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Raven and Rainbow over Los Angeles #7 photo by Tamra Lucid.

Friends, we have before us a week busy with important and mostly positive aspects followed by a quieter but no less powerful week. Jupiter takes center stage. People with strong Sagittarius placements may find these two weeks a rush of opportunities but also distractions. Stay focused in the moment and keep an open mind. What we don’t want to be doing is approaching each week with the expectation of some imminent disaster. All too many people are trapped in that clenched view of life. Constant apprehension should never become a way of life. With all of these positive aspects coming up it’s a good time for practicing presence in the moment, and for finding time to cultivate joy by appreciating the small beauties of daily living.

Sunday 5/19 sun sextile Uranus is exact mid-afternoon. With Pluto in the degree of its station until 5/25 we could miss all the positive aspects this week because we become fixated on a problem, a suspicion, a hatred, a fear, an urge. When planets occupy the degree of their station, and this is true especially of Pluto, there can be a sense of building tension, of stagnation, although conversely at times the floodgates may open. Give Pluto the attention it requires. Integrate that shadow. Repair areas of neglect. Embrace changes, but also take time over the next two weeks for joyful activities. Look for the beauty around you, and the love. This sextile indicates an opportunity to be yourself, to liberate some part of yourself that has been stifled. Do something different. Take a different route. Try something new.

Mon 5/20 the sun enters Gemini at one minute before 6 AM and the daily atmosphere turns from comfort food, nature, and security to socializing, chatting, fact gathering, gossip, and seeing both sides of a story. What we don’t want to do is talk over others to prove how much we know. We want to listen, compare and consider.

Tue 5/21 only lunar aspects are exact. This week we have ideal astrological weather for reading Plotinus On the Beautiful. I recommend MacKenna’s translation. Plotinus wrote my favorite explanation of why astrology works: “The stars are like letters that inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky. Everything in the world is full of signs. All events are coordinated. All things depend on each other. Everything breathes together.” A fine Pluto in Aquarius mantra.

Wed 5/22 sun trine Pluto stationary retrograde is exact. This could indicate opportunities for repairs and reforms that go more easily than expected. Give yourself time to feel what’s going on at deeper levels. Gemini can tempt us to keep moving to avoid what makes us feel uncomfortable. There’s plenty of distractions available. But Pluto indicates a time for dealing with the deepest parts of ourselves. Meditation can help but mostly this involves a little quiet for getting in touch with what’s really important to us.

Thu 5/23 Venus conjunct Jupiter is exact about 90 minutes after midnight. It occurs conjunct two fixed stars that have some astrologers feeling nervous. Not a good time for extreme over-indulgence. This is a joyous aspect offering renewed optimism, especially for women and others ruled by Venus, but there can be arrogance, over-optimism, and over-indulgence. As F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote: “The victor belongs to the spoils.” Taurus, Libra Sagittarius sun signs and ascendants in particular may find opportunities for romance, creativity, and the enjoyment of beauty and harmony, but all of us can benefit from this gathering of lovely aspects. Venus sextile Neptune is exact about ninety minutes later. This is a dreamy, intoxicating aspect indicating the potential for creative and mystical inspiration, and for flights of imagination.

Also on Thursday the full moon in Sagittarius is exact at 6:53 AM, ruled by Jupiter, which adds to the jovial atmosphere. Then Venus enters Gemini at 1:30 PM. Sensual Taurus replaced by Gemini’s curiosity and quickness may spice things up where Venus matters are concerned. Finally, Jupiter sextile Neptune is exact mid-afternoon indicating a time for attaining deeper spiritual understanding, for linking compassion to success. I suspect that women will be heard from in a big way as they continue to organize for the upcoming election. These aspects would seem to indicate a time for making a concerted effort to leave behind the pessimism of the last few years. That doesn’t mean there are no tragedies or risks out there. Practice caution at your comfort level. We’re still in the Pluto station.

