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Ronnie Pontiac
6 min readFeb 24, 2024

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This week features a sharp reversal astrologically speaking. In a nest of Jupiter we have a triple conjunction of the sun, Mercury and Saturn. Marsilio Ficino gave good advice about dealing with strong Saturn: counter it with Jupiter. But Ficino didn’t know about Uranus, the corrector of Saturn and ruler of Pluto’s upcoming two decades in Aquarius. We can try out Ficino’s advice, as this week includes a serious dose of Saturn, offset by plenty of Jupiter, and ends with Uranian aspects. We may also have to endure aggressive displays as indicated by Mars approaching exact squares to Jupiter and Uranus. Expansion of wars and sharpening political arguments are the worst way to use these squares which on the upper spectrum of possibilities indicate a successful struggle for freedom, breakthroughs, and new more effective approaches to improving our lives.

How do we use Jupiter to counter Saturn, as Ficino suggested? On the simplest level find some jovial entertainment to enjoy. If you prefer more elevation partake of the uplifting classics of art, literature, poetry, music and spirituality. Buying something expensive is not the best response. Neither is over-indulging. Be generous where it’s appropriate. Gather online with others to bring out the best in each other. Try something new, do something differently, dare to think outside the box. How do you define independence?

Sunday 2/25 only lunar aspects are exact. Rumi wrote: “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.”

Mon 2/26 only lunar aspects are exact. Rabelais wrote: “Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.”

Tue 2/27 Mars square Jupiter exact at 12:30 AM can indicate aggression and arrogance, an increase of violence, but it is also energy for taking action in the name of freedom and justice. Anger at courts and government is likely. But we don’t need to know astrology to foretell that. Whatever the Supreme Court decides will make a sizeable percentage of Americans irate. In our own lives this aspect indicates a time for putting energy into developing good opportunities, becoming more active, and defending our rights and boundaries. For some this aspect can indicate a listless time until energy is unleashed by reasons for optimism or, on the other hand, anger. Can also indicate a time of increased libido. Repression of Mars in our lives (libido, ambition, anger) may turn aggressive and even violent more easily during these aspects.

Wed 2/28 sun conjunct Mercury is exact in the hour after midnight. Usually this aspect indicates heated conversations, egotistical self-expression, being focused on our view of things and ready to debate about it. But in the early morning Mercury is exactly conjunct Saturn. Then the sun is exactly conjunct Saturn in the early afternoon. This indicates a rare opportunity for getting organized, for editing, for thinking about ways to simplify, taking a hard look at the facts that present themselves. But this could also be a time of depression, exhaustion, especially mental exhaustion, and disappointments. We may be extra sensitive to hurtful words and actions, or may commit them without full awareness of the consequences. It’s possible this triple threat could indicate a newsworthy ending of someone who is or has been in authority, probably an older person.

Strong Saturn at this time, only about a month after Pluto left Capricorn, may bring back unresolved issues. The pessimism of 2008–2023, feelings of futility and chronic cynicism, may make us wonder why the past won’t let go of its grip on us. Be patient. Don’t anticipate troubles. Make changes where needed. Look for the common good in any situation. Get rest. Learn. Practice. This is a good aspect for meditation, and surrounded by favorable aspects as it is, for some could indicate deep healing. Here’s an appropriately Saturnine quote from the Russian writer Teffi: “It’s sad to wander about the graveyard of my tired memory, where all hurts have been forgiven, where every sin has been more than atoned for, every riddle unriddled and twilight quietly cloaks the crosses, now no longer upright, of graves I once wept over.” Go there, if needed, but keep in mind that Pluto is in Aquarius now. The greatest astrological invitation to liberation and reinvention in our lifetimes. As Thomas Vaughn wrote in Anthroposophia Theomagica: “Ignorance gave this release the name of death, but properly it is the soul’s birth and a charter that makes for her liberty.” Don’t take the quote literally, think of it as a description of human resilience after a time of despair.

Thu 2/29 Mercury sextile Jupiter is exact just before 2 AM. Sextiles are not as strong as trines, oppositions, and squares, but they do indicate opportunities. This sextile could be fun, even prosperous, and eloquent, but can also indicate arrogance and over-optimism. Why not say something encouraging to those you appreciate? As Goethe wrote: “Correction does much, but encouragement does more.” Dare to be optimistic against prevailing currents, it’s a good skill to have during Pluto in Aquarius.

Fri 3/1 sun sextile Jupiter is exact at 4:15 AM followed by Venus sextile Chiron in the early morning. The first may give us back the energy we had difficulty accessing under the sway of Saturn. Like Mercury sextile Jupiter it suggests we get better results by finding reasons for optimism. The Venus Chiron sextile brings opportunities for healing, especially to and through women and other representatives of Venus. Music and art may be especially healing now, and so can romance. Creativity now can not only help heal us but if we capture it with the dedication Saturn can indicate it may heal others.

Sat 3/2 only lunar aspects are exact. Rumi wrote: “These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.”

Sun 3/3 Venus square Uranus is exact. On the down side this square can indicate shocks in relationships and creativity. A few may move on. Some may find greater freedom in a relationship by daring to try something different. A good opportunity to explore the creative atmosphere of Pluto in Aquarius. What kinds of music and art do you feel drawn to? What would give you the thrill of breaking past outgrown boundaries? How can you start fresh even if you’re not changing anything? The dark of the moon begins at 7:23 AM. Traditionally a time for taking it easy, finishing up, reflecting, possibly introverting, and keeping it simple.

Mon 3/4 Mercury sextile Uranus is exact. Great for writing, research, communication, trying new ways of doing things, upgrading gear where possible, and opening the windows of your thought chambers and brushing away the cobwebs. Spring is 15 days away. Mars will square Uranus 3/9 with Mars still square Jupiter, people who enjoy or profit from war will be feeling feisty. And yet with this combination of Jupiter and Uranus there is the possibility, however slight, that a surprising diplomatic resolution, or shocking information, brings about the realization that these tragedies must stop. Perhaps we see a step toward that outcome.

In our own lives a rare opportunity to find constructive activities that can lead to a brighter future. Discovering it may energize the listless, and inspire others to renewed faith in human resilience. In the universe of our own lives we have the power to change. Those changes can accumulate and change the world. Kukai wrote: “The withered trees of winter are not always to be leafless; once spring arrives, they bloom and flourish — . When favorable conditions are provided, even a fool aspires to the great way.”

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