Astrology Report June 20-June 28

Photo by Tamra Lucid.

Friends we have before us an interesting week, astrologically speaking. Jupiter and Neptune are stationary retrograde, Mercury retrograde ends, and Venus goes through some uncomfortable aspects. Still it’s a lighter menu than we’ve seen for some time. Mystical experiences, extreme relaxation, spiritual epiphanies, feelings of relief, and joyful times beside bodies of water are all possible. So is extreme intoxication, optimistic self-delusion, and wasting resources on passing fascinations.

Jupiter stationary retrograde this morning can help us gain a sense of optimism or at least can inspire us to have a good time. Opportunities may show themselves, but take care as the retrograde means trends are reversing. Don’t make the mistake of over-spending or otherwise over-doing just to feel good. Find pleasure by the sea, river, lake or pool. Take a break and have some fun. But don’t ignore precautions. The aspects all summer are a mix of good and bad and the potential for problems with the pandemic remains to some degree, as the Delta variant reminds us.

Also today the sun enters Cancer at 8:32 Pacific as summer officially begins. The Cancerian sun appreciates home, family, stability, country, and pleasure by water is again emphasized. The imagination is strengthened, so creative people should make some time to create, especially with inspiring Venus trine Neptune around all week.

Monday June 21 Venus trine Neptune is exact bringing the possibility of dreamy good times, fun on water, creative inspiration and imagination, and relaxing intoxication, all week long. But don’t over-do. Pluto is still stationary in the degree it was in when it went retrograde and will be until June 29. That means consequences can be unexpectedly harsh. So have a good time but don’t lose your cool.

What does cool really mean, anyway? Not mass media cool, but down deep cool. Robert Farris Thompson wrote this about Yoruba culture: “Like character, coolness ought to be internalized as a governing principle for a person to merit the high praise, ‘His heart is cool’ (okan e tutu). In becoming sophisticated, a Yoruba adept learns to differentiate between forms of spiritual coolness… So heavily charged is this concept with ideas of beauty and correctness that a fine carnelian bead or a passage of exciting drumming may be praised as ‘cool.’ Coolness, then, is a part of character… To the degree that we live generously and discreetly, exhibiting grace under pressure, our appearance and our acts gradually assume virtual royal power. As we become noble, fully realizing the spark of creative goodness God endowed us with… we find the confidence to cope with all kinds of situations. This is ashe. This is character. This is mystic coolness.”

Tue June 22 Mercury is direct at 3 PM so you won’t have Mercury retrograde to blame anymore for delays, breakdowns and annoyances. Take the next couple of days to finish up what you can and to get a look at where you’ve been recently and how you’re doing.

Wed June 23 sun trine Jupiter is exact, this can be a fun, lucky, and sometimes a sucessful transit but with Venus opposing Jupiter exact later today it will be important to be inclusive, balanced and graceful if you want to unlock the bounty of Jupiter. Keep an eye out for opportunities to succeed or at least enjoy yourself.

Also wed Venus opposition Pluto is exact, the main warning with this aspect is don’t over-do anything. The temptation to give in to power struggles, obsessions, and fears might be better served released by catharsis. Don’t assume you understand what’s going on, be sure to clarify the actual situation, and try to have lots of fun spread out over the week as opposed to one big blow-out that leaves you and your wallet exhausted.

Also wed Saturn sextile Chiron is exact marking a time of great opportunity for healing. Changes in habit can help you avoid trouble down the line. Where is Saturn telling you to cut down? Where have your pandemic-induced bad habits gotten out of hand? What sort of disciplines or denials could you embrace, what could you study or where could you find mentorship around the subject of healers and healing.

Thursday June 24 the full moon arrives at 3 degrees Capricorn, which can be a practical and organized time, but can also be fun. Elvis was a Capricorn. Take a good look at areas in your life that need to be simplified and strengthened.

Friday June 25 Neptune is stationary retrograde making all this week something of a swim. Be careful when you commute because people will be spaced out and hungover. The lure of intoxication but also of fun by the sea, or other bodies of water, pun intended, will be strong. For creative people inspiration is available and imagination accentuated. With both Jupiter and Neptune stationary this week some may find themselves flirting with genius, or just someone at the beach.

Saturday June 26 Venus leaves Cancer and enters Leo giving a more summery feel to the world, and a more outgoing desire for love and appreciation. For artists, musicians and filmmakers ideas and projects that have been incubating may see first light of day, or inspiration may be put into action as creative work. In relationships give each other room to be leader and to shine, don’t try to be the only admirable one.

Monday June 28 Venus inconjunct Jupiter is exact, clearly indicating the consequences of over-doing Venus opposition Pluto and Venus trine Neptune stationary retrograde, this aspect can indicate illness due to overdoing it, also relationship difficulties due to arrogant or over-bearing behavior that may have been intended to be jovial or beneficial. Grace and patience will go a long way. There are plenty of opportunities for fun and even joy, but there are also challenges that can be avoided by maintaining and developing your cool.

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