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Ronnie Pontiac
5 min readMar 16, 2024

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Friends, we have another relatively quiet week, astrologically speaking, following by a week with only one exact planetary aspect. So once again we’ll cover both weeks here. It’s a rather pleasant series of aspects for the most part but followed by some celestial drama in the first two weeks of April.

Sunday 3/17 Sun conjunct Neptune is exact between the witching hour and dawn, the urge to get intoxicated will be especially strong this St. Patrick’s Day, so commute and travel with that in mind. Neptune can indicate inspiration, intuition, imagination, and dreams. A good aspect for working on music and film especially, but any kind of creativity. Not so good for editing. For some there may be a feeling of spaciness, for others a malaise or even exhaustion. Confusion, delusions, and illusions are not uncommon. A great aspect for meditation.

Mon 3/18 only lunar aspects are exact. Lift a libation to Manly Palmer Hall on what would have been his 123rd birthday, should you feel so inclined. Here’s one of his many enlightening quotes: “Wisdom fears no thing, but still bows humbly to its own source, with its deeper understanding, loves all things, for it has seen the beauty, the tenderness, and the sweetness which underlie Life’s mystery.”

Tue 3/19 the sun enters Aries at 8:06 PM bringing spring and beginning a new cycle around the zodiac. It’s also International Astrology Day and, of course, Ostara, the celebration of rebirth. For some this may feel like actual new year. Spring has arrived, the Pisces ending of the last sun cycle is complete and the new cycle is born. What were you doing last year when Spring began? What have you learned and done well since then? Where could you do better? Is there a need for new goals, perhaps a different direction? Think of this as a fresh start.

Wed 3/20 Mercury conjunct Chiron exact in the late morning indicates healing through crisis, conversation, news and other communications that offer healing. A good time to seek information about what ails you. As always listen to the subtle signals the body sends us. Make adjustments. Pay attention to what you’re doing that increases well-being and what does the opposite.

Thu 3/21 sun sextile Pluto in the mid afternoon and Venus conjunct Saturn in the late afternoon are exact. The sextile indicates opportunities for healing this week, especially with Mercury conjunct Chiron. Venus conjunct Saturn can indicate healing by getting extra rest, studying music or art, bringing boundaries to important relationships, especially love. For some born with the sun in Taurus or Libra it might be a tired time, or a time when responsibilities may feel more burdensome than usual. But it is also an excellent time for editing, organizing creative work, learning and practicing the arts, including the art of romance.

Fri 3/22 Mars enters Pisces at 4:47PM indicating a good time to put some energy into creativity and romance. We don’t want to allow intoxication, nostalgia, or malaise to suppress libido, ambition or anger, and visa versa. The goal is to find the balance that sustains well being. Pisces people can use this extra energy to be creative and get some results. Charitable work is said to be favored under this placement of Mars.

Sat 3/23 only lunar aspects are exact. Thomas Vaughn wrote: “Magic is nothing but the wisdom of the Creator revealed and planted in the creature.”

Sun 3/24 Venus sextile Jupiter is exact in the late morning is the first of two Venus aspects that could make this week lovely, romantic and creative, but because they are both sextiles, one of the weaker aspects, it would be all too easy to miss the opportunity. The continuing North Node conjunction with Chiron, indicating that collectively and individually health issues may be foremost in the minds of many through the rest of March and April. Practicing our best habits, we can keep our eyes and ears open for possible opportunities to improve well-being.

Mon 3/25 the full moon in early Libra arrives at midnight, along with a lunar eclipse. I’ve found that eclipses seem to be most powerful when they closely conjunct natal planets. If you know your chart and you have placements close to 5 degrees of Libra embrace the changes in your life. Eclipses are said to indicate culminations and endings, but all eclipses indicate areas where a door opens as another closes. Eclipses can be felt some time before and after they occur. Diplomacy, fairness, grace, and balance are required for best results with an eclipse in Libra.

Tue 3/26 and Wed 3/27 only lunar aspects are exact. Sor Juana wrote: “I don’t study to know more, but to ignore less.”

Thu 3/28 Venus sextile Uranus is exact in the early morning, this sextile can indicate exciting romantic and creative moments, sudden attractions, the urge for the new or different. New tech or new perspectives can liberate creativity and romance. Also, look for ways to make your technology more comfortable and beautiful. Bring new sources of beauty into your living space. Try something different.

Fri 3/29, Sat 3/30, Sun 3/31 only lunar aspects are exact. Paschal Beverly Randolph wrote: “We have left the land of the probable, and are journeying in the regions of the possible.”

Enjoy this relatively quiet couple of weeks. We’ve got some big astrological events just ahead. Mercury goes retrograde April 1. A solar eclipse at 19 degrees Aries. Mars gets busy in mid-April. And the powerful conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is exact on April 20. Changes are coming, there may be shocking events but also opportunities for greater freedom and new definitions of success. As Tolstoy wrote: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Of course, by changing ourselves we are changing the world.



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