Astrology Report June 6 — June 14

Friends, we have before us a week of three squares, one of them the dominant theme of this year: Saturn square Uranus. That means we’ll be facing some challenges this week, especially since Saturn and Pluto still occupy the degrees they stationed in not so long ago. This will continue through June 18 for Saturn and June 29 for Pluto. That feeling of no progress, of backsliding, of overwhelming force of events, and fear of loss that the Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020 intensified returns to for pop quiz. Did we learn our lessons? Issues around time, repair, reform, sacrifice, exhaustion, but also the continuing sense of the old world ending and the race to find a place in the uncertain new.

Yesterday’s Mars opposition Pluto is strong through this week, and with us until June 15. This can be an angry, ambitious, and lusty aspect. On the low end it can indicate criminality, use of force, acts of violence, compulsive criticism of others, and self. The trick is to find the balance between Mars in Cancer, which tends to be over-sensitive, seeing slights where none may have been intended. A defensive Mars protective of home and loved ones, self and emotions, putting energy into finding comfort. Meanwhile, Pluto in Capricorn continues to threaten everyone with the continuing pandemic, the damage from the pandemic, and the major changes happening in our world from 5G to disastrous weather. Look for the places where Pluto is asking you to pay attention to what is harmful, even if it threatens your comforts and triggers your aggression. Instead of viewing the world as hurdling toward doom contemplate something practical you can do that helps others as well as yourself. Some may be feeling a strong urge to move into a new life immediately but with Mercury retrograde and Saturn and Pluto stationary patience is the better option.

Thu June 10 the new moon arrives with a solar eclipse in Gemini at 3:53 AM (all times Pacific). Chatty, sociable, ready to shop, but take precautions for the reasons mentioned above. Writers, this can be a fun time for filling up those blank pages, and also for doing quick research. Since Mercury is retrograde why not double check?

Also Thu sun conjunct Mercury is exact, another good aspect for writing, and for any kind of communication, but don’t put too much ego into it as this can be an aspect that indicates a self-centered perspective. The urge to gossip may be strong but couldn’t you put that energy into something more useful?

Fri Jun 11 Mars enters Leo at 6:34 AM, a much more comfortable position for Mars, although also prone to arrogance. The urge to do something that feels like summer will be very strong. Egos will be blazing and filled with a sense of urgency. Wanting to be seen as the first, the leader, the most energetic, the most forceful, wanting to shine for all to admire. Those are healthy instincts but with Saturn and Pluto stationary retrograde and Mercury retrograde take it easy. Keep it on the light side.

Sat Jun 12 Venus square Chiron is exact. Chiron square can indicate crisis, especially around health. Healing occurs but not without some challenges. In relationships, creative projects, and finance areas that need reform become clear. In our lives we can pay attention to signs of weakness or trouble. This applies to creativity and relationships as much as to health. There is the danger of sexuality leading to health issues, so temper enthusiasm with appropriate caution.

Also Sat Venus sextile Uranus is exact, which may make it difficult to take the advice above. The desire to enjoy beauty, romance, art, creativity, and the simple pleasures will be in the air. Especially if the opportunities involve the new, the unexpected, the latest tech, the feeling of breaking free, of stepping into the future. Enjoy this aspect by sharing it. Be open to pleasant surprises. Don’t let all the Saturn and Pluto keep you in a funk causing you to miss this lucky and potentially delightful aspect.

Sun Jun 13 Venus inconjunct Saturn is exact, another crisis in healing aspect involving Venus. Females, artists, all those ruled by Venus, pay special attention to your well-being, especially if you are exhausted. Improve that diet. Get that extra rest. Creative people, this and yesterday’s Venus Uranus aspect can have a boomerang effect. You might think you’re a genius one evening only to wake up and feel insecure because what you created was merely weird. That’s okay. It could go the other way, too. Give it a chance.

Also Sunday sun square Neptune is exact, a bit worrisome from the point of view of the pandemic, as are the inconjunctions this week. This aspect can cause confusion, with Mercury retrograde commute cautiously. Don’t over do intoxication. Get rest, as this is yet another aspect of exhaustion, and of contagion. But so far we’ve gotten through several of those without a significant surge.

Mon June 14 Saturn square Uranus is exact, the second of three this year. This is about the 21st century replacing the 20th. New technologies. New generations of icons. The sense that the past is more remote. The future busting out all over. The consequences of the pandemic playing out in the disappearance and reinvention of institutions. This aspect also indicates a particular difficult moment in the political predicament of our time. Progressives versus conservatives. The new vs. the old. Breaking all the rules vs. preserving valuable traditions. In our own lives we can work to find the balance between how things have been and how things can be in the future. New tech can help.

Also Mon Mars inconjunct Jupiter is exact. This can be an arrogant aspect prone to arguments and power struggles, like Mars opposition Pluto. Avoid bickering. Avoid road incidents. Be kind and patient and avoid unnecessary trouble. This aspect can indicate health issues from overdoing it in areas like exercise, sports, sexuality, ambition, anger. Another worrisome aspect where the pandemic is concerned. So be careful this week and next weekend. The good news is things will start to lighten up in the following week. There are challenging aspects sprinkled throughout this summer, but we’re most of the way through one of the rougher patches, astrologically speaking.



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