Astrology Report Nov 22 — Nov 30

Photo by Tamra Lucid.

Around 250 A.D. Plotinus said: “The stars are like letters that inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky. Everything in the world is full of signs. All events are coordinated. All things depend on each other. Everything breathes together.”

We have before us a week with some positive aspects, but also several aspects indicating issues around health. With Jupiter conjunct Pluto still strong, Saturn conjunct Pluto still with us, and Jupiter conjunct Saturn gaining strength, this is not a time for risk taking. The aspects suggest that we are in the beginning of the end of the pandemic, and the current round of political turmoil, but both can be expected to get worse before they get better. Keep in mind that most aspects are with us for days, and those involving the further planets can last for weeks and even months. How they are expressed in our lives is not necessarily most obvious when they are exact.

This morning at 6 AM (all times Pacific) Mercury inconjunct Chiron was exact. Inconjunctions can indicate health problems, and Chiron often suggests healing through crisis. The surge in the pandemic continues this weekend, especially among those whose thoughts and communications deny the danger, or rashly wish to face it in the name of commerce and tradition. Caution can prevent harm. Research or conversations about how to heal mental troubles can lead to greater sense of well being.

Monday Nov 23 Mercury trine Neptune will be exact at 8:40 PM re-emphasizing the theme of healing through inspiration, imagination and charity toward not only others, but ourselves, especially regarding our thoughts and habits. Take a good look at the mental atmosphere you create for yourself and others. For writers and those whose craft depends on dexterity and communication this is a great time. Be sure to work on something creative. Also a good time to read or watch the mystical, psychic, and mysterious. What makes you feel more soulful?

Wed Nov 25 Venus inconjuct Chiron will be exact at 8:47 AM. Another inconjunction suggesting health issues especially for the creative, and for the feminine of whatever gender. Pre-Thanksgiving burnout for the sensitive is quite possible, and some Thanksgiving dinners may be canceled due to moms not being able to put up with the stress. However, if we take time to get inspiration and refreshment from art, romance, creativity, and the beauty of life and nature, we can get the healing we need.

Thursday Nov 26, Thanksgiving, the moon will square Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn while the sun trine to Chiron is exact at 1:52 PM. These squares to the pandemic aspect don’t bode well, suggesting that the holiday will fuel another surge. Emotions may be raw, and the feminine among us especially may veer from anxiety to over optimism to exhaustion and pessimism. Sun trine Chiron indicates healing through crisis involving the ego. The trine is better than a square, conjunction or opposition, perhaps, making it a little easier to make the right choices, choices that ensure safety and safeguard health to the best of our abilities.

Friday Nov 27 Mercury sextile Pluto is exact at 2:38 AM, an aspect that can indicate deep thoughts about life and death, rebirth, and the need for repair, reform or surrender to the inevitable. Research into these matters, and into modalities of deep healing, can help us shed the bad habits of the past, and liberate our potential. Avoid obsession, suspicion, bitter criticism, and acrimonious arguments. Ponder tranquility, which is available anywhere, at any moment, if we develop the skills to access it.

Also on Friday Venus opposition Uranus is exact at 9:11 AM. This can be a disruptive aspect, especially in the areas of art, romance, finance and creativity. Erratic actions or communication can cause us to shock people, perhaps unintentionally. The aim of Uranus is to liberate Venus, to break old patterns, and with new tech, new perspectives, and new community we can experience greater harmony in our lives, and more beauty. Let the arts liberate you. Appreciate the appropriateness of the unexpected. Do something surprising for those whom you love. Dare to do something different as an artist or lover.

Saturday Nov 28 Neptune is stationary direct at 4:36 PM. Look back to June 23 when Neptune went retrograde. What themes have returned? Normally this indicates a time of high inspiration, strong dreams, psychic sensitivity, even mystical and spiritual epiphanies, but also confusion, illusions, escapism, nostalgia, and over indulgence in intoxicants. Take it easy with alcohol and any kind of drug, as we are all a little more sensitive now. Neptune moves slowly. This station has been building for weeks, and will take weeks to pass. Unfortunately during a pandemic this aspect can indicate a saturation point when the virus spreads exponentially. So take care out there. Also be careful of the collective psychic atmosphere, the psychic weather created by our fellow humans will not be pleasant. Do things that ground you. Minimize speculation.

Also Saturday Mercury sextile Jupiter is exact at 6:51 PM, which makes minimizing speculation rather difficult. There could be optimistic news, but there may be false optimism as well. A cheerful chatter in denial of a worsening situation. But this is a positive aspect that can lead to success through research and communication. What can we do to improve our chances to prosper in the future? Can we learn something new? Dare to be optimistic about the possibilities, but don’t rush into action.

Sunday Nov 29, sun inconjunct Uranus is exact at 12:20 AM, another aspect suggesting issues around health, this time caused by anxiety, nervousness, urgency, some sort of shock, perhaps in the news. Take it easy. Cultivate tranquility. A good meditation practice can build the equanimity needed to keep us steady during challenging times now and later in life. Be open to detours. Perhaps find out about new tech and new ideas that could help liberate and heal you.

Monday Nov 30 the full moon in Gemini arrives at 1:30 AM, the urge to know the latest thing and to chatter about it is strong. Many will feel like they simply must go shopping or meet friends at the cafe, if the cafes have not been closed in a second lockdown. But Mercury sextile Saturn later in the day suggests that patience, forbearance, caution, discipline and perhaps even isolation are the better choice. For writers this is a good full moon for work.

Also Nov 30 Mercury sextile Saturn is exact 11:01 AM. Get organized or take a break if you need one. Learn something. Practice in a way that makes a weakness stronger. Be disciplined about your communications and your habits. Be patient about the challenges the world faces.

Dec 6 Mars will begin squaring Pluto again, and as 2021 begins we’ll see the last of this round of Mars squares to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn. Although the new 20 year cycle begins Dec 21 with Jupiter conjunct Saturn at zero degrees Aquarius, the last hostility and madness of pandemic and political chaos continue into early 2020. Thankfully Mars square Pluto ends soonest, on Jan 7. Mars square Saturn ends Jan 29, and Mars square Jupiter ends Feb 10. By then we will be strongly in the Saturn square Uranus aspect dominating 2021. Expect the entrenched battle between progressives and conservatives to continue, but also this square can represent conflict between the erratic world view of Uranus and Saturn’s down to earth traditional perspective. At least the Saturn conjunct Pluto aspect that commenced the pandemic will end on the same day that the new 20 year cycle begins. This is not to say that all we be better soon, but the gravity of despair will not be as strong with Saturn and Pluto no longer conjunct. A good time to consider what valuable lessons we learned in 2020. What lessons would we like to learn in 2021?

Here is a quote from Plotinus to ponder: “Cut away all that is excessive, straighten all that is crooked, bring light to all that is overcast, labour to make all one glow of beauty and never cease chiselling your statue, until there shall shine out on you from it the godlike splendour of virtue, until you shall see the perfect goodness surely established in the stainless shrine.”

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