Star Weather Astrology Report 2/18–2/25

Ronnie Pontiac
4 min readFeb 17, 2024

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Solar Reflection 3 photo by Tamra Lucid.

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Friends, we have before us a quiet week astrologically speaking, with few aspects. However, Venus, Mars and Pluto are conjunct until 2/21 and the North Node is conjunct Chiron until 2/26. The conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto can indicate creative breakthroughs, and intense experiences in relationships, especially romantic. North Node conjunct Chiron indicates issues around health in the public sector. Collectively we long for a healthier environment, for freedom from pandemics, and from the sick psyches of people who have become powerful by force of pathology. A good aspect for planning ahead, for seeing how changes we make in our habits, but also in who we interact with, can help us achieve a well-being that has been hard to attain since 2020 (and 2016).

Sunday 2/18 the sun enters Pisces at 8:13 PM drawing us nearer to Spring. Pisces tends to be nostalgic, emotional, escapist and intuitive. Look back over last year and the beginning of this year. What would you like to change? Can you accept what can’t be changed? Also, how’s the quality of the water you’re drinking, and are you drinking enough of it? Make time to recognize how you’re really feeling.

Mon 2/19, Tue 2/20 only lunar aspects are exact. Andre Gide wrote: “It is not always by plugging away at a difficulty and sticking to it that one overcomes it; often it is by working on the one next to it. Some things and some people have to be approached obliquely, at an angle.”

Wed 2/21 Venus conjunct Mars is exact at 11:14 PM and ends 3/3. Pluto exits the triple conjunction today. This aspect can indicate romance but with Pluto along for the ride there is greater potential for danger but also for transformation. We want to be certain that everyone agrees with what happens. We want to avoid potentially dangerous situations and people. But we also want to express the depths most of us hide as we try to present our best selves. Cathartic experiences can bring liberating intimacy. For creative people this is an excellent time to dive deep into projects. We can lift our creativity to another level.

Thu 2/22 Mercury enters Pisces at 11:29 PM amplifying the Pisces focus. What has it been like in your corner of the world since 2008? How have the first couple months of Pluto in Aquarius been? Do you see issues that are likely to repeat, courtesy of Pluto in Aquarius? A good time for mystical pursuits, writing down dreams, for creative reverie, nostalgic evenings and gatherings, automatic writing, and for enjoying science fiction or fantasy books, films, art, games, etc. Express compassion. Allow empathy. Pay attention to intuition.

Fri 2/23 the full moon in early Virgo is exact at 4:30 AM. Only lunar aspects are exact, not a great night for communications with moon inconjunct Pluto then opposition Mercury potentially creating conflict and misunderstandings. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote: “Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will.”

Sat 2/24 Venus square Jupiter is exact in the evening. It’s considered the happiest of the squares. Squares can be frustrating, and can trigger conflict. But they are also like steps. They can lift us to a new level if we make the effort to climb them. The lower end of the spectrum of experiences associated with this aspect includes over-indulging, over-spending, over-doing, false confidence, arrogance, rose colored glasses, and misplaced optimism. On the higher end joyful times, especially romantic, golden opportunities probably with the help of a representative of Venus. Express appreciation. Lavish with love. Let the harmony of music, the beauty of art, refresh and restore you. With tragedies on all our minds why not set aside a little time for the benefits of celebrating life with those we cherish? For creative people a time to work without concern for edits or doubts, put your heart into it. Unleash your creativity. Edit later.

Sun 2/25 only lunar aspects are exact. Silence is a skill essential for survival but as Audre Lorde wrote: “I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.”



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