Astrology Report July 11–18

Friends, we have before us a week that brings issues around health and well being to the forefront. With twelve inconjunctions (including lunar) we may be struggling with the feeling that different areas of our lives are demanding attention in ways that leave us feeling confused and frustrated. It’s difficult to smoothly adjust so that both sides get what they need. The stress this causes, and the resulting bad habits that exasperate unhealthy imbalances, could create some sort of crisis this week. This may be an important week where the pandemic is concerned. The dice are still rolling as to whether or not there may be a mutation ahead that like the Spanish Flu causes even greater destruction than the onset. As always the choices we make individually and collectively will determine where on the spectrum the aspect expresses itself. Remember even bad aspects can have good influence and good ones can lead to bad consequences when taken to an extreme.

Today at 1:30 PM (all times Pacific) Mercury enters Cancer, a good placement for creative imagination, usually thoughts turn to family, home, but also the delights of holidays by water. For some this can be a time of over-sensitivity. Ask questions before jumping to conclusions and express yourself with a bit more grace than usual for best results. As Jane Austen wrote: “Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”

Monday July 12 Mercury trine Jupiter is exact, an optimistic aspect that can indicate good opportunities, success, or just a fun trip, or a joyful conversation. The danger comes from over-optimism, over-indulging or over doing it. Praise someone deserving. Well-placed compliments can do a lot of good with this aspect.

Tue July 13 Venus conjunct Mars is exact, usually a time of maximum interest in the union of the genders, the important thing is to make room for the aggression and force of Mars but also the grace and beauty of Venus. An excellent time for creative work, especially music, sculpture or other art forms that involve the balance between hard work with sharp instruments and a sense of harmony and devotion to love.

Thursday July 15 sun trine Neptune is exact, another good aspect for work involving the imagination, and also good for enjoying time by water. There could be a dreamy feeling in the air but two inconjunctions today may bring down the good vibes.

Also Thur Mars inconjunct Pluto begins, it will become stronger until exact on July 22. This is a risky one when it comes to the pandemic, indicating possible mutation of a deadlier version, or perhaps just a surge in the spread of the Delta variant. This aspect can also indicate sudden violence caused by frustration, or by someone trying to force their way forward when the timing is far from right. Be cautious and avoid the potential for harm. Remember what Malcolm X said: “When ‘I’ replaced with ‘We’ even illness becomes wellness.”

Also Thur Venus inconjunct Neptune is exact, unfortunately it could indicate that the good times of romance, art, music, and amorous socializing in general could contribute to the spread. This aspect can also indicate missteps in romance and creativity caused by intoxication or other forms of escapism. Take it easy with the Neptune side of this aspect. Be patient about confusion in relationships.

Saturday July 17 sun opposition Pluto is exact, often indicating power struggles, obsession, suspicion, envy, anger, breakdowns, but also healing and tranquility if you can find the balance between ego and necessity. Not a good time to take risks as consequences can be unexpectedly harsh for some. Don’t let frustration cause you to overreact.

Next Sunday July 18 could be ground zero for whatever unfolds next not only regarding the pandemic but also the health of each of us as individuals. Venus inconjunct Pluto is exact suggesting potentially dangerous consequences for pleasures such as romance and enjoyment of the arts. You want to be a little extra cautious out there next weekend and into the beginning of the following week. In art and romance it may be hard to find a way to include both the beauties and pleasures of Venus and the necessities, snafus and need for healing of Pluto. Cultivate tranquility.

Also Sunday Mercury inconjunct Saturn is exact, suggesting mental exhaustion, depressing details, confusion caused by old patterns of behavior. Don’t be critical of self and others. Communicate.

Also Sunday Mars inconjunct Neptune is exact. Mars Neptune aspects can indicate pandemics, and this inconjunction could mean more trouble, especially with Mercury square Chiron the next day. Squares to Chiron suggest health-related crises that can lead to healing. Don’t let frustration, or trying to do too many things at once, expose you to unnecessary danger. Take it easy this week. Pay attention to eating well and getting adequate rest. Calm down. Take your time. Relax. Keep in mind this quote from Paracelsus: “Life is like music, it must be composed by ear, feeling and instinct, not by rule. Nevertheless one had better know the rules, for they sometimes guide in doubtful cases, though not often.”



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Ronnie Pontiac

Ronnie Pontiac

A place for my writing about spiritual mysteries, American Metaphysical Religion, astrology, and related subjects. As a kid I was mentored by Manly P. Hall.