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Ronnie Pontiac
5 min readNov 4, 2023


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Friends, this week may considerably lighten the astrological atmosphere. Saturn is now stationary but no longer retrograde, and Venus and Mercury leave Virgo and Scorpio, respectively, for Libra and Sagittarius. We do have a few challenging aspects making this week a mixed bag.

Saturday 11/4 stationary Saturn direct was exact just after midnight. Saturn will occupy the degree of its station through 11/27 but the end of Saturn retrograde is a good thing. Now with Pluto out of its degree of station and Saturn no longer retrograde October’s intense Saturn and Pluto atmosphere eases off. Look back to 6/17 when Saturn went retrograde with an eye to assessing progress or finding recurrent themes. We’re still in Pluto in Capricorn until 1/20/2024 and we can expect the grand finale to continue parading all the Saturn and Pluto issues we face individually and collectively. But the most intense moment of the grand finale seems to have been October.

There are some rough aspects ahead for the rest of the year, especially adverse Mars aspects, suggesting wars and lesser conflicts political and personal will continue to afflict our world, and we do have Neptune stationary direct on 12/6, but nothing comparable to October’s two eclipses and Saturn and Pluto stations. Neptune retrograde continues to sound the siren call of the past, with a feeling of unease about the future. Once Neptune resumes direct motion we may feel better about saying goodbye to the roller coaster of a year that 2023 has been. Suheir Hammad said: “We cannot develop unless we are strong enough to face our own weakness, head on.”

Saturday 11/4’s Mercury opposition Uranus is with us through the first half of this week. This can be a nervous and accident prone aspect, we may speak or act erratically, so drive defensively and take extra care in the kitchen and in conversation. On the other hand we may have insights about freedom needed or gained. We may encounter messages that inspire a new perspective, that may liberate us from past entanglements that have lingered far too long, perhaps back to key events in 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn.

Sunday 11/5 about an hour after midnight the dark of the moon begins, indicating seven days that tend to be low energy and better for finishing than starting. Mars inconjunct Chiron is exact 7 minutes later. The worrisome thing about this aspect is that it can indicate the impact of war on disease. Areas where sanitation is prevented and where death is frequent are breeding grounds for mutations. Why is it so hard for human beings to learn simple lessons about life, such as how poor a solution war is for the problems of the human race? Andre Malraux wrote: “Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”

Mon 11/6 Venus trine Pluto is exact in the morning and Mercury trine Neptune is exact in the late afternoon. This pair of beautiful trines can help us rise above the more challenging aspects this week. This can be a time of passionate romance and creativity. Art and love can have a healing cathartic quality. Reform seems to happen more easily with this aspect, often inspired by women. Exploring the shadow in Venusian ways can be especially healing during this trine. Mercury trine Neptune adds inspiration. A great time for writing, working on music, mystical pursuits, and the arts in general. If you are not a creative how about enjoying some art or music to take a break from bad news? On the low end this trine can lead to intoxicated babbling, so you have been warned.

Tue 11/7 only lunar aspects are exact. George Eliot wrote: “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

Wed 11/8 Venus enters Libra at 1:30 AM. In the early afternoon Venus inconjunct Saturn is exact. Followed in the early evening by sun inconjunct Chiron. Venus leaving nervous and rather mental Virgo for the sign it rules is a big change. It favors diplomacy so we can hope. Art, partnership, music, and romance are favored. The key to bringing more Venus into our lives now is to understand both sides of any issue. Venus inconjunct Saturn puts a damper on the party, however. Saturn confronts us with difficulties and limitations that may have to do with health. Not a good time for pushing ourselves to the limit, especially for women and artists. Get rest. Get good nourishment. Enjoy simple pleasures. Miracles surround us. Just consider all the people it took to design, to get the raw materials, to fashion the parts, put them together, and provide the electricity that powers the device on which you read this. Even in urban environments nature’s beauty can enchant those who notice it. Sun inconjunct Chiron poses another potential problem with public health, or in the lives of individuals it could be a time when messages about health issues intrude. With inconjunctions it’s good to pay attention to the messages our bodies are telling us. Treat your body like a dear friend, not a rented mule.

Thu 11/9 Mercury enters Sagittarius at 10:25 AM. While Mercury is in its detriment in Sagittarius, perhaps evidenced by the famous Sagittarian penchant for embroidering stories to make them “better”, Mercury in Scorpio can be obsessive, especially about the darkest most violent aspects of life. Mercury in Sagittarius takes on a jovial tone, favoring optimism, but also rather free with facts. Venus in Virgo and Mercury in Scorpio were an obsessive duo with a fixation on worrying and staying informed about the latest catastrophe. These new placements should help lighten the atmosphere and improve communication.

Fri 11/10 Mercury square Saturn is exact in the morning. This is generally a pessimistic aspect and can indicate mental exhaustion and depression. But with the sun and Mars almost exactly opposing Uranus now this square might be a calming factor, preventing the most extreme expressions of these oppositions. This aspect also indicates a good time for serious conversations, or thoughtful silence, for learning, practicing, mentoring, simplifying, and meditating. Good for figuring out how to structure something, and of course good for editing if we don’t get too distracted by those oppositions.

Sat 11/11 Mars opposition Uranus is exact. This could indicate a surprise in the wars. There could be new technology, or a new approach, or it could be even more shocking violence. In our own lives this accident prone and irritable aspect can indicate anxious reactions and nervous apprehension. Another reason to be mindful when using sharp instruments, electricity, or a steering wheel. Frustrated ambitions and desire, and violated boundaries, could trigger violence or accidents. Of course, the vast majority of us will experience neither, but a little extra caution can’t hurt with this aspect.

Sun 11/12 only lunar aspects are exact, but next Monda’s sun opposition Uranus amplifies yesterday’s Mars opposition Uranus. Put that energy into making necessary changes. Enjoy detours. Jean Baudrillard wrote: “It is always the same: once you are liberated, you are forced to ask who you are.”



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