Star Weather Astrology Report 3/3-3/16

Ronnie Pontiac
5 min readMar 2, 2024

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L.A. Sunrise #12 by Tamra Lucid.

All times Pacific.

While Saturn is strong as March begins, ruling over the other planets as final dispositor, this is a week of mostly positive aspects, followed by a very quiet week, astrologically speaking, when only one aspect is exact. For that reason this Star Weather report covers two weeks instead of one. While it’s nice to see these positive aspects for a change there is one aspect midweek that could turn over the apple cart: Mars square Uranus. Sylvia Plath may have captured the feeling of the time in her quote: “I want to live and feel all the shades, tones, and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life. And I am horribly limited.”

Sunday 3/3 Venus square Uranus is exact before dawn followed by the dark of the moon at 7:23 AM. The square can be erratic but it can also be fun and even liberating. There can be the desire to try something new or to break free. Awkward moments, blurted communications and hasty assumptions could cause outbursts, and shocking realizations. On the other hand by allowing those we love to be themselves we may be able to take a step forward toward being ourselves. Enjoy the avant garde, or take a creative risk. The dark of the moon begins seven days good for finishing, for endings, for introversion, reflection, rest, and preparation. As Maya Angelou said: “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.”

Mon 3/4 Mercury sextile Uranus is exact after noon. If communication and progress has bogged down, this aspect indicates possible opportunities for moving forward again. Learn about new ways of doing things. Say something surprising to someone who needs to be reminded that they are free to be themselves. Take a different route. Think about ways to free up time and energy while researching new tech. Spend a little time talking and thinking about the future. For so many people the exciting times are past. The good times always seem even better from a distance, but how about pondering what would be exciting to experience in your future?

Tue 3/5 only lunar aspects are exact. Boethius wrote: “Who would give a law to lovers? Love is unto itself a higher law.”

Wed 3/6 Mars sextile Chiron is exact. Here’s hoping we see a breakthrough in the effort to stop the wars. Chiron offers healing through crisis. But sextiles aren’t that strong and with Saturn dominant the powers that be may still be too stubborn to see the light. In our own lives we can use the organizational skills Saturn indicates to identify and pursue constructive efforts. But we can also use the skills of meditation, and detachment by awareness of impermanence, to make time for not only our responsibilities, and also for joy. Create culture, if you can.

Thu 3/7 only lunar aspects are exact. Echoing Orpheus and Paracelsus, Walt Whitman wrote: “I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.”

Fri 3/8 Mercury conjunct Neptune is exact indicating rare opportunities for inspiration, intuition, psychic experiences, and mystical epiphanies. However, it can also indicate confusion, illusion, and self-delusion. Day dreaming the weekend away, a hangover from an impactful dream, an irresistible preoccupation with zoning out. For best results put it to work creatively. Let compassion open your mind, compassion not only for others, but for yourself.

Sat 3/9 Mars square Uranus is exact at about 3 PM indicating a restless, erratic, even accident prone time, especially if libido, anger or ambition have been frustrated and repressed. Be extra careful commuting and when using sharp tools and electricity. Don’t be in such a hurry. There is a bit of hope that this potentially liberating square, alongside Sun sextile Uranus exact in the mid afternoon, and Mars still sextile Chiron, could indicate a breakthrough in the peace process. As Lord Buckley wrote “…we in america must realise that humour is one of our strongest allies…and I say it is the duty of the humour of any given nation in time of high crisis to attack the catastrophe that faces it in such a manner as to cause the people to laugh at it in such a way that they do not die before they get killed.” Mercury ends a trip around the zodiac that began in the Spring of 2023 as it enters Aries at 8:03 PM. Brush away mental cobwebs and rusty thought patterns. It’s spring cleaning time. In our own lives we can take advantage of the opportunities for a fresh start today’s three astrological events indicate.

Sun 3/10 the new moon in Pisces arrives at 1 AM along with daylight savings time. Spring forward. While the new moon is usually considered a good time for fresh starts, the fresh start may not fully arrive until the moon moves into Aries in the late afternoon. There’s a spiritual practice in this quote by Shirley Jackson: “I delight in what I fear.”

Mon 3/11 Venus enters Pisces at 2:50 PM. With the sun and Mercury in Pisces the start of the the week is ruled by Neptune. Venus is exalted in Pisces so romance, creativity, harmony, beauty and all things Venus are favored. Invite creative inspiration and mystical experiences by way of art and music. Bring a grand finale to something you’ve been working on. It’s easier to be inspired by beauty now, so take time to seek beauty. Venus will be in Pisces until April 5.

Tue 3/12, Wed 3/13, Thu 3/14, Fri 3/15, and Sat 3/16 only lunars aspects are exact. Sunday 3/17 means Spring is only two days away, but as we know the weather has grown somewhat more unpredictable. We can keep in mind Chekhov’s observation: “People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.”



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