Astrology Report June 12 — June 21

Photo by Tamra Lucid.

Friends, we have before us a pivotal week as summer is about to return. Yesterday’s Venus square Chiron and Venus sextile Uranus are with us through most of this week. The first suggests a crisis in romance, creativity, or finances, but the knowledge gained helps us make the changes that can heal the problem before it causes more trouble. The second inclines us to the new, the surprising, the futuristic. A passionate desire to break out of the routine can help us find greater freedom.

Very early this Sunday morning Venus inconjunct Saturn was exact. This is a challenging aspect that will also be with us all week. It can indicate problems with health caused by exhaustion, depression, over work, stagnation, under nourishment. Where can we respect boundaries? Where can we let the past go to make room for greater harmony and beauty in our lives? Beware cynicism, it can leech away love of life.

Also today Sun square Neptune is exact, a confusing aspect, be careful when you commute, people are spaced out. Don’t get stuck in delusions, fantasies or exhaustion. Make room for the mystical. Be charitable but choose your charity carefully. The urge to intoxicate or drift through days can be strong and in moderation helpful as a way to recharge since Saturn square Uranus is exact this week.

Monday June 14 Saturn square Uranus is exact. This is the second of the three exact squares of Saturn and Uranus that dominate this year. This aspect indicates the struggle between the past and the future, the traditional and the radical, the old and the young. This aspect indicates the turning of the culture clock. The past seems more remote. The present takes over areas once devoted to the legends of yesterday. Famous people move on. New celebrities arrive that are somehow so very different and yet not. Many of the old controversies that took up so much of our time fade away on their way to being forgotten. New controversies take their place. Old institutions struggle to survive. New institutions struggle to be born. The struggle itself is intrinsic to what they will become. With this disruptive aspect so strong continue to be cautious when it comes to the pandemic. Precautions can prevent harm.

A quote to ponder while we weather the year of Saturn square Uranus: “It may be important to great thinkers to examine the world, to explain and despise it. But I think it is only important to love the world, not to despise it, not for us to hate each other, but to be able to regard the world and ourselves and all beings with love, admiration and respect.” Hermann Hesse

Also Monday Mars inconjunct Jupiter is exact, a difficult aspect that can indicate arrogance, ridicule, and even violence. Overdoing exercise, sports, anger, lust can lead to issues around health. The key is to avoid excess. Moderation prevents harm. Be optimistic but don’t take sudden actions that may turn out to be based on misplaced optimism. Don’t try to push your view of what is right. Instead perhaps begin or modify an exercise program, but be gentle with your body.

Wed June 16 sun inconjunct Pluto is exact, another aspect that can indicate health issues, especially triggered by desires for vengeance, criminality, ignored repairs or reforms, power struggles, and agitation without tranquility. Take it easy. Saturn and Uranus are big planets. They are exactly square. The world is changing. Why not take a moment to be in the moment? Find the simply beauty and joy around you and replenish yourself body, mind and soul.

Fri June 18 Saturn finally leaves the degree of its station. That feeling of intense gravity, lack of progress, density of time finally begins to ease a little bit. But the days between Monday’s exact Saturn Uranus square and today’s slight pressure release will be unusually intense. Meditation can be a big help.

Next Sunday June 20, the Summer Solstice and Father’s Day, Jupiter is stationary retrograde in the morning. Jupiter stationary means more more more. Over spending, over doing, over optimism, over eating, are all potential causes of concern. Have some fun instead. Praise someone who has inspired you. Find reasons to fall in love with life. Areas of progress may reverse but that could provide you with an opportunity to do even better. The sun enters Cancer to commence summer at 8:32 PM. The pool, the beach, the lake, the river beckon, especially with Venus trine Neptune exact the next day. People want to holiday with family.

Monday June 21 Venus trine Neptune is exact. This lovely aspect can indicate a dreamy time of romance, creativity, and intuition that can lead to a more soulful experience of life. Bliss out by some water. Have a mystical experience in love. Remember a beautiful dream and turn it into a work of art. The only potential pitfall is allowing Jupiter stationary to leave you shit-faced when you were only going to have one beer. Intoxication can be very pleasant with this aspect, but moderation is key.

Tuesday June 22 Mercury is stationary direct as the retrograde ends. Some people experience the next few days as a bit out of sorts. Take it easy. We’ve still got Pluto in the degree of its station until June 29, the potential for drastic consequences remains a possibility. But Pluto can be tranquil, an indicator of rebirth and of evolution. When the pond gets tranquil everything is clear. Cultivate tranquility. “If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future, if you are at peace, you are living in the present.” — Lao Tzu

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