Star Weather Astrology Report: 10/29–11/6

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All quotes in today’s report are from Kukai the founder of Shingon Buddhism, mostly from his poetry collection: Poems That Sing Ten Images.

Yesterday’s full moon lunar eclipse in early Taurus could make this an anxious weekend. Lunar eclipses can indicate endings. With Saturn and Pluto stationary, both also having to do with endings, adverse events and a general malaise may leave many feeling that the future is unalterably grim. But the endings indicated by an eclipse are necessary to make room for new life. Be respectful and grateful as the past winds up. Do what you can to make the process easier for everyone, whether that’s a change of job, location, or a change of family patriarch.

Yesterday’s Mars opposition Jupiter will be with us all week and then some while Mercury opposition Jupiter stays relevant through the middle of the week. The first can quickly magnify anger and violence as we’ve been seeing. The feeling of helplessness may inspire many to make bold statements they may later regret. It sounds strange to say avoid over optimism during times like this. Put energy and thought into whatever you define as success. Try to bring a gently jovial presence to the current gloom.

As I wrote last week 11/1 Pluto will finally leave the degree of its station, which began 9/24. Saturn’s stay in its degree of station began 10/12 and lasts until 11/26, with the day of exact station on 11/3. This Saturn Pluto combo calls back to the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1/2020 and it amplifies Pluto in Capricorn which ends 1/21/2024. This is some of the most difficult astrological weather we’ve faced this year, especially between 10/12 and 11/1 when both Saturn and Pluto are stationary. Like the Saturn Pluto conjunction this is a momento mori moment. In 2020 that conjunction heralded Covid and the world quickly became obsessed with death. So take a moment and contemplate looking back from the future at your life right now, when it is no more than a memory. Have you ever looked at the past and wished you could go back and take full advantage of the opportunities you didn’t understand at the time? Check to see if that might be happening right now?

In my experience and from a whole lot of hearsay when these planets are both stationary there is an intensification of the issues associated with the harsher realities of life, a quality of building intensity, of time seeming to slow down. One can feel trapped in the bureaucracy of fate. Endings proliferate. The shadow side of individuals and collectives roars into action. But this is also a time of extraordinary opportunities for learning, meditating, cultivating tranquility, healing, and clearing the way for a new and better approach to living.

With this double station situations can appear to be more drastic than they are. There can be crisis points as difficulties come to a head. Depression, pessimism, paranoia, extreme reactions, and power struggles seem to take over many lives. But keep in mind that even during the most difficult aspects there can be triumphs, achievements, appreciation and love. But we have to take the time and make the effort, and we have to have learned the lessons Saturn and Pluto have been so busy teaching us since 2020.

If you’re going through challenging circumstances now consider what you gain from them. What important lessons about life are you learning? At the very least we are learning to be more patient, kind, loving, steadfast, mindful and gentle. But we also need to learn about boundaries, loyalty, moving on, and letting go. We can be sure to give help and to show love to those we care about. We can practice staying in the moment instead of losing our equilibrium by constantly viewing and thinking about tragedy. As Kukai wrote: “Do not love blindly. Meditate earnestly and quickly live in the palace of Suchness.”

Being in the moment has many benefits. Too often we don’t understand what really means the most to us. How many fathers work hard for wealth and privilege for their families then lament the moments they missed, the shining human moments of love and appreciation? Many people know loved ones who might have habits that irritate them but when that presence is no longer in their lives they feel that they would give anything to be annoyed in just that way again. Saturn is telling us slow down. Stop. Look at what’s right in front of you. Pluto tells us that the past is gone and the future unavoidable, only the present is for us and there we find the rebirths we are looking for.

Here’s a simple trick that works well with Saturn and Pluto. Try doing things more quietly. Usually that requires going slower and becoming more aware, therefore the present moment expands, and we return to the world instead of glancing at it thought to thought like a skipped stone bouncing on waves. Many people avoid silence because it makes them nervous. But silence is rich with spiritual potential. Many of our best revelations happen in quiet moments.

Sunday 10/29 Mercury conjunct Mars exact adds to the force of Mercury and Jupiter opposition Mars exact the day before. As we have seen violence and war are in the news. Avoid sharp words. Steer clear of arguments. These are wonderful aspects for writing and other creativity requiring dexterity. Don’t be in a rush. Don’t try to force things. The urge to post some hostile diatribe or meme may be strong, tbut he need to take a side and force others to do so is often the result of the frustration of not being able to help in practical ways. Consider then the art of persuasion before posting dismissals or threats.

