Astrology Report May 2 — May 9

Photo of Tamra Lucid with rescued hummingbird by Ronnie Pontiac.

Friends, we have before us a week that begins with a flurry of aspects but then quiets down. Plenty of opportunities for progress but caution remains a priority, especially with Saturn slowing down to stationary retrograde.

Very early this morning Mercury trine Pluto was exact making today and the beginning of this week a good time for writing, research, deep conversations, reading that can help you improve your life, also good for repairs, reforms, and catharsis. Writers and other artists can find a productive balance between editing and creating, but there are cross currents that will be exact Monday, so don’t try to force your way. Frustration could cause an over reaction in almost any area of life, but especially where communication is concerned.

Also today Venus sextile Neptune is exact this afternoon bringing romance, dreamy pleasures, fondness for intoxication, creative inspiration, and beautiful acts of charity, through most of this week. Delusions are more likely than usual especially with the over optimism of Mercury square Jupiter almost exact. Appreciation of love and beauty can lead to mystical experiences more easily with this aspect.

Monday May 3 in the very early morning Mercury square Jupiter is exact. Some of the negative possibilities include arrogance, over optimism, over spending, talking too much, rushing into something that’s too good to be true, especially in the areas of business and finance. Optimism is good. Encouraging conversations are good. But there’s no need to rush. Make sure not to skip details, as Saturn is getting stronger daily.

Also Monday sun square Saturn is exact, giving us perhaps a glimpse of what our lessons individually and collectively are when Saturn stations later this month. It’s common to feel tired with this aspect. Are you depleted? Are you getting enough sleep? Watch carefully for the lessons Saturn is trying to teach. Saturn can reward us when we are patient, thorough, and devoted to our work. Consider ways small restrictions might help you avoid big problems.

Also Monday Mercury enters Gemini at about a quarter to 8 PM all times Pacific. Writers rev your engines. Prepare for more chatty conversations. The urge to go out to shop and mingle becomes stronger. Gemini loves news and gossip, quick quips of information, but harness the Mercury in Gemini way with words to make improvements at home and work.

Monday May 3 the dark of the moon beings at 12:50 PM indicating a time appropriate for finishing projects but not for starting them. A little introversion can help us gain insight from recent experiences. Get some extra rest. Build up your strength in anticipation of the new moon in seven days.

Thursday May 6 Venus trine Pluto is exact, a potentially exciting time for love and art. Catharsis can be healing. Art can help you transform sorrows and worries into something beautiful. Dare to bring rebirth to love by letting go of old patterns and embracing the deepest connections possible in relationships. This is a good week to daydream about who you really want to be, and what you really want to accomplish. As D.H. Lawrence wrote, “For man, as for flower and beast and bird, the supreme triumph is to be most vividly, most perfectly alive.” What would that look like to you? What would you be doing? With whom?

Saturday May 8 Venus square Jupiter is exact not long after dawn. This is a very sociable aspect, although irritability is possible with any square. Avoid over doing, over spending, over optimism. Do consider and make time for what makes you happy. Have some fun, but safely. Artists and other creatives may find a burst of creativity that will require editing later, but don’t worry about that now. Just be creative.

Tuesday May 11 New moon in Taurus with Mars square Chiron and Mars sextile Uranus brings a blast of energy. Chiron can indicate healing through crisis while Mars sextile Uranus wants to take actions without limits. Men in particular may make strange choices as they act out repressed libido, anger or ambition in ways that symbolize freedom. Try a new approach to exercise, but be gentle, the cross currents remain strong.

Saturn is slowing down to stationary retrograde on May 23. That is when we will find out if the increased freedom is truly the beginning of the end of the pandemic nightmare, or a false sunrise. There will be many such crossroads. Let’s use this to practice being tranquil amid uncertainty. Patience and thoroughness will help us get the best possible results. As Rilke wrote:

“So like children, we begin again…
to fall,
patiently to trust our heaviness.
Even a bird has to do that
before he can fly.”

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