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Friends, we have before us a quieter week of aspects, with Venus strong on the weekends and Mars quite strong next weekend. Last week’s Mercury and sun sun square stationary Pluto influence the beginning of this week. A good time to get to the bottom of complicated issues, and for researching and organizing reforms and repairs that make themselves obvious. These aspects can become obsessive and even destructive. Avoid volatile people and places and think before saying or typing something regrettable.

Venus trines bracket this week more or less with Saturday 10/21’s Venus trine Jupiter and Venus trine Uranus on Halloween. Venus trine Jupiter gives this weekend and most of this week opportunities for fun, success, creativity and romance, but not if we stay stuck in the vortex of the Saturn Pluto double station. Doom scrolling, fretting about the future, or regrets about the past, are only useful if they inspire constructive action. The Chinese sage Xunzi wrote: “Pray all you want — heaven can’t hear you. It’s not going to stop the winter because you are cold, and it’s not going to make the earth smaller because you don’t want to walk so far. You pray for rain and it rains, but your prayer has nothing to do with it. Sometimes you don’t pray and it rains anyway. What do you say then? If you act wisely, good things tend to happen. Act like a fool and bad things tend to happen. Don’t thank or curse heaven — it’s just the natural result of your own actions. If you want to have a better life, educate yourself and think carefully about the consequences of your actions.”

All astrological occurrences have a negative and positive side, what is the positive side of Saturn Pluto double station? Both Saturn and Pluto can be tranquil. Pluto can correspond to healing. Saturn by simplifying and organizing can help us achieve and sustain a greater sense of well-being. Both help us finish long standing tasks and let go of bad habits. Both can indicate deep learning and practice that enables us to transform our lives. They also both correspond with meditation. Contemplation of impermanence can lead to a more authentic existence and the ability to appreciate the small wonders of daily life. It’s hard to feel love when we are constantly fending off examples of the unfairness and tragedy afflicting our world, so we must make the effort.

11/1 Pluto will finally leave the degree of its station, which began 9/24. Saturn’s stay in its degree of station lasts until 11/26 with the day of station on 11/3. This Saturn Pluto combo hearkens back to the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1/2020 and it amplifies Pluto in Capricorn which ends 1/21/2024 (except for a few weeks later in the year). If you were around to experience the shift from Pluto in Sagittarius to Pluto in Capricorn in 2008 (economic crisis etc) and the continuous crisis since, you understand how big Pluto’s entry into a new sign can be. Aquarius will define the next twenty years as Capricorn defined the time from 2008 until now.

I asked the Yi Jing to comment on this Saturn Pluto station that we‘re enduring collectively and personally. The hexagram was Shock. Here’s the line: “The times are full of shocking occurrences which bring disorder to all of society. You cannot combat the times alone, and all those affected are too confused to react appropriately. Retreat is the best course, although it may bring criticism from others who do not comprehend your actions.”

Next weekend, with Mars conjunct Mercury both opposition Jupiter we could see another level of violence in the ongoing wars, most likely nothing unexpected, and there is a very small chance that Jupiter could swing a diplomatic solution. However that would require compromise and understanding the concerns of the other side sitting across the negotiation table. In our own lives we can notice and process irritation. Don’t let petty frustrations cause unnecessary fights or sharp words. Put that energy to better use. Dare to be optimistic and find out more about something that might bring you success or at least some fun.

Sun 10/22 Mercury trine Saturn is exact in the morning favoring organization and streamlining. A great aspect for editing creative work, for learning and practice, and for making time for meditation and other healthy habits. Saturn is so strong in its station that we have a rare opportunity to get results from discipline and well reasoned choices.

Mon 10/23 sun enters Scorpio at 9:21 AM setting the mood for what promises to be an exciting Halloween. Sun in Scorpio can ask us to take a look at our shadows and repressions. With Pluto still stationary Scorpio’s intensity is amplified. But do ask yourself what kind of nutrition you are providing body, mind and soul. What good is knowing the latest if the price is stress and the gain is little more than a temporary delusion that we actually know what’s going on. Are there areas in our immediate lives that would benefit from more attention? If we are more immersed in screens than the lives of the beings sharing our daily life this is a good time to make adjustments.

Tue 10/24 sun trine Saturn is exact about a quarter after midnight, bringing more opportunities to get the best out of Saturn. With Saturn stationary for some this could be a time of disappointment, depression, exhaustion but these can lead to valuable realizations about how to change our lives for the better.

Wed 10/25 only lunar aspects are exact. As Sylvia Plath wrote: “Indecision and reveries are the anesthetics of constructive action.”

Thu 10/26 Venus inconjunct Chiron is exact, a bit of a double whammy in the area of health. Chiron can indicate health crisis and inconjunctions can indicate problems in the same area. With Venus inconjunct Chiron simply going out to have a good time involves a greater chance of some sort of consequences. Perhaps over-intoxication leads to a bad hangover, for example. We may wish to avoid unnecessary risks when having fun, especially fun involving romance, concerts and other events corresponding to Venus. That Saturn Pluto double station is still strong and an ominous presence astrologically speaking.

Fri 10/27 only lunar aspects are exact. It is written in the Flower Adornment Sutra that “All sentient beings have the knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas but in their folly and confusion do not know them or perceive them.” But no matter how long it seems to last this is a temporary state. “After eradicating their deluded notions, sentient beings will recover the infinite knowledge and wisdom of Buddhas, and thus become able to aid and comfort all living beings.”

Sat 10/28 Mars opposition Jupiter is exact, followed by the full moon lunar eclipse in early Taurus. Then Mercury opposition Jupiter is exact in the evening. The opposition can bring a feeling of robust energy, good for sports, but can be accident prone when we push too hard. Serious effort may be rewarded with success. But anger can more easily erupt and expansion of war is not uncommon with this aspect. In our own lives we can bring more optimism to our actions and perhaps consult expert helpers who know their way around the corridors that need navigation.

Sun 10/29 Mercury conjunct Mars is exact bringing extra energy to communications. Some may speak too bluntly or with unintended force causing avoidable conflicts. For writers and other communicators a time to go for it, worry about editing later. News about war will likely be center stage. As Sun Tzu wrote: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Venus trine Uranus on Halloween has an electric energy: the strangely beautiful, a surprising romance, or shocking pleasure. Celebrate Venus and the future. In our own lives we can use technology to liberate creativity. Artists, filmmakers, musicians, etc. this is a great time to be creative. Again, don’t worry about edits, just release your creativity. Relationships can benefit from doing something different or surprising. How can we combine love, liberation and art in areas of our lives that need revitalization? At the very least have fun and enjoy the detours and distractions, they may lead to surprising revelations.



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