Mon 10/30 only lunar aspects are exact. Kukai reminds us that words are helpful tools but also deeply misleading. We can try not to fall in love with what we think certain arrangements of words mean for ourselves and the human race, instead we can remember that our knowledge is partial, and not knowing can be as valuable as knowing. As Kukai wrote: “In a dream you may experience a noon­ day, an hour, a moment, or a year, and you may see many strange things and feel happiness and unhappiness in many ways. But when you are awakened from the dream, you will realize that it is just a dream. You must know that the Shingon dream is empty as such, too.”

Tue 10/31 Venus trine Uranus is exact and potentially a much needed relief, boding well for Halloween. Go for the exotic, surprising and perhaps even shocking. Try something different. Find beauty in the new and unexpected. Don’t mind the detours. Put love, appreciation and creativity to the forefront and you might have not only a fun but a liberating Halloween. If you are artistically inclined a great time to go for it and make something beautiful, especially in music and the fine arts.

Wed 11/1 Mercury inconjunct Chiron is exact. Formerly Halloween and Thanksgiving have led to winter pandemic surges and this aspect may indicate just that. Individually we can pay attention to the subtle messages our body is always sending us. As Eliphas Levi pointed out by doing so we can make small adjustments that help us avoid bigger problems down the road.

Thu 11/2 sun opposition Jupiter is exact increasing the power of Mars opposition Jupiter. This can be an optimistic aspect, but it can also indicate a feeling of alienation from success and from the social institutions meant to support us that seem to so often do quite the opposite. When facing difficult situations we can remind ourselves that the experiences of life are like dreams. Kukai wrote: “A short sleep has millions of dreams. Full of inconceivable pleasure and pain. Hell and heaven are in the mind.”

Fri 11/3 Venus opposition Neptune can indicate an inspiring but also confusing time. In romance there may be miscues and false assumptions, in art inspiration may appear but be difficult to capture. With oppositions the key thing is to find balance. This is the classic go on a date and get drunk and ruin it aspect, or we might feel that we are falling in love with someone who is deceiving us in some way. Give Venus some time this weekend, and Neptune, too, it could help refresh the soul, though Venus and Neptune may seem far away with Saturn stationary direct tomorrow. Kukai wrote: “When you know your own mind very well through the Ten Images, you will live in peace in your own mind.” The Ten Images are ten examples of things we mistake for reality, for example a mirage. Kukai is telling us that all of life is a mirage that seems so real but then disappears.

Sat 11/4 Saturn is stationary direct three minutes past midnight and Mercury opposition Uranus is exact in the morning. Saturn went retrograde June 17. Look back to that time to measure progress and see where more work might be needed and what themes might return. It takes time to get the best out of Saturn (and Pluto). Bad Saturn: criticizing self and others, pessimism, futility, being judgemental, hording, not letting go of the past, enjoying disillusioning others, finding reasons to give up, holding on to power when it should be shared. Good Saturn: learning, mentoring, resting, practicing, teaching, waiting, being patient, providing solid support, being stable, streamlining by letting go, facing grief and regret to find wisdom, simplifying, and appreciating the humorous ironies and paradoxes of life.

Sun 11/5 the dark of the moon arrives 1:37 AM. Traditionally seven days of finishing rather than beginning, and some may feel less energetic. A good time to introvert for replenishment. Mars inconjunct Chiron is exact in the wee hours just before Standard Time resumes. For many this can be a depressing time when the days seem short indeed but for those who wake up early it can be the difference between driving to work in the dark or the light. This inconjunction is a health double whammy as both the inconjunction and Chiron can indicate problems, especially where there is suppressed anger, libido, or ambition.

Mon 11/6 Venus trine Pluto indicates the potential for transformative romantic and creative endeavors. Pluto asks us to look deeply into our psyches so that we can heal wounds and unleash potential by passionate devotion to love, harmony and creativity. Relationships can be transformed by deeply romantic gestures. Art can be especially cathartic and the results could be dramatically beautiful.

Next week Venus leaves defensive Virgo for diplomatic Libra. With the eclipses and Pluto’s dwelling in the degree of its station behind us we may feel a little less tension. Saturn remaining in the degree of its station almost all the way through November will dampen the festivities but at least Pluto will have eased up a bit. This is the end of Pluto in Capricorn, folks, through the end of this year until 1/21/2024. Perhaps you agree that the grand finale I’ve been writing about is in process. So gird your loins for November and December but look how close we are to the radically different two decades that arrive on the 3rd Saturday of January. I had a wonderful talk with Jeffrey Mishlove this morning that at one point delved into this subject. I’ll share the link when it goes live. We’ve got about 12 weeks to go. Hang in there.



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