Astrology Report Nov 1 — Nov 8

Friends, we have before us a quiet week, astrologically speaking. Of course, with Saturn still conjunct Pluto, Pluto still stationary, and Jupiter conjunct Pluto just around the corner it may not seem quiet. Certainly the election promises an exciting few days. With Mercury retrograde ending in a square to the U.S. natal Pluto we can expect everything from criminal activity to wild accusations, from major breakdowns to at least some relief that the suspense about the presidential election, and the composition of the next congress, is ending. This week’s aspects suggest that health issues may result from anxiety and frustration, so try to keep perspective as you follow politics. Is anything that is about to happen worth jeopardizing your well being?

Yesterday’s sun opposition Uranus remains an influence on the first half of this week. This aspect can indicate erratic actions, accidents and caused by impulsive moves or split attention. The desire to break free, to do something different, can be very strong. Look for ways to liberate areas of your life that could benefit from new tech and new perspectives. Do something different, but avoid risky behavior with Jupiter conjunct Pluto so strong.

Mercury square Saturn was exact today at 11:06 AM, all times are Pacific. This can be a depressing, exhausted aspect. The tendency is to focus on facts that cause doubt and feelings of futility. Criticism of self and others can weigh down your atmosphere. Remember, as you hold those dire or baleful thoughts about people that you are harming only yourself. A good time for writers to edit, but take care that the editing doesn’t become too heavy handed. This aspect can help us get organized. Mentors, study, and practice can help us improve areas in our lives that are suffering from lack of attention. Due to Mercury stationing, this will be an unusually long Mercury square Saturn, lasting into the beginning of next week. Get some extra rest. Read about meditation and try it. Simplify where possible. Look back at where you’ve been this year and examine your expectations for what comes next. Are they too pessimistic, perhaps? How can you ground your intentions in facts and habits that help you achieve them?

Venus opposition Chiron was exact today at 11:55 AM. Chiron can indicate healing through crisis. With Jupiter conjunct Pluto fast approaching, the pandemic surge will most likely continue. Women in particular, and artistic types in general, spend some time this week paying attention to your well being, and to healing trouble spots. All of us can find healing benefit from encounters with beauty. Great art, the splendors of nature, and other gifts of Venus can help us feel better, not just physically. If you are a creative person practicing your art or craft may bring you health benefits.

Election day Nov 3 Mercury goes direct at 9:50 AM. This is intriguing timing. It could indicate massive confusion and a reversal of assumptions. The last time this happened Al Gore lost the presidential election in 2000 and we wound up with eight long years of George W. Bush. Does this mean the same shocking surprise will happen this election? We’re about to find out. Give Mercury a few days before moving full speed ahead with projects or communications, especially with Mercury square Saturn lingering.

Also on Nov 3 Venus inconjunct Uranus is exact at 6:22 PM, reemphasizing the importance of beauty and creativity to health. Inconjunctions can indicate issues around healing. With Venus and Uranus involved there can be a desire for something new. Infatuations are common with this aspect, but usually difficult to consummate. There may be a strong urge to do something shocking in the area of romance or creativity. By trying something new we can experience the liberation that comes from appreciating the beauties of nature and art. In relationships while our own freedom is important don’t forget the expectations and rights of partners. Working together to find a new approach will work more smoothly than sudden unexpected moves. From the point of view of the election it’s possible that women will shock the nation, providing a kind of healing.

Friday Nov 6 Mercury square Saturn is exact again. Try setting some limits. Get organized in the way you spend your time. Meditate and get some rest. Look back to April 5 and June 30 for themes that may be returning as Jupiter conjunct Pluto becomes exact next week. What good habits can you establish? What bad habits are you ready to lose? With this aspect we may be haunted by loss, and by times passed. Grief can be a powerful agent of transformation and healing on both personal and collective levels. Even the most enlightened cannot escape its power. As the founder of Shingon Buddhism, Kūkai, also known as Kōbō-Daishi, wrote: “Although it is said that it is impossible to be disturbed by anything upon reaching enlightenment, I could not help but cry upon bidding farewell to a loved one.”

Saturday Nov 7 sun inconjunct Mars is exact at 3:41 AM, yet another aspect with implications regarding health. Repressed anger, libido or ambition may cause physical problems. Make sure to find healthy forms of expression for these primal urges. If you find yourself irritable, where can you put that energy to good use? Don’t ignore the needs of your body. Avoid lashing out because your ego is malnourished, or overfed. This would seem to be a week when the pandemic may be gaining strength, from an astrological perspective, so be careful out there.

The following week is busy with astrological events including three important ones. Mercury reenters Scorpio Nov 10, Jupiter conjunct Pluto exact Nov 12, and Mars stationary direct on Friday the 13th. For Jupiter conjunct Pluto see my post yesterday. One way or another we’re going to be in a different world soon enough. Either we will have a new president, or we will have a surprise second term for the incarnation of the American shadow. While a new president will bring a feeling of great relief to many, many others will be outraged. The collective emotional weather will be volatile all week, and beyond, so take it easy, my friends. Whatever happens the US Pluto Return will continue, and in many ways the election of 2024 is more pivotal than this one. Here we have the battle of the boomers, as elders stand ready to take the reins of the state during a crisis. In 2024 we will most likely see new generations step up to take the lead. We can expect a sea change in the national culture. Keep in mind that we are involved here in a long term process of America confronting its shadows. Don’t give up hope, and don’t give up the ship.

At the end of The Secret Key to the Heart Sutra, Kukai wrote: “Manjushri and Prajna can dissolve confusion, drench those who have lost the way with sweet nectar, cut off ignorance, and destroy a host of demons. It is the year 818 and a great epidemic is sweeping the country. The Emperor personally copied the Heart Sutra with a brush dipped in gold ink. Following the pattern of other commentaries, I have composed a work on the main points of the sutra, and even before I uttered the words marking the end of this task, people who recovered from their illness were standing about the roadways. Night had turned into the brilliant light of day.”

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