Astrology Report July 18-July 25

Photo by Tamra Lucid.

Friends, we have a rather challenging week ahead of us. This weekend’s unusual concentration of inconjunctions could indicate a considerable worsening of the pandemic just ahead. Mars inconjunct Pluto this Thursday is especially concerning and will be with us until August 7. These aspects are exasperated by the continuing strength of Saturn square Uranus.

Yesterday’s sun opposition Pluto remains strong and lingers through the middle of the week. This aspect can indicate a crisis of healing, and its presence with all these inconjunctions is worrisome. Pluto can indicate mutations and destruction. At the very least we’re likely to see another surge, caution is called for with this astrological weather. Even the vaccinated should keep in mind the possibility that mutations or fading vaccine protection are out there doing damage before they are widely known. Patience, attention to detail, willingness to accept changes, meditation, hard work on something of importance are favored. Unfortunately this aspect can also indicate compulsions, violent anger, criminal urges, feelings of despair or acting out by trying to show the power to harm others, these will not have good results. As Socrates said, “Be kind, because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Today’s Venus inconjunct Pluto, Mercury inconjunct Saturn, and Mars inconjunct Neptune exasperate bad tempers, intrude into relationships with necessities, and unfortunately could well indicate a major spread in the virus. It’s not easy to make space for both Venus and Hades, for Hermes and Kronos, for Aries and Poseidon but great healing can be found for those who balance these areas of life. Be patient. Not a good time for important decisions.

Monday July 19 Mercury square Chiron can also indicate issues with health, but also an opportunity for healing and for learning. Seek information about what troubles you. Remember what Socrates said, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

Tuesday July 20 Mercury sextile Uranus is exact bringing a few days of relief for those who can get past all the challenging astrological weather. Try something different. Find new tech that can liberate how you communicate or commute. Talk to someone who can give you a new perspective. Write something weird without any concern for what you will do with it when it’s done.

Wed July 21 Venus enters Virgo, leaving behind the sunny disposition of Leo and getting fussier and pickier. Words and intonations become more important. Avoid worrying caused by over-analysis. Don’t let thoughts subvert your creativity, romance and the beauties of life, by giving in to criticism or perfectionist pique. This is a great time to organize your creativity, especially good for detailed writing and editing. In relationships be sure to ask questions instead of making statements. Instead of reducing the world under the glare of our perfectionism we can enter the stream of the present and look around us at this perfect moment.

Thur July 22 Venus opposition Jupiter is exact, this can be a fun aspect but there are certain problems that must be avoided. Don’t over-indulge. Don’t over-spend. Don’t take actions based on over-optimism. Do let your creativity fly. Do experience the joys of love and beauty. But don’t over do.

Also Thur Mars inconjunct Pluto is exact. This is the most challenging aspect of the week. When actions are taken without regard for consequences, the typical Mars approach, Pluto may provide unwanted results. This aspect, as pointed out earlier, could indicate a surge, or even a mutation. We won’t know until well into fall exactly what’s going on out there. We may get a glimpse of a bad winter this week. In our individual lives we can moderate the urge to return to normality, to take action after being pent up for so long, as summer flies by in record time, a characteristic of Saturn square Uranus. On the other hand we must find ways to use this Mars energy without harming ourselves or others. To get the healing and tranquility Pluto can indicate we can look out for needed repairs and reforms, with an eye to the greater good.

Also Thu the sun enters Leo, a much sunnier disposition than the early summer by the water of sun in Cancer. This will help brighten up Venus in Virgo.

Also Thu sun inconjunct Jupiter is exact indicating another challenge to well-being, this one often is the result of over-indulgence. This can also indicate times when optimism runs aground. For those who allow ego to attempt a way forward by force there may be a frustrating sense of disconnection.

Saturday July 24 Mercury trine Neptune is exact indicating another opportunity for the pleasures of the mind, of communication, of short trips. It’s easy to miss these quick positive aspects amid all the difficulties but if we make the effort this one can bring inspiration to writers and all creative people, help to those who ask, mystical reading and conversations, and moments of psychic sensitivity. It can also indicate communal intoxication but with Mercury opposing drastic Pluto the next day this usually lovely trine could turn out to be an indication of the pandemic spreading.

Sunday July 25 Mercury opposition Pluto is exact. Another indication of potential mutation, at least this one passes more quickly than Mars inconjunct Pluto. This is not a good time for risk taking, especially in convivial social situations or while commuting or taking trips. Again, for most people who take the risk there may be no consequences, but for too many there will be. Ignoring clear and present danger doesn’t make it go away. As Socrates said, “Mankind is made of two kinds of people, wise people who know they are fools and fools who think they are wise.” Mercury opposition Pluto can be highly critical, triggering arguments and even violence. If you are the victim of such criticism enjoy this observation Socrates made, “Strong minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Weak minds discuss people.”

Mars opposition Jupiter has been growing stronger since July 14 and will be exact Thursday July 29. This is one of the most arrogant aspects and can make over-optimism and over-indulgence more dangerous. Put the optimism to work in constructive ways that allow you to feel good about what you’ve accomplished. This aspect can especially indicate hatred of those we perceive as the privileged. Don’t waste energy by focusing on others, apply it to your own definition of success. And for those suffering the barbs of hostility remember what the Stoic Emperor, Marcus Aurelius said, “Many think great success will pacify their critics. Quite the contrary. Criticism will multiply as you grow and progress. Positive attention does not come without negative attention. This is the price of having an impact.”

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