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Friends, we have a somewhat challenging week ahead of us, but nothing like October’s Saturn and Pluto intensity. 12 inconjunctions this week put the spotlight once again on health, individual and collective. Because the following week looks quite a bit better we can hope that these are situations that can be corrected more easily, and that are less dangerous for most of us than we’ve seen in Autumn since 2020. However we do have a new highly infectious variant (HV.1) spreading fast in the world so continuing to practice precautions we are comfortable with is advised

Saturday 11/25’s Mars square Saturn is with us but fading until December 3. As we hoped we have a ceasefire. Isn’t it amazing how events can parallel aspects so exactly, yet most people continue to consider astrology ridiculous? Saturn has been occupying its degree of station (0 Pisces) since 10/12 and finally moves to 1 Pis 11/28. That is forty days of Saturn in a degree, normally it only spends about a week. To exasperate the situation the 0 degree of any sign is considered especially strong.

When planets dwell in the degree of station, especially Saturn and Pluto, it seems for many there is frustration and malaise, so that by the end of the station the feeling that “this will never end” can afflict us. But this is an opportunity for learning, and to let go of things that have outlived their usefulness. A good time, for example, to minimize or even give up an intoxicant that may have served you once. Experienced cannabis fans know that what once gave a sense of appreciation for the beauties of life can eventually anesthetize that appreciation, and that quitting can be accompanied by a regained sense of wonder.

Sun 11/26 Venus inconjunct Uranus is exact in the morning. The challenge is finding time for matters of Venus, and for refreshing them, though there might be distractions, delays, and shocks. We might become obsessive about the need for liberation, for the new, or about problems that have to do with electronics, electricity, or disruptive and erratic behavior and events, thereby losing a sense of beauty, love, artistic appreciation and creativity. By making room for both we can improve our lives. If we ignore one for the other the ignored side of this aspect can erupt in disturbing ways, including illness. Balance is key.

Mon 11/27 the full moon at 4 Gemini is exact at 1:16 AM indicating gossip, short trips, and fact gathering, but Mercury square Neptune exact before dawn can cause confusion, misunderstandings and malaise. Ask questions, seek clarity, avoid speculation and keep in mind that both your rational and intuitive faculties might be off. This can be a good time for creative inspiration but not for editing or organizing.

Tue 11/28 only lunar aspects are exact. “The fact is we can only love what we know personally. And we cannot know much. In public affairs, in the rebuilding of civilization, something less dramatic and emotional is needed, namely tolerance.” E.M. Forster

Wed 11/29 sun inconjunct Jupiter in the late morning. Here troubles can be caused by over indulgences of various kinds and over optimism may lead to disappointment. As with all inconjunctions we must make room for both sides of the equation. In this case the vitality and ego of the sun must be balanced with a sense of optimism, generosity and civic virtue, qualities we aren’t seeing much of these days.

Thu 11/30 Venus inconjunct Neptune is exact a couple of hours after midnight. With Neptune slowing down to stationary direct on Dec 6 the Neptune side of this aspect is emphasized; confusion and cross purposes are likely in the areas of romance and creativity. Surging mass emotions can cause trouble in personal relationships. We might need to feel loved in a world swept away by overpowering emotions.

Fri 12/1 Mercury enters Capricorn at 6:31 AM, helping us get organized. Mercury in Sagittarius can be more fun, but free with facts. Capricorn will demand that we respect practicality and limits. This placement can turn dour, pessimistic and critical of self and others, tbut Mercury sextile Saturn tomorrow can help us reflect in useful ways on the lessons Saturn’s been teaching us since Oct 12.

Sat 12/2 Mercury sextile Saturn is exact and goes nicely with Mercury now in Capricorn, favoring learning, teaching, practice, organizing. Simplify, and relax restless thoughts with the help of meditation or other activities that focus on the immediate moment and reassuring practical details of living.

Sun 12/3 Venus square Pluto is exact before dawn. This can be a troublesome aspect in the areas of love, art, and other Venusian matters. Dictatorial attitudes and drastic expressions could cause hurt feelings for those we love. “Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic,” as Anais Nin wrote. Mars inconjunct Jupiter exact mid-afternoon is another potentially anxious and frustrating aspect. Avoid arrogance in self and others. Don’t try to force your way forward. Health may suffer from frustrated anger, ambition, or libido and from over-indulgence. Take it easy out there when commuting or traveling. Focus is key. Focus can be passionate. As Hiratsuka Raichō wrote: “Passion! Passion! We live by this and nothing else. Passion is the power of prayer. The power of will. The power of Zen meditation. The power of the way of the gods. Passion, in other words, is the power of spiritual concentration. And spiritual concentration is the one and only gateway to the realm of mystery and wonder.”

The anxiety around the next election has inspired some readers to send questions about Trump’s transits and about the astrological weather of election day 2024. These are complex issues. Trump’s physical strength is indicated by his natal Mars conjunct his ascendant both conjunct the regal star Regulus. Uranus will be squaring these placements more strongly in 2024. On the one hand this square is already exasperating his willful conviction that there is always a way for him to win, and his willingness to do anything it takes. On the other hand, it may cause erratic behavior and erratic reactions to his behavior. The other notable transit is Pluto entering his sixth house in 2024. Pluto in a house tends to reveal consequences of bad choices. We can see that Pluto’s transit in his fifth house of financial speculation, pleasure and children has triggered court cases related to all three. Pluto sojourning through the sixth tends to bring up consequences related to health. Avoiding alcohol, drugs and smoking has helped preserve his strength, but his junk food diet heavy with ultra-processed foods may cause challenges he hasn’t faced before.

As for Election Day 2024 Pluto’s brief return to Capricorn may not bode well for those hoping that if Trump runs he will lose. As we have seen this placement favors authoritarians and elder males. However, we also have the beginning of Uranus trine Pluto, which favors progressives, especially with Pluto in Aquarius. Yet progressive politics can be hijacked by fascism as happened during Uranus trine Pluto in the early 1920s when Hitler and Stalin got their starts. It’s easy to forget that communism and Nazism began as movements that attracted idealistic sensibilities. But back then Uranus was in Pisces and Pluto in Cancer. Both are emotional water signs, and Pluto in Cancer is fiercely defensive of family and country. Pluto in Aquarius is egalitarian and can transcend such loyalties. The election will be a hotly contested, almost certainly, as it occurs with Mars opposition Pluto indicated intense anger and potential violence. But Saturn stationary direct the following week may be a hopeful sign that chaos will be controlled.

Regarding the horrific escalation of violence in the world, when will humanity finally learn that violence can only beget violence? As Kukai, the founder of Shingon Buddhism, wrote over a thousand years ago: “Having wrong views, they go to extremes of hatred and attachment; filled with passion, they engage in killing and quarreling.” Let’s keep in mind Edmund Burke’s wise words: “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” This organization of bereaved Palestinian and Israeli parents in dialogue is a good place to start. Please consider supporting them and sharing their information:



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