Astrology Report May 30-June 6

Photo of Super Flower Blood Moon by Tamra Lucid

Friends, we have before us a week of mixed aspects, while harmonious aspects are with us during the weekdays, difficult Pluto aspects make the weekends more challenging. We also have the dark of the moon arriving mid week. Mercury retrograde began yesterday and will be with us until June 22. And Saturn continues its long station at 13 Aquarius (until Jun 18) and Pluto continues its long station at 26 Capricorn (until June 29). This Pluto station makes the difficult Pluto aspects this week more powerful.

This morning Venus inconjunct Pluto was exact. On the one hand Venus in Gemini wants to talk, flirt, socialize, pair off, shop, take short trips, enjoy the freedom in the places where the pandemic appears to be under control. On the other hand Pluto makes us apprehensive, overly forceful, awkward. For a few people choosing to socialize will have dire consequences. For most, at least in the areas with the means to address the pandemic effectively, no harm will come, but the shadow of where we’ve been, the losses, the chaos, the political craziness, casts shade on the good times. Give attention to both. Replenish yourself with some Venus but give respect to Pluto. For creative people this can be a exciting time but you may have to push through emotional or social obstacles. Find the balance between pleasure and necessity.

Tonight at 10:15 PM (all times Pacific) Mars trine Neptune is exact. This can be a time when people are forceful about the causes that matter to them. It makes this week a good time for charitable actions or asking for them. There’s a sensual aspect to this trine, and the urge for intoxication can be strong. A lot of people are going to be having fun at the beach, as all sports related to bodies of water are favored. While things are looking pretty good in California, for example, this trine can indicate infectious spread. So with Saturn and Pluto stationary, and Mercury retrograde, caution is called for. The planned June 15 major opening in California will be an interesting test, as it occurs with Mercury retrograde, and Saturn and Pluto still stationary retrograde. Will this mean we are going back to another surge or we are going back to a more normal way of life? We shall soon see.

Wed June 2 the dark of the moon arrives at 12:24 AM. Usually people feel a bit more tired in the fourth quarter. It’s a good time for rest and introspection. Better for finishing projects than starting them. Take it easy.

Also Wed sun sextile Chiron is exact, a healing aspect, but Chiron can indicate crisis. Pay attention to health. Make small adjustments now to avoid big problems later. This could indicate more good news about the pandemic. Establish some good habits of rest and nutrition.

Also Wed Venus enters Cancer at 6:19 AM tending to make us all a little more emotional. We are more in touch with our feelings, and the feelings of others. This can be a compassionate placement, or it can be very family and home centered with little concern for the outside world. Artists will enjoy the boost to the imagination. Venus will be in Cancer until June 28. Beaches, lakes, rivers, swimming pools become the center of attention.

Thu June 3 sun trine Saturn is exact helping us get organized, stay patient, attend to details, and finish what we’ve started. Meditation can help you arrive in the present, since we all have parts of ourselves stuck in what we’ve just been through, it’s a good way to get grounded and to liberate ourselves from the stress and anxiety that has not completely subsided.

Also Thu Venus trine Jupiter is exact. This is a joyous aspect of opportunities in love and prosperity. The negative side comes into play if we over do, that includes over-intoxication, over-eating, over-spending, and over-optimism. But do look for fun and for beauty this week. Be kind and generous. Indulge in ways that make you feel happy to be alive. Women and all those with strong Venus find things going their way this week, but it’s necessary to avoid the crosscurrents of Saturn and Pluto. Don’t let frustration cause you to miss the potential for joy and success this aspect indicates. This quote by Eliphas Levi is good to keep in mind for this aspect, “When we love we see the infinite in the finite.”

Saturday Mercury square Neptune is exact. This and Mercury retrograde can indicate frustrations, detours and delays when commuting or traveling. Be extra careful in traffic. Another aspect urging intoxication but the results may be confusing and exhausting for those who go too far. Communication can be difficult. Ask questions. Don’t jump to conclusions. Be very clear about definitions. For writers and other priests of the imagination this can be a creative time but there must be effort and the ability to overcome whatever obstacles show up. Don’t give up! Keep trying.

Also Saturday Mars opposition Pluto is exact. This aspect builds all week and is still with us the week after. With Pluto so strong this unfortunately may indicate violence, hacks, explosions in the news. In our personal lives we should avoid belligerent people. Commute patiently, don’t get in fights over lane changes or parking spaces. Avoid places where there is danger. Ponder this quote form Eliphas Levi, “There is nothing more to controlling demons than to do good and fear nothing.” This can be a very irritable and mean spirited aspect, especially where politics is involved. Don’t sit in judgement of self or others. Ridicule, envy, competition, criticism don’t do anything for our well being. Put all that energy to work on something positive. Allow libido, ambition, justifiable anger to have a place in your life, because suppressing them with this aspect could lead to outbursts or illnesses. Pluto can be tranquil and healing. Cultivate tranquility and then you can guide that Mars energy into activities that will help you prepare for the life you want to live. As Levi wrote, “Weak people talk and do not act, strong people act and keep quiet.”

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