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Ronnie Pontiac
5 min readOct 14, 2023
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Friends, we have a third rather challenging week ahead of us but after that the aspects lighten up somewhat. Yesterday’s new moon with solar eclipse in Libra will be followed by a lunar eclipse in early Taurus on 10/28. The first indicates a new beginning that may take time to become apparent. The second an ending of some sort. Saturn is at 0 degrees Pisces from 10/11 through 11/27. Pluto is at 27 degrees Capricorn from 9/21 through 10/31. The time when both planets appear motionless from 10/11 thru 10/31 may be the most intense of this Pluto in Capricorn grand finale. About three weeks into January Pluto enters Aquarius for a two decade stay. Keep in mind that even bad aspects can have good results, especially if we have learned the lessons taught by the planets involved. These lessons are the experiences of our own lives, and the consequences of our own choices and actions.

Sunday 10/15 sun inconjunct Uranus is exact. You’ll notice a number of inconjunctions this week. Inconjunctions indicate times when two areas of our lives become difficult to balance. We may want to dive into one and try to forget the other but then the other may return unexpectedly acting out in harmful ways. Health problems can occur caused by stress and bad habits that compromise basic self care. Sun inconjunct Uranus can indicate delays, detours that exasperate us, the feeling that the need for freedom is frustrated. Go about daily life but try doing something different or at least differently.

Mon 10/16 only lunar aspects are exact. A good week to keep in mind Gertrude Stein’s wonderful quote: “Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”

Tue 10/17 Mercury inconjunct Uranus is exact. This can indicate a nervous time, worry over the future, confusion caused by technology, miscommunications and jumping to conclusions. One might blurt something unfortunate, a secret, or shocking opinion. Instead of assuming ask questions, and invite them.

Wed 10/18 sun inconjunct Neptune exact can indicate a strong urge for escapism but also a loss of energy. Even daily life may become foggy. There may be problems in the area of water or contagions. Confusion is likely for many so drive mindfully. With Mercury also exactly inconjunct Neptune tomorrow drunks on the road may be more plentiful than usual.

Thu 10/19 Mercury inconjunct Neptune is exact in the morning and sun conjunct Mercury is exact in the late evening. While ego may override reason when Mercury conjuncts the sun there can be greater clarity and clearer self expression. But Mercury and the sun inconjunct Neptune is anything but clear. Activities that involve the imagination, and mystical, musical and cinematic pursuits might not proceed smoothly but could find great inspiration.

Fri 10/20 Mercury square Pluto is exact. This can indicate obsessive criticism of self and others. Words seem to take on a hurtful tone and conversations can become hateful or healing, and seem to switch, more easily. A great aspect for research, for getting to the bottom of things, for making necessary repairs and reforms, for cathartic creativity or recreation. Don’t waste it in worry over things over which you have no control. Stay informed but not to the point of letting externals dominate your days. Pluto is also tranquility and meditation. Not a bad weekend for a vow of silence, for those who fancy such practices.

Sat 10/21 sun square Pluto is exact in the early morning. Venus trines Jupiter in the evening. And Mercury enters Scorpio just before midnight. The square can be frustrating. It may involve power struggles. Confrontations should be avoided as they seem to turn violent more easily when Pluto squares the sun. The sun, representing our individual egos and daily preoccupations, but also vitality and will, all of which Pluto may challenge with the big picture of what is going wrong and what can go right. Choosing to begin the day with a few tranquil moments can help get the best out of Pluto. Problems that show up here having to do with neglected repairs or reforms could worsen as the double Saturn Pluto stations persist until Halloween.

Venus trine Jupiter may be the luckiest and loveliest aspect but like all aspects it has a negative to positive spectrum. As long we don’t overindulge in spending, eating, intoxication or optimism we can find real opportunities for success, for romance, and for creating and enjoying beauty through the arts, making Saturday a good day for a celebration. Keep in mind Thoreau’s wise words: “The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.”

Mercury entering Scorpio helps us get in the Halloween mood. But we may also become obsessive about tragedies, suspicions, and the horrors of war. What are you researching? What kind of images do you select to fill your thought chambers? Why not research ways to help? Would you be better off tending your own well being and that of your family and community? For the metaphysically inclined Mercury in Scorpio can enhance the kind of depth Baudelaire captured when he wrote: “Nature is a temple in which living columns sometimes emit confused words. Man approaches it through forests of symbols, which observe him with familiar glances.”

With all these inconjunctions we could see news about public health issues. So far, for example, we seem to be avoiding a serious pandemic surge, hopefully indicating that enough of us have learned lessons Saturn and Pluto have been teaching us since their conjunction in January 2020.

Sun 10/22 Mercury trine Saturn is exact. A good aspect for getting organized, and a good time to figure out what Saturn is trying to teach during this double station of Saturn and Pluto. Readiness to learn goes a long way when we want to get the best out of Saturn. Simplifying can bring us a feeling of liberation as we literally and metaphorically let go of the accumulated debris of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008.

The following week includes the sun entering Scorpio and Mars opposition Jupiter but it’s quieter with fewer aspects. Halloween’s Venus trine Uranus promises a night to remember but the Saturn station is exact 11/4. With that trine it’s going be to difficult for many people to keep celebrations relatively modest, with appreciation for how far we’ve come, but respect for how far we have to go. The desire to have fun, to feel free, will be in full force, the desire to do something different, to do something shocking, especially in art and love, may lead to all sorts of surprises, good and bad. As Andre Breton said: “There is nothing with which it is so dangerous to take liberties as liberty itself.” With Pluto finally moving out of the degree of its station on Halloween we may at last feel a little relief from the building intensity of Saturn and Pluto simultaneously stationary.



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