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Ronnie Pontiac
6 min readOct 7, 2023
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Friends, last week was some of the most difficult astrology we’ve seen this year. This week includes the Pluto station, Mars entering Scorpio and a solar eclipse in Libra. The star weather continues to be challenging because Pluto’s sojourn in Capricorn since 2008 put Saturn in rulership over Pluto. So we have a Pluto Saturn double whammy: a time of endings and of crisis. I’ve been writing about the grand finale of Pluto in Capricorn. This month and the beginning of November could be the epicenter of that grand finale. There’s a second smaller finale in 2024: about ten weeks of Pluto in Capricorn that includes Election Day. A few days after the election we return to Pluto in Aquarius for twenty years that will be quite different from Pluto in Capricorn.

The Pluto in Capricorn grand finale doesn’t mean predestined disasters but it does suggest the consequences of hardened extreme positions, the dangers of denial, destructive acting out individually and collectively, the Icarus fall of hubris, crisis in health and in healthcare, the results of limitations ignored too long, severe results of neglect or habitual over indulgence, and similar themes of learning lessons the hard way. Final exams for a class that started in 2008.

As we have seen when a planet sits for awhile in one degree things can get pretty intense toward the end of it. There may be the sense of time slowing down, or we may feel that everything takes too long to accomplish. Frustrations may pile up. So keep an eye on these dates. Saturn is at 0 degrees Pisces from 10/11 through 11/27. Pluto is at 27 degrees Capricorn from 9/21 through 10/31. As you can see we’re currently in the midst of Pluto stationary with Saturn about to join in. The time when both planets appear motionless from 10/11 thru 10/31 may be the most intense though the aspects actually lighten up a bit as we approach Halloween.

Saturn and Pluto also invite meditation, which can help us navigate these astrological rapids more calmly. With Saturn and Pluto involved it isn’t only people and nations (especially the US currently in a near exact Pluto return) facing these severe end of Pluto in Capricorn tests of how well necessary lessons have been learned. Saturn and Pluto are all about institutions and familiar pillars of daily life, and we are seeing cracks that expose obvious problems that can no longer be ignored.

Sun 10/8 Mars square stationary Pluto is exact in the evening. The station indicates stronger than usual potentials for this square that is known for being warlike, vengeful, violent, paranoid and reckless. Pluto has been called the higher octave of Mars and offers us an opportunity to refine and adjust sexuality, ambition, and issues of boundaries. Ideally we can tranquilly observe our mishaps over the last few years and come to a better understanding of how we can apply energy in a way that is good for us and good for others. It’s not surprising war broke out in the Middle East with this aspect and with Saturn and Pluto so strong. With Saturn stationary direct Nov 4 we hope hostilities end sooner than later. Don’t be surprised if the Ukraine war becomes more violent as well. Venus enters Virgo at 6:11 PM commencing a good time for getting diet, exercise and other healthy habits organized. Try not be a perfectionist in matters of romance and art. It’s easy to over-analyze with this placement of Venus.

Mon 10/9 Venus opposition Saturn is exact. With Venus now in Virgo and and opposed to Saturn relationships may feel chilly and creative people may find themselves very critical of their own work and the work of others. There may be the sense that responsibilities and other necessities have crowded pleasure, love and creativity out of our lives. Or that we have simply waited too long. Some may contemplate ending relationships, or at least placing stronger boundaries. However, this is a good aspect for learning about love, for practicing artistic skills, for being mentored in the arts, or mentoring someone. Where weaknesses are detected study and practice may make them strengths. As Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote: “It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”

Tue 10/10 Pluto stationary direct at 6:10 PM. Stationary Pluto common themes: plumbing issues, repairs that can’t be postponed, the chilling spectacles of mortality, endings but also new beginnings. Pluto went retrograde May 1. Take a look back to events that occurred around that time. How have they progressed? Pluto’s next stop will be Aquarius which it enters Jan 20 2024. Sun opposition Chiron is exact in the late evening. Watch for subtle messages about health. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Whenever Saturn and Pluto so prominent consequences can be unexpectedly harsh. Eat well. Get rest. Avoid stress where and whenever possible.

Wed 10/11 Mars leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. Relationships and partnerships may have been a bit thorny while Mars sojourned through Libra since 08/27, unresolved issues could turn into smoldering resentments with Mars in Scorpio. Avoid putting energy into suspicion, paranoia, or envy. Cathartic experiences may help liberate aspects of self that have been submerged for too long. An enormous amount of energy might be put into falling down rabbit holes. With so many reasons for PTSD most people these days have gone mental. We want to figure everything out, know every fact. But perhaps we are better off cultivating faith in nature and life. Finding the dance in it all instead of trying to pin down every single butterfly. As John Fire Lame Deer wrote: “ “Men cannot live without mystery. He has a great need of it.”

Thu 10/12 Mercury inconjunct Jupiter exact before dawn commonly indicates news about the ramifications of over-optimism, or talking too much, or off the cuff remarks that create bad feelings. A good time to be mindful of what we say. Not a good time for business agreements. If you’re dealing with big institutions political or judicial expect confusion. Be extra thorough. And stay patient and calm. Over indulging can be especially unfortunate with this aspect.

Fri 10/13 Mars trine Saturn is exact, perhaps the bright spot of the week. In matters of war and ambition Saturn places limits. This bodes well for things not going completely out of control in a Martian escalation. Saturn will moderate and slow down the process. What we’re seeing in Israel is a long term strategy by powers opposed to the current American and Euro hegemony, turning up the chaos another notch. It’s more a slow and ruthless chess game than an out of control lashing out.

Sat 10/14 the new moon arrives at 21 degrees Libra in the late morning along with a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses are said to be new beginnings. If you know where 21 Libra is in your chart look for signs of rebirth not only now but in the coming months. Mercury opposition Chiron is exact in the afternoon suggesting there may be news about a warning or problem concering public health. Probably nothing we don’t already know about. In our own lives it’s a good time to research healing and to examine how we may be contributing to our own loss of well being.

During these challenging times it’s important to keep an open mind, to remain curious, to know when to turn away because further involvement does us no good, to be patient, to understand that we are all facing the stress of uncertain times, to find reasons to be enthusiastic, and to fall in love again with the beauty and harmony of nature and art. In times like these are we forced to make an effort if we are to enjoy the simple tranquility of a beautiful moment. As the great samurai Yamamoto Tsunetomo wrote: “One must learn the so-called 'lesson of a downpour.' A man, caught in a sudden rain en route, dashes along the road not to get wet or drenched. Once one takes it for granted that in rain he naturally gets wet, he can be in a tranquil frame of mind even when soaked to the skin. This lesson applies to everything.”



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