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5 min readNov 11, 2023

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Friends, while Saturn remains in the degree of its station until 11/27 and Saturday 11/11’s Mars opposition Uranus remains with us through this week and then some, after this weekend we get some relief from the relentless astrological weather of Oct and early Nov. Saturn in its degree of station means limits, endings, a time for learning and practice, for meditation, for simplifying, for facing facts, and for setting up good habits for a better future. The opposition can indicate violence, and there is a continuing risk of spectacles of criminality and shock of war, however Mars aspects later this week and the following week could indicate greater compassion and restraint.

Sun 11/12 only lunar aspects are exact. We are still in the dark of the moon so take it easy. As we near Pluto in Aquarius which begins 1/20/2024 here is a quote from Aime Cesaire which captures the potential of the new placement: “I have a different idea of a universal. It is of a universal rich with all that is particular, rich with all the particulars there are, the deepening of each particular, the coexistence of them all.”

Mon 11/13 the new moon in Scorpio arrives at 1:27 AM. The sun opposes Uranus later in the morning. The new moon is a green light for new projects but take your time with Saturn stationary. New moon in Scorpio promises a week of intrigues, and it may be wise to take care not to fall down too many rabbit holes of suspicion and speculation. The opposition amplifies Mars opposition Pluto exact only two days ago.

Tue 11/14 only lunar aspects are exact. Baudelaire wrote: “A book is a garden, an orchard, a storehouse, a party, companionship along the way, a counselor, a multitude of counselors.”

Wed 11/15 Mercury sextile Venus is exact very early in the morning followed by two inconjunctions: Mercury inconjunct Jupiter early evening and Venus inconjunct Jupiter. This is an interesting combination and perhaps a rare opportunity. The inconjunctions indicate areas where two necessities simply can’t find common ground, and can indicate issues around health, collective and individual. But the sextile gives us a rare opportunity to find that common ground. The arts, all that is Venusian, romance, beauty, creativity, and especially conversation, research, craft, can open the way for an understanding of how harmony can be brought to areas of our lives we may have thought could never be resolved. On the other hand we might talk too much and communicate something regrettable or we could over indulge with the same result.

Thu 11/16 only lunar aspects are exact. As Juana Inés de la Cruz said: “I don’t study to know more, but to ignore less.” She also wrote: “Aristotle could have known so much more if he cooked.”

Fri 11/17 not long after midnight Mars trine Neptune is exact. This and the trine that follows commence a series of Mars related aspects that could indicate a change of perspective in the wars. Neptune brings compassion and makes it a little more likely that public opinion will influence decisions. Later that morning sun trine Neptune is exact. It should also be mentioned that both these aspects promise more propaganda from both sides of the conflict. It’s key that we focus on peace rather than choosing a side and joining the melee, even if all we do is post comments online we are only adding to the hostile atmosphere of humanity. That night sun conjunct Mars is exact and could indicate a backlash to those peaceful efforts, a lashing out that could involve the war or actions closer to home. In our own lives it’s good to find a way to use this energy to help those who depend on us, to put some effort into acts of kindness, and to devote our actions to peace not conflict. Avoid angry people and watch out for people acting out.

Sat 11/18 only lunar aspects are exact but watch out for moon conjunct Pluto about a half hour after midnight. With so much Mars in the air this Saturday night could get ugly for some. We might want to avoid places where shows of bravado could turn obnoxious or violent. That means driving carefully.

Next Sunday 11/19 only lunar aspects are exact. The following week Mars sextile Pluto could bring an even more destructive approach to the war, but sextiles tend to be harmonious. Alongside the Mars and sun trines to Neptune exact only two days ago this sextile could indicate a sense that enough destruction has been achieved. Neptune is slowing down to become stationary direct on 12/6 so the influence of compassion will be emphasized. Saturn helps by dwelling in the degree of its station all month. Saturn can be used to justify the worst kinds of slaughter in the name of pragmatic realism, but it can also indicate rational limits and awareness of consequences. Saturn can be peaceful, after all, it’s one of the astrological symbols associated with meditation. 11/23 we get sun square Saturn and then 11/25 Mars square Saturn. This could indicate an end to violence, a ceasefire, or the decision that enough tactical and strategic goals have been achieved. It helps also that Mars will leave vengeful Scorpio for Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. While this could indicate the war spreading, it may also indicate a new optimism and real diplomacy.

We are now only ten weeks away from Pluto in Aquarius. That’s about as big a change as there is in astrology, but two more are on the way in 2025: Neptune begins a new cycle in Aries and Uranus leaves Taurus for Gemini. The world will feel quite different during the second half of the 20s and these times will seem rather nostalgic and antiquated. Keep in mind that we are living at the end of three great astrological cycles: the 84 year Uranus cycle, Neptune’s roughly 160 year cycle, and Pluto’s roughly 250 year cycle. What was happening about 250 years ago? Does 1776 ring a bell? 160 years? The American Civil War. 84 years ago? 1941, Pearl Harbor. Please do not draw the conclusion that America is about to have a revolution, a civil war and an unexpected attack that draws us into a World War, all at the same time, however that remains a possible if improbable worst case scenario. Do keep in mind just how big a change these new cycles indicate. What we consider impossible today may soon be our new reality. As Carlos Fuentes wrote: “There must be something beyond slaughter and barbarism to support the existence of mankind and we must all help search for it.”



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