Astrology Report June 27 — July 6

Friends, we have before us a rather challenging week of aspects, but with Saturn having left the degree of its station and Pluto about to follow, there may nevertheless be some sense of relief. However this week and the next two have enough squares and inconjunctions to warrant care especially in matters related to well-being. Not a good time for skipping meals, not getting enough rest, over-exerting, or over-indulging. If you’ve been running on adrenaline for over a year this would be a good time to address that by strengthening your foundations in every way you can. How are you going to bounce back if you stay in anxiety mode?

Monday June 28 Venus inconjunct Jupiter is exact. This is the classic overdoing then regretting it aspect, especially around issues having to do with health. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Don’t push your body too hard. Be gentle with life. Have some fun. Splurge a little. Indulge moderately. Can you find the balance between personal pleasures and public ambitions, between good times among crowds and the intimacy of romance and creativity?

Thursday July 1 Mars opposition Saturn is exact and the dark of the moon begins suggesting a need to get rest and finish rather than begin. Mars opposition Saturn can be a frustrating aspect that can lead to anger, violence, break ups, exhaustion, and in the case of wrong-headed stubbornness abject failure. But that too is a lesson. As Coach Wooden used to say, “Things turn out the best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” Use this opportunity to learn how to refine your activities so that you become more effective. Study, practice, consult with mentors, streamline, simplify. This can a great aspect for solid hard work. But with all these inconjunctions be sure to get rest and regular meals. That way you’ll be able to sustain the effort without harm.

Saturday July 3 sun inconjunct Saturn is exact. This often brings up scenarios such as having your ego challenged because your teacher or boss does not agree with your sunny self-evaluation. You discover there’s more hard work to be done. This aspect can also indicate exhaustion. With Mars square Uranus exact today, there’s bound to be a conflict between tired rote responsibilities and the urge to break free at whatever cost. Knowing when to stop can help prevent harm.

Also Saturday Mars square Uranus is exact, an irritable and sometimes accident prone aspect that can indicate people acting out due to suppressed anger, ambition, or libido. Unexpected attractions are common. Avoid any kind of conflict with strangers this week and next as this aspect easily escalates. Commute mindfully. The desire to do something shocking can be strong. The idea is to liberate the Mars areas of our lives, to bring them into the 21st century, perhaps by exploring new tech, new communities, and new perspectives.

Sunday July 4 sun square Chiron is exact, commonly indicating a health crisis, but this aspect is also an opportunity for healing. If something flares up take a long look at what led up to it. By making small adjustments now you may be able to avoid bigger problems later. This can also apply to healing relationships, and our own psyches in this rapidly changing world.

Monday July 5 sun sextile Uranus is exact reemphasizing the desire for freedom and something different. If you decide to give in to the unexpected don’t ignore caution that could help you avoid trouble. People who may have less self-control could cause problems without even intending to, with Mars opposition Uranus still strong.

Tuesday July 6 Mercury square Neptune is exact adding confusion, mental exhaustion, and the urge for intoxicated conversation and connection. Not a great time for making decisions. For creative people however the imagination is strong. Capturing all these cross currents in your work may produce wonderful results. Unfortunately, this aspect could indicate a surge in the pandemic. So far we’ve weathered several such aspects and except in Brazil and India where the resources have available the worst case scenarios have been avoided. But with Delta and Delta Plus out there there is a reminder that we may not be entirely out of the woods. So take care.

Also Tue Venus opposition Saturn is exact, often indicating a chill in relationships, a need for down time, the critical faculty applied to creativity. It is a good opportunity to learn more about your craft. Study and practice can bring beautiful results. Perhaps a mentor might teach you something wonderful. But it’s easy to give in to pessimism with this aspect, and so miss the potential. Some may feel lonely or dubious about relationships, but it might be advisable to avoid big decisions until the weather is more favorable.

We’ve got a bumpy road ahead of us this week, but if we rise to the occasion we can not only improve well-being but also become more effective where it matters most. Remember this lovely quote from Duke Ellington: “A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”

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Ronnie Pontiac

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