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Ronnie Pontiac
5 min readFeb 21, 2021


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Friends, we have before us a quiet week in that there are very few significant aspects. Saturn square Uranus continues to be strong and will be with us all this year. The first of three exact squares was Feb 17 so this square is still quite strong. Saturn is in Aquarius and Uranus rules Aquarius. The electricity crisis in Texas and elsewhere is right on schedule. As was said last week modernization will happen because it has to. Those who put their own wealth and power above the general good will reap harsh consequences, but unfortunately so will many innocent people. In our own lives it’s very important that we identify what to let go and where to encourage fresh beginnings. Embrace the future, so as to avoid being forced into it. Balance the Saturn virtues of study, patience, practice, discipline, simplification, pragmatism with the virtues of Uranus, wisdom, resilience, presence in the moment, manifestation of a brighter future, sky like mind.

You may have noticed in your feed that there seems to be an uptick in departures from planet Earth of humans and also of familiars of all species. Saturn square Uranus is a hard border. For many what they have loved about the world is gone. There’s not much hope for the future. One could say that they learned what they were here to learn and the changes in the classroom, and in themselves, they find disconcerting. That is not the only explanation for this uptick, of course, we’re still in a pandemic, and the stress of daily life is much higher than most people are accustomed to.

Sun Tzu wrote, “Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory.” The pandemic, the political division, the infrastructure emergencies, climate disasters, these provide the necessary ingredients for human beings to face up to facts and rise to the occasion. The biggest changes looming are not going to be the result of politics, or anything we see on our feed. The change is happening in laboratories where scientific breakthroughs are forming. New tech is being designed. Genius will address our problems all over the world. We’re not going to get back the world we had. We’re going to get a better one. But the process will not be without suffering, especially for those who try to cling to the old ways of doing things.

Here are some suggested activities to help you navigate with greater ease. Cheer up a friend. Find a way to give unexpected kindness. Discover something that makes you feel eager with anticipation for the future. Do something that makes you feel really proud of yourself. Help someone else do the same. Take a moment to appreciate what you have. Do you have electricity? Heat? Birds singing? Is the sun shining outside? Are you with someone you love? Cherish every opportunity to commune and to create.

Manly Hall told me that everyone who uses marijuana, psychedelics, etc, opens their psychic centers. Since almost everyone has experience with these inebriates and entheogens we have millions if not billions of people on our planet who are much more psychic than they are trained to handle. During crisis there is always a tendency for human beings to be swept away by mass emotions. In a world of multiple crises, and open psychic centers, it’s easy for individuals to resonate to anxiety, depression, melancholy, futility, apprehension, malaise. Mr. Hall advised relaxing away from that predicament by doing something grounding. Eat a good meal. Go outside for a walk. Watch a funny movie. Meditate on tranquility.

The other dominant aspect of this week is Mars trine Pluto which is exact Wednesday Feb 23. You may recall the six month purgatory of Mars squares that ended 2020 and started 2021 with hostile and repulsive displays of disunity in the midst of crisis. This Mars trine to Pluto signals an entry into a new more harmonious relationship between Mars and Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. Saturn square Uranus guarantees further disruptions and continued conflict between the conservative and progressive extremes. But there won’t be nearly the edge on it. Mars trine Pluto favors action taken for social reform, exploration of the occult. Ambition and libido are amplified, and even with a trine, if repressed, the result can be anger and even violence. Confidence and courage can help us achieve real improvements in our lives.

Thursday Feb 24 the sun enters Pisces at 5:11 AM Pacific. We’re only a month away from Spring. A good time for finishing things up as we look forward to the sun entering Aries March 20. With Venus entering Pisces next week this could be a pleasant few weeks for those with Pisces suns or other significant placements. Go with the flow.

Also Thursday sun sextile Uranus is exact, a potentially liberating aspect. If you experience disruptions or other unexpected troubles it may be a message about modernizing, updating, making necessary changes. New tech may bring greater freedom to your life. Do something different. With the sun aspecting Uranus it’s time to work with the Uranus side of Saturn square Uranus. Put your research and imagination to work discovering reasons to fall in love with the future.

Saturday Feb 27 the moon is full in Virgo. Don’t get too picky. Stop worrying. Relax away from perfectionism and compulsive criticism. Get organized instead.

The following week is even quieter, astrologically speaking, with only two exact aspects. Both are positive and pleasant. Love, creativity and optimism are in the air, believe it or not.

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