Fri 5/24 only lunar aspects are exact. Diane di Prima wrote: “remember
that all you need to remember is what you love. Remember to Marry the World.” We may live alongside another for years, interacting on the surface. We may feel friendship, and share joy. But then perhaps in a time of need, or filled with admiration for some noble deed, love flickers to life and the depth of it opens a higher awareness of self, other and the universe.

Sat 5/25 Venus trine Pluto retrograde is exact before dawn. With Pluto leaving the degree of its station today the trine from Venus indicates the possibility of a feeling of relief, and intense moments of romance or creativity could be profoundly healing. Enjoy something beautiful with someone you love today. Renew relationships and creative projects by going deep, letting go of what has outworn its usefulness, and facing the future together. Refresh, renew, and beautify. The universal reformation begins with each of us in our small corners of the universe. Jupiter enters Gemini at 4:15 PM. As Gemini poet Walt Whitman wrote: “Be curious, not judgemental.”

Jupiter moving on from Taurus could indicate more volatility in the stock market, with wilder swings as Jupiter’s protective optimism is diverted to Gemini’s obsessive collection of facts and opposing viewpoints. Avoid the temptation to communicate your sense of superiority. Emotional distancing can be a tendency with this placement. Don’t try to control people or situations with flurries of facts and observations. Listen and gather data. Find the patterns. In our own lives this is a time for learning, communicating, finding partnerships, and moving quickly. However be careful of opportunities that seem too good to be true and that involve a sense of urgency as Jupiter in Gemini can indicate a rise in fraudulent communications. Get everything in writing and double check. Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini so there may be delays, confused communications, and lots of talk that goes nowhere. Stay grounded and explore the possibilities. Be honest. Be curious, and if possible, witty and inventive.

Sun 5/26 only lunar aspects are exact. Gemini New England Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “The earth laughs in flowers.”

Mon 5/27 Mercury sextile Saturn is exact, indicating a good time for organizing, editing, simplifying, learning, and practicing. It’s easy to miss this sextile with last’s weeks celestial fireworks but it could be a helpful respite, if nothing else, a chance to get a little extra rest.

Tue 5/28 only lunar aspects are exact. Rimbaud wrote: “Love divine alone grants the keys of science.”

Wed 5/29 Mars sextile Chiron is exact late morning. This invigorating aspect indicates an opportunity for better health. Putting effort into improving well being especially through exercise while also respecting libido and ambition.

Thu 5/30 only lunar aspects are exact. Marsilio Ficino wrote: “Love is the highest form of knowledge.”

Fri 5/31 Mercury conjunct Uranus is exact just before 11 PM. This can indicate nervous urgency, jumping to conclusions, blurting something shocking. But it can also indicate flashes of genius, breakthroughs in understanding the bigger picture, new ways of doing things more effectively, updated tech that liberates you from unnecessary complications. When we are stressed, tired, overwhelmed this aspect can indicate lashing out. Lashing out, especially at those we love, can leave deep regrets, even if forgiven. Write it down instead. Sleep on it. Perhaps certain things need to be said. Even if another is wrong, lashing out only humiliates them, and diminishes us. On the other hand you may find that you know just the right thing to do or say to liberate someone from a conundrum they thought incurable.

Sat 6/1 only lunar aspects are exact. As Wilhelm Reich wrote: “Only the liberation of the natural capacity for love in human beings can master their sadistic destructiveness.”

Sun 6/2 Jupiter trine Pluto is exact in the later afternoon followed by Mercury sextile Neptune in the evening. This powerful trine indicates a good time for political organizing. If you want to change the world find a way to join with others, in person or online, to work for that change. This aspect brings Jupiter’s optimism to Pluto in Aquarius. Here’s an aspect for rising above war, but unfortunately also potentially for expanding wars. We could see a tech or research breakthrough that blows our minds. We can look into a course of learning that will help us take advantage of opportunities we may never have thought possible. We may discover a new definition of success in choosing to help out where it means the most to us and to others. As Abraham Lincoln wrote: “He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.”



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