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Friends, we have a rather volatile week ahead of us. Mercury and Uranus are about to go retrograde, and the last of the series of Mars aspects in August have arrived, although Mars inconjunct Saturn awaits as September begins. Pluto is emphasized this week, too. We want to approach this week with patience, awareness, and willingness to learn and adapt. Experiences may be trying but enlightening. Even negative Pluto aspects can indicate healing and rebirth.

Sun 8/20 sun inconjunct Neptune is exact in the hour after midnight. With sun inconjunct Pluto tomorrow the week begins with issues around health. Sun inconjunct Neptune can indicate problems caused by addiction, contagion, exhaustion, and problems with water. Sun inconjunct Pluto suggests deep problems associated with control, compulsiveness, and a need for repair and reform in neglected areas of life. Inconjunctions frustrate, because the planets involved seem to have no connection. We tend to emphasize one and forget the other, but as with the opposition it’s important that we find time for both. The sun represents sense of self, self consciousness, the light we bring into the world, and of course ego. Neptune dissolves ego and Pluto destroys it to give it a fresh and higher expression. But these processes take time and are gradual. Don’t give in to mass fear, apprehension, doom mongering speculation about just how bad the future personal and collective will be. Focus on the present. Do something good today.

Mon 8/21 with sun inconjunct Pluto exact today and Mars trine Pluto exact Thursday, Pluto is a major theme this week. On a mundane level we see the interruption of daily routine by a violent event, such as the storm in the west. Pluto requires patience and readiness to accept change with alert curiosity rather than dread or anger. Pluto is deeply tranquil when we are grounded and centered. When we remember that we are here to learn, not to be perfect, and that the most dire complications of our incarnations are but the blink of an eye in the life of the soul.

Tue 8/22 Venus square Jupiter is exact before dawn followed by Mars opposition Neptune exact in the early afternoon. Storm watchers take note as Mars opposing Neptune can indicate flooding and other storm related damage. Venus square Jupiter is usually a fun and even lucky aspect, though it can indicate regrettable excess. Here it also indicates the numerous acts of charity and generosity in response to loss and need. In our own lives this is a strange combination to navigate. Mars gets lost in the fog of Neptune, we react to an illusion or misunderstanding, we are motivated by an ideology that actually confuses us. Venus square Jupiter wants the trauma to end, demands room to breathe, to enjoy beauty, to feel romance in life. For many Mars and Neptune will be the whole story, with only a wistful glance at the idea of the happy times and optimism indicated by Venus and Jupiter. But squares require effort. See if you can’t find a way to invite Venus and Jupiter into your week. As Sylvia Plath wrote: “There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”

Wed 8/23 the sun enters Virgo at 2:01 AM. Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo one minute before 1 PM. Make the most out of Mercury retrograde. Expect delays and disruptions, detours and confusion. Take a little time for introversion. Take a look at how the year has gone so far. This is the last summer of Pluto in Capricorn, which has been with us since 2008. A good time for considering where we’ve been, giving us a better sense of where we want to go. After the sunny disposition of Leo these Virgo moments may cause fussiness but they can help us become more effective. By organizing and analyzing we can simplify our lives. Consider making lists, mapping out plans, writing down insights and dreams. As Mary Shelley wrote, reflecting the Bodhisattva vow and the esoteric project: “Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world.”

Thu 8/24 Mars trine Pluto is exact in the late afternoon. This powerful aspect is the crown jewel of August’s array of Mars aspects. Although it is a trine it still has the potential to unleash more anger, power struggles, and war. On the other hand the trine offers opportunities for moving forward, for integrating opposing forces, but much of this must be done through displays of power. In our own lives this is a good time to look at reforms we can make. Where are we with Mars? Do we feel good about our boundaries? Do we have intimacy in our lives? What sort of ambition do we have and what sort is appropriate for us? The best ambition for some is no ambition.

If Mars is not getting expressed naturally in our lives Pluto tends to indicate crisis that makes the situation vivid for all concerned. Use that energy to find solutions that work for everybody. Cooperation is the key, not force. This is a good aspect for gaining energy by facing shadows, and owning traumas. “Anger and jealousy can no more bear to lose sight of their objects than love,” as George Eliot wrote. Should you catch yourself getting too involved in how someone else chooses to live life perhaps take a step back and spend that energy on finding ways to improve your own. How can a universal reformation happen? Each of us must reform our own little corner of the universe. As Tolstoy wrote: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Fri 8/25 and Sat 8/26 only lunar aspects are exact. Borges catches the essence of mysticism in this quote: “To be immortal is commonplace; except for man, all creatures are immortal, for they are ignorant of death; what is divine, terrible, incomprehensible, is to know that one is immortal.”

Sun 8/27 sun opposition Saturn is exact just before 2 AM and Mars leaves Virgo to enter more diplomatic and romantic Libra at 6:20 AM. The opposition can be frustrating, neglected areas become apparent. Fear and paranoia can become contagious. Don’t try to force your way toward your goals. If a breakdown shows up, requiring repair or healing, deal with it calmly. Pluto reveals the darker side of future potential but it is also the engine of enlightenment. With Mars in Libra aggression in partnerships may be magnified. Use the extra energy wisely, consciously. We have that opportunity every day, to give each day’s energy tasks that are worthwhile.

Mon 8/28 at 7:39 PM Uranus is stationary and retrograde in Taurus through the end of this year. We may see surprises related to security issues, the financial system, food and energy distribution, as Uranus covers old ground testing us personally and collectively and exposing areas where updating and innovation have become necessary. Nature is leading the dance, and we must follow. New approaches to these matters are being born, but change seems to be happening too slowly or too quickly, creating disruption. In our own lives issues around inevitable change and the necessity of freedom may come to the forefront. A fight for freedom we thought we had won may have to be fought again. Let’s pay close attention to this station as Uranus rules Aquarius and we begin two decades of Pluto in Aquarius about four and half months from now. The innovations we accept now will help us deal with that revved up energy of the next twenty years, which we experienced briefly during the Aquarian spring of 2023.



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