Star Weather Astrology Report 2/11–2/18

Ronnie Pontiac
5 min readFeb 10, 2024

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L.A. Sunrise #4 by Tamra Lucid.

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Friends, we have an intense week ahead of us with Mars conjunct Pluto this weekend and Venus conjunct Pluto the next.

Sunday 2/11 only lunar aspects are exact, could be a lovely evening with moon sextile Venus then conjunct Neptune. Romance and creativity, or taking time to enjoy music and art, could enchant us. Mars almost exactly conjunct Pluto can indicate power struggles, amped up libido, raging ambition, vicious competition, even criminality and violence. But it also indicates an opportunity to get deeply into the roots of issues we may have in these areas of life. Healing and tranquility, letting go, and rebirth can be ours if we learn the lesson of impermanence. As James Baldwin wrote: “The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in.”

Mon 2/12 Mars enters Aquarius at 10:05 PM. This placement would seem to correlate with battles for justice, protests, sudden changes in direction, realizations that change how things are done. We are likely to be seeing some surprises in the wars, and in the chronic political and judicial conflicts, as it becomes necessary to see more than one side of issues. In our own lives it’s a good time to fight for a cause dear to our hearts, for the collective good, but also for individual evolution. Are there ways to bring more freedom into your efforts to make your mark on the world? This week Mars may be the messenger of important Pluto in Aquarius theme. As Virginia Woolf wrote: “Arrange whatever pieces come your way.”

Tue 2/13 Venus sextile Neptune is exact before dawn followed by Mars conjunct Pluto in the late evening. This is a risky combination of aspects. Venus sextile Neptune can indicate a time when we more easily succumb to romantic or mystical delusions, as well as intoxication, but Mars conjunct Pluto can indicate danger of assault. Not a good time for risky behavior, rough trade or dangerous encounters. But this combination can also indicate the potential for life changing experiences in the worlds of romance and creativity. How to get that result? There’s a question worth pondering. Each of us must answer that question for ourselves. As Eliphas Levi wrote: “All miracles are promised to faith, and what is faith except the audacity of will which does not hesitate in the darkness, but advances towards the light in spite of all ordeals, and surmounting all obstacles?”

Wed 2/14 Valentine’s Day with Mars conjunct Pluto, what could go wrong? Listen to intuition. The opportunity for epic romance to be sure, but also for violence, obsession, in Aquarius, so social events might attract the kind of predators Mars conjunct Pluto can indicate. We want to be careful out there. No unattended drinks. Check for air tags on the tires. Especially if you’re in an area where strangers may feel emboldened by the anonymity of crowds or shadows. Of course, for most the worst manifestation of the potentials of this aspect might be a big fight on Valentine’s Day because of creepy or boisterous male enthusiasm. Getting in a fight with a stranger over politics, for example, ruining what could have been a nice date. Or road rage. Be sure to ask questions before going for the gusto.

Thu 2/15 Mercury sextile Chiron is exact before dawn. Subtle signs of what might be ahead may offer opportunities to improve health. Fortuitously overhearing good advice. A truly helpful set of searches online. A casual conversation with a friend reveals important information about maintaining well being. As Virginia Woolf wrote: “Once conform, once do what other people do because they do it, and a lethargy steals over all the finer nerves and faculties of the soul. She becomes all outer show and inward emptiness; dull, callous, and indifferent.”

Fri 2/16 Venus enters Aquarius at 8:05 AM, followed by Mercury square Uranus just before 8 PM. Venus having become Saturnine in Capricorn may become more gregarious in Aquarius. Earlier this week, and continuing, we have seen Mars relate what Pluto in Aquarius is about when it comes to Mars in our lives and our world. Now we will see the same for Venus. Romance, creativity, art, music, film, fashion, finance, what messages is Venus sending you about these areas of life, about where big changes may have happened or are happening? Mercury square Uranus can indicate unnecessary urgency, erratic accident prone actions, blurted statements that shock, mistakes that cause disruptions. This aspect can be nervous and compulsive, especially about news, but it can also bring realization and liberation, by means of research, conversations or short trips. A little extra care commuting may be called for.

Sat 2/17 Venus conjunct Pluto is exact in the hour after midnight. With both Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto this could be a time to remember for the creative and for the romantic, by which is meant the full spectrum of romance, not the cliche. Amazing art will be created by some. This week could bring peak experiences of romance for others. Ambition, libido and anger issues may require attention. But then Venus exactly conjunct Pluto arrives to ask us what we truly long for. What is the deepest calling at the heart of the individual? In our own lives and in the feed we are likely to see how Mars and Venus “refract” the beginning of Pluto in Aquarius. We may receive valuable messages about what to expect going forward.

Sun 2/18 the sun enters Pisces in the evening. With all this Aquarius going on some may find a sense of relief as the sun moves into the last twelfth of its cycle around the zodiac. There’s a natural retrospection to Pisces, and it can be helpful to look back over our lives to get a sense of how we feel we have done and what still needs doing. Spring is now thirty days away. As Luther Burbank wrote: “Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.”



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