Grandiose works of the imagination, but also here and there creations of genius. But at the low end of the spectrum Jupiter could indicate enormous tidal waves of propaganda, and even worse the magnification of Neptune‘s rulership of pandemics.

Millions if not billions understand the bad example of the Spanish Flu. We’re all waiting to see how the dice roll. For some this may be motivation to grab some fun while it’s still there to be had, but ironically doing so en masse increases the risk. The suspense continues, but we can use it to our advantage. Stay focused. Navigate wisely. Enjoy this golden opportunity for learning patience and cultivating tranquility. Let the heightened perception of these nervous times help you recognize what really matters to you and what does not.

Meanwhile, let us keep a hopeful eye to the future, for this too shall pass. At the end of The Secret Key to the Heart Sutra, Kukai the founder of Shingon Buddhism, also known as Kōbō-Daishi, wrote: “Manjushri and Prajna can dissolve confusion, drench those who have lost the way with sweet nectar, cut off ignorance, and destroy a host of demons. It is the year 818 and a great epidemic is sweeping the country. The Emperor personally copied the Heart Sutra with a brush dipped in gold ink. Following the pattern of other commentaries, I have composed a work on the main points of the sutra, and even before I uttered the words marking the end of this task, people who recovered from their illness were standing about the roadways. Night had turned into the brilliant light of day.”



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