Star Weather Astrology Report 9/24–9/30

Ronnie Pontiac
5 min readSep 23, 2023


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I began this little weekly aspectarian some years ago when friends of mine asked me to share what I wrote for myself each week. Looking at the aspects ahead I found that writing them down helped me get a feel for what might be called the astrological weather. I got enough desperate messages after election 2016 and during the pandemic that I made sure to provide a steady perspective. I did not think I’d be doing this in 2023 but the challenging times continue and I hope in some small way to help the few it matters to.

Friends, the week before us has helpful and challenging aspects one after the other with a couple of days off in between. We’re about ten days to two weeks from what looks like a shift. The feeling that fall has arrived will then be obvious. There are inconjunctions and Chiron aspects that may indicate flu, etc. The time between then and now asks us to prepare wisely, to consider our options, and to look back on the last summer of Pluto in Capricorn fondly.

Friends, Sun 9/24 with moon conjunct Pluto in the early afternoon and Mars opposition Chiron exact in the early afternoon, and sun inconjunct Saturn in the evening, starts us off with discordant aspects. If you’re feeling rundown, under slept and underfed, staying home and getting some extra rest may be the best option. When societies enter mass PTSD individuals tend to live more in our thoughts and emotions to the detriment of well being. Give yourself a little tranquility and tend to libido, ambition, and anger issues. Find healthy outlets. Take care not to project on others.

Mon 9/25 about an hour before dawn Mercury trine Jupiter is exact indicating optimism and opportunities. With so many difficult aspects yesterday it might be easy to miss this chance to find reasons to smile. Communicate some good news. Compliment someone. Dare to think over success as you now define it. Talk about it. Do some research about what you want to do and how best to do it. But this could also be an aspect for having fun. The one risk might be thinking that spending or consuming more means having more fun. The upcoming exact Mercury inconjunct Chiron could indicate regret.

Tue 9/26 only lunar aspects are exact. As Jean Cocteau wrote: “Man seeks to escape himself in myth, and does so by any means at his disposal. Drugs, alcohol, or lies. Unable to withdraw into himself, he disguises himself. Lies and inaccuracy give him a few moments of comfort.” Yet escapism has its place.

Wed 9/27 Mercury inconjunct Chiron is exact indicating a few days (before and after) during which nervousness could lead to discomfort, or could even open the door to sickness. News about public health is possible. With California hospitals and medical facilities mandating masks beginning in November it would seem a significant surge is expected. So far the increasing number of cases remains small compared to the prior year. But it may be best to take the risk seriously and make choices accordingly. Each of us exists within our own unique sets of circumstances. Assess your own odds and then make the most out of life within the parameters that make sense to you. This will be a necessary skill for the upcoming two decades of Pluto in Aquarius as technology, climate and other catalysts create quickly changing terrains we all will navigate to the best of our abilities.

Thu 9/28 only lunar aspects are exact. Sophocles wrote: “You win the victory when you yield to friends.” We can ask friends if they have any advice for us, if we dare, and we’re willing to not get angry if we don’t like what we hear. The more we don’t like it the more likely it’s a perspective on our actions worth thinking over.

Fri 9/29 the full moon in Aries arrives two minutes before 3 AM indicating extra energy and a chance for a fresh start. Venus square Uranus is exact in the late morning. In the areas of romance, art, fashion, music and parties the unexpected may disturb the status quo. A time to toe the line between the new and the shocking. It requires effort to get the best out of squares. They can easily turn aggressive. Fortunately tomorrow’s Mercury trine Uranus can help us achieve the grace we need to get the best out of this potentially liberating square.

Sat 9/30 Mercury trine Uranus is exact, but so is Mars inconjunct Uranus and it’s the first of a series of potentially challenging aspects including Mars inconjunct Neptune exact on Thu 10/5, Venus inconjunct Pluto Fri 10/6, sun inconjunct Jupiter Sat 10/7 and Mars square Pluto 10/8. We don’t want to miss this trine, a great time to update tech, and perspective. Explore the new and different, the cutting edge, and the otherworldly. An excellent time for writing and other Mercurial arts such as composing music or having enlightening conversations. That series of inconjunctions ending with a powerful Mars square Pluto reminds me of certain clusters of aspects seen during the pandemic years, so there could be continued news about that and other generalized threats to public health, especially related to fire and water. This could be considered somewhat harsh star weather and adjustments should be made according to one’s comfort level and the demands of place and time.

Pluto in Capricorn is with us for about three more months. It will make a relatively brief reappearance in 2024 just in time for the US election in November. All this occurs within orb of the US Pluto return. Which is to say that the next three months might get a little rough, as a sort of grand finale of Pluto in Capricorn revisiting the themes of 2008–2022. Think of it as a test. Societies and individuals both have learned some things and not others in these years. So how far have we gone? Have we done enough to avoid a dangerous resurgence? Have we put enough safety valves in place to keep the world economy at least temporarily safe? Perhaps we’ve done enough that we may wind up better off than we think. We will have to see how it all unfolds. But we can use these uncertain times to develop skills of patience, compassion and also mindful reserve, tolerance of suspense, and openness to paradoxes. All these will serve us well when Pluto sojourns through Aquarius beginning in Jan 2024. Then and now let’s keep in mind these wise words of Bell Hooks: “These days I wonder more and more why people are pessimistic when American history actually supports optimism.”